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    Chinese Weddings


    Chinese wedding customs have deep cultural roots and can sometimes feel a little intimidating (as well as super exciting!) to the uninitiated. Check out the our Chinese Wedding playlist where we talk about customs, wedding gifts and even a shotgun wedding!

    Happiness Candy Elementary

    Have you ever been on the receiving or giving end of 'Happiness Candy'? In today's lesson you'll learn how to congratulate newlyweds in Mandarin, and also get to know when people are asking subtle personal questions about your marital status. So without further ado let's eat some Chinese 'Happiness Candy'.

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    Got the Wedding Invitation, Bro? Intermediate

    Weddings are usually a topic of conversation that girls enjoy. Today listen in as two guys discuss the subject and learn what not to forget on your friend's big day.

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    Chinese Wedding Customs Intermediate

    What do red dresses, red envelopes and endless toasting have in common? Find out here in this lesson all about the culture of Chinese wedding customs. In this podcast, learn in Mandarin Chinese what a traditional Chinese wedding is like, and also what is expected of you--whether you are the guest... or the groom!

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    Defusing the Red Bomb Upper Intermediate

    Weddings in China often involve large banquets, sometimes with hundreds of guests. In a way, wedding receptions often appear more like fundraisers than an intimate ceremony for family and friends. It seems even more so when one considers that all the guests in attendance are socially obligated to give 红包 (hóngbāo), a red envelope full of money. It can be such a burden for guests that it's often called 红色炸弹 (hóngsèzhàdàn), "the red bomb".

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    Travel Wedding Upper Intermediate

    Weddings in China have a long and glorious tradition. So much planning, so many guests, and a ton of protocol. But what if you could skip the whole ceremony and just do the honeymoon, and call it a "travel wedding?" The young lovebirds in this lesson would like to do just that, but their traditional Chinese parents will have none of it.

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    Betrothal Gifts and Dowries, Oh My! Upper Intermediate

    In many places in China, there is an expectation that marriage comes with gifts for both the bride and the groom's families. Sometimes these obligations are so great that they can threaten what might be a happy marriage. Other times they end up being ceremonial. In this lesson, several young people discuss their upcoming nuptials.

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    闪婚 Advanced


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