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    Christmas and New Year's


    A festive playlist that will keep you going until you say "五...四...三...二...一...Happy New Year!".

    Christmas Carols Elementary

    Everyone's heard the song Jingle Bells. But did you know that there's a Chinese version of this Christmas classic? We kid you not. Listen to this lesson to learn the words (that is, if you can remember past the first line). Jingle bells, jingle bells... Check out this video for more on today's featured Christmas carol.

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    Christmas Presents Elementary

    “Do they know it’s Christmastime at allllllll....” - while John and Ken fight over who gets to sing the Spandau Ballet part, in this podcast we’ll unwrap a Mandarin Chinese lesson on buying Christmas presents here in China.

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    Christmas Dinner Elementary

    In today's ChinesePod lesson we're at the dinner table on Christmas, digging into some delicious home-cooked food. Join us and discover how to describe this special meal - in Chinese!

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    A Special Christmas Gift Elementary

    The holiday season is a time for shopping, which means lots of decision-making. Who will you buy gifts for? How much will you spend? Oh yes, and there's one more decision with Chinese characteristics. Find out what it is in this Chinese lesson.

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    Spending Christmas in China Elementary

    When living in China, going back to one's home country for Christmas can be difficult. Christmas isn't an official holiday in China and the place that many foreigners call home is far away. So if you end staying China for Christmas, how do you talk about it?

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    New Year's Eve Party Elementary

    Get ready for the countdown! The New Year is just hours away. In this lesson, two friends discuss their New Year's Eve plans. Learn the Chinese word for New Year and, of course, champagne!

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    Christmas Intermediate

    We know what went on at your company Christmas party which basically puts you far, far down on the list of who’s been naughty and nice. Fortunately, in this podcast, Father Ken and Saint Jenny understand that it was the Egg Nog talkin’ and have wrapped up a little somethin’ somethin’ in the form of a Christmas Lesson for you. In this lesson, learn how to express how you feel about Christmas, using Mandarin Chinese, as well as talk about the gifts you got this year. Happy holidays from all of us!

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    Believing in Santa Intermediate

    Christmas is coming, and it's time to buy the kids some presents. In this this lesson someone asks their Chinese friend to help buy some Santa gear on Taobao to give their daughter a surprise.

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    Office Christmas Party Intermediate

    The entire team is here, celebrating the holidays at an office Christmas party. Delve into a little CPod office mayhem as we discuss decorating the workspace, setting up a tree, and doing a secret Santa gift exchange.

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    Do You Buy Xmas Gifts? Intermediate

    Today we hear a Chinese and British colleague chat about Christmas and how they will celebrate this holiday period. Seems like the Chinese colleague might be going on a date with someone! Have a Merry Xmas everybody.

    Listen to the song Fiona was trying to sing. YouTube

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    New Year's Wishes Intermediate

    Happy New Year, ChinesePoddies! That's right - we're saying goodbye to 2009 and hello to a new decade. But who needs resolutions when you've got the "god of good luck" taking down your wishes over the phone? Join for this lesson as we make some wishes in Mandarin Chinese for the year to come.

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    Counting Down To The NY Upper Intermediate

    Woohoo...the New Year is coming! How will you celebrate? Seems like in today's dialogue someone has special plans...

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    中国圣诞节 Advanced

    听到“jingle bells, jingle bells…”的歌声,看到商店里的圣诞树和圣诞老人的头像,大家都知道圣诞节快到了,该是买礼物的时候了。这个西方传统的节日,现在在中国也十分流行。不过,为了适应中国的本土特色,圣诞节在中国也进行了一些改造。

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