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    Long Time No See! Newbie

    Cliché as it may be, a good “long time no see” does wonders for reconnecting with old friends. In this podcast, we’re going to make you sound more like a local by sharing these tidbits, as well as a cooler way of saying “how are you." And how are you? In this Chinese lesson, you'll learn that in Shanghai there's only one correct answer...

    Tags: jobs, greetings

    What's Your Name? Newbie

    Yes, it’s easy to point at yourself, say your own name, then point at their chest and make a questioning grunt, but wouldn’t it be great if you could ask for your new friends name in Chinese, and even tell them yours? In today’s podcast lesson, hosts Jenny and Ken teach you a few simple sentences to help you exchange names in Mandarin Chinese.

    Tags: daily life, introductions

    I Can't Drink Elementary

    Today we learn how to refuse a drink politely and the reason for doing so. While it's important to show face, sometimes you just have to say no. Especially when in this case, he comes out with a rash as soon as alcohol touches his lips.

    Tags: health, drinking, alcohol

    Breakup Elementary

    With this lesson, we did our best to distill the most cliché Chinese breakup lines into one simple dialog. This way, should you ever have the misfortune of needing to understand these words and phrases, you focus on being brokenhearted rather than puzzling over vocabulary and grammar. (You can thank us later.)

    Tags: feelings, relationships

    A Little Bit About 一点儿 Qing Wen

    In this Qing Wen, we talk about how to use 一点儿 (yi1dian3r) in combination with adjectives, and how its position can change the entire meaning of the sentence. We'll give you a little bit 'o insight to help you to use this word in Chinese, as well as a little insight into Clay's favourite pastimes.


    All About Measure Words Qing Wen

    Measure words get a bad rap. But they're really not as bad as you think, we promise! Today on Qing Wen we unravel the mystery behind when and how to use measure words in Chinese.


    To "The God of Drinking" Intermediate

    Today we're going to be teaching you all about drinking culture. How to both propose a toast as well as decline one respectfully while maintaining face. Packed full of great language nuggets, your next drinking session will have you toasting with the best of them. 干杯!

    Tags: business meeting, toast, drinking

    Help at the ATM Intermediate

    In big cities in China, ATMs are everywhere, and many of them can even take foreign cards now. Of course, it's very useful to actually know how to use these things, and learning the appropriate Chinese terms is a huge step in the right direction. Today's lesson covers the ATM basics, including checking balances and making a withdrawal.

    Tags: money, password, ATM, bank

    The Emperor's Wives Upper Intermediate

    This lesson is all about the emperor's many many wives. With the success of recent shows like 武媚娘传奇 "The Empress of China" and 甄嬛传 "The Legend of Zhen Huan" this lesson will give you plenty of background and context to this area and give you plenty to chat about with your friends. We also show you how to use these "ancient" phrase in modern day usage.

    Tags: Qing, history, emperor, concubine

    Love Tangle 1: A Suspicious Text Message Upper Intermediate

    Today we've got a Chinese domestic dispute. Listen to this podcast and learn how to talk about infidelity in Chinese. Mr. Shen thinks his wife might be cheating on him. But is she? Only one thing's for sure: They can't go on together with suspicious minds.

    Tags: cheating, infidelity, fight, wife, husbands, divorce, mystery, lover, love, affair

    中西僵尸比一比 Advanced


    Tags: walking dead, werewolf, vampire, chinese zombie, zombies

    日本核危机 Advanced


    Tags: Japan, health, environment, government, nuclear, emergency

    美元与人民币 Media



    Tags: diplomacy, leader, China, international, currency

    汉语保卫战 Media

    有人说:以后外国人学汉语越来越容易了。因为越来越多的英文单词和字母进入到了汉语中。在聊天中你可能经常听到像NBA, WTO, GDP, RSS等英文单词。不仅如此,中国人还自创了一些连外国人都可能听不懂的词,"哪款AOC,卖到了VDP?"听到这句话你明白它的意思吗?这样的语言还是汉语吗?真是令人担忧啊!

    来源链接:汉语保卫战 汉语保卫战

    Tags: culture, language, debate