Say It Right Series

    Daily Life 3


    With a focus on high-frequency material including functional numbers and money and abstract topics like describing personalities and emotions, the ChinesePod Daily Life Elementary Course is perfect for newer learners looking to push their skills. Key elementary grammar concepts are introduced and reinforced throughout.

    5000 Years of History Elementary

    Do you know how many years of history China is sporting? In case you have no Chinese friends around to remind you, we have created this lesson to fill you in on this critical detail of world history. This Chinese lesson will also help you Americans out there make a comparison.

    Tags: numbers, history, culture

    Plane Ticket Prices Elementary

    We hope you're ready for some slightly higher numbers, because these are plane tickets we're talking about; the numbers 1-100 aren't going to cut it. Learn how to ask about travel planes, and also how to discuss slightly vague price ranges in this Chinese lesson.

    Tags: numbers, price, tickets, travel

    How is this sold? Elementary

    You want to buy it, but you’re not sure if it’s sold by unit, package or weight. We want you to buy it (we’re secretly getting 15%), thus, the lesson on finding out how something is sold. In this podcast, learn how to ask how something is sold, using Mandarin Chinese.

    Tags: shopping, food, measure words

    Numbers in Chinese Qing Wen

    In this Qing Wen we tackle numbers. From 100 and beyond, you'll learn them all here. Bonus inclusion for those that earn their millions--how to decipher Chinese discounts and brag about getting 100% on your Chinese math test after this podcast.

    Tags: money, numbers

    Homesick Elementary

    It’s hard enough explaining “biscuits and gravy” to other countries, not to mention missing mom and her kitchen. So, when that long face is chewing on something from a cow’s face, how to save face and face up to the fact that you’re homesick? Listen to ChinesePod, of course – the most nurturing of all podcasts, and learn how to talk about good old home using Mandarin Chinese.

    Tags: questions, feelings, family

    Old China Hand Elementary

    Have you ever been called an "Old China Hand?" Don't worry, if you keep practicing your Chinese and spend some time in China, you will be! In this Chinese lesson, learn more about this common term while also going over the "foreigner in China FAQ" list.

    Tags: time, taxi, language, culture, China

    Asking Height and Weight Elementary

    Just by being a foreigner in China, you're a fair target for all sorts of personal questions. So don't be surprised when you're asked how tall you are, or how much you weigh. In this lesson, learn to answer these questions. Remember: for personal questions like these, truth is optional.

    Tags: measurement, height, weight

    What's your (animal) sign? Elementary

    Here's a lesson on Sign Language. In this podcast, you'll learn how to sneakily figure out people's age, based on the twelve-year Chinese zodiac. And do it all in Mandarin!

    Tags: age, zodiac, sign

    Getting Picked up by a Driver Elementary

    If you've really made it in China, you may have a driver to get you where you need to go. But a driver that also speaks fluent English would just be no fun, so this lesson focuses on basic communications with the driver in Chinese.

    Tags: transportation, daily life, family, driving

    No TV Before Your Test! Elementary

    For the past month you've been studying for your Chinese test. Now you just want to relax in the warm glow of Mother Television. But what's this? Your real mother has other plans! Go study some more Mandarin! You have a test coming up soon! Learn how to tell your kids to study harder in Chinese.

    Tags: learning, parents, study, test, television

    The Lazy Child Elementary

    In this practical Chinese lesson a mother is shocked to discover that her child had a rather unproductive day. Learn the specific patterns for asking and answering what you've done and haven't done (and then you can go back to being lazy for a little while).

    Tags: homework, practicing, family, parents, child

    Broken Pipe Elementary

    If you're staying in a Chinese apartment, sooner or later something is going to go wrong, and you'll need to find the right person to fix the problem. In this Chinese lesson, our fearless tenant contacts the building management about a broken pipe.

    Tags: address, daily life

    Dinner with Friends Elementary

    Having friends who know how to cook is important - otherwise when else are you going to get to try delicious home-cooked foods (and mom's food doesn't count, you grew up with it!)? Join us at ChinesePod today as we're at a friend's house trying strange new dishes...

    Tags: food, cooking, friends, eating

    Baijiu or Beer Elementary

    The mere mention of baijiu, the "white alcohol," strikes fear into the hearts of those foreigners who have tasted the fearsome liquid. Fortunately, it's usually not the only option. Knowing how to say "I prefer beer" may save you not only the gustatory punishment of the moment, but also the wicked hangover of the next morning.

    Tags: dining, culture, drinking

    Rice First Elementary

    Some foreigners think there's a conspiracy to deprive them of enjoying rice with their meal in China. In fact, it's just a Chinese custom which might seem strange to you. Here's a helpful tip: if you want to eat your rice with your meal, you can always ask them to bring out the rice first. Learn to do that in Chinese, with this lesson.

    Tags: beer, rice, restaurant, food

    Waiting for Food Elementary

    Ever been in a restaurant when the food just doesn't seem to be coming out fast enough? In today's lesson we'll be bugging the server to speed things up a bit!

    Tags: hungry, waiting, restaurant, food

    Measure Words for Food Qing Wen

    In today's Qing Wen, the Shanghai Trio are going food-crazy! We're going to look at a variety of measure words that apply to foods. These include 个, 根, 串 , 块 and 片. How do you talk about a single banana or a bunch of grapes in Chinese? Listen to this Mandarin podcast to find out!


    Adding Credit to a Cell Phone Elementary

    A few things you can’t live without upon arriving: 1. Toilet paper (oh – you laugh now, but trust us) 2. ChinesePod 3. A mobile phone …now, we hope the first two are self-explanatory, and about the 3rd – it’s all pay-as-you-go, so in this podcast we tender a lesson in Mandarin Chinese on “topping up” that phone.

    Tags: shopping, communications

    Asking for the WiFi password Elementary

    In this increasingly connected world, it's important to maintain contact with friends and colleagues, even when you're outside the house or the office. Cafés all over the world cater to this by offering free or paid wifi. But how do you ask for the password in Chinese? Find out in today's super-useful lesson.

    Tags: internet, password, coffee

    I'm Not Here Elementary

    You're a popular person. People are looking for you, but you don't always want to talk to them. Today's Chinese lesson will help you deal with those tricky times when you don't want to be found. Learn how to use Mandarin to explain that you're not around.

    Tags: office, communications

    An Email Introduction Elementary

    It's fairly common in China for the newcomer in the office to send out a friendly introductory email to new co-workers. In this lesson we'll be taking a look at that simple email, and all its essential Chinese words and phrases.

    Tags: jobs, office, greetings, work, introductions, email

    Are You Busy? Elementary

    You can't just drop in on people whenever you feel like it. They have their own lives, too! In this Mandarin Chinese podcast, you'll learn how to ask if and when people are free. Making appointments in Chinese is easy when you study with ChinesePod.

    Tags: making plans, asking questions

    Are You Free? Elementary

    If you want to do fun stuff with people, you need to make plans. And you can't make plans unless you know if people are free! In today's Mandarin podcast, learn how to ask your Chinese friends whether they are free.

    Tags: going out, free, questions

    I'm gonna be Late Elementary

    We've all been in this situation... two people agree to meet at a certain time, but one person calls to say she'll be late. And then calls again to say she'll be later. (And then you start to wonder if she's going to make it at all.) Learn the essential Chinese in this lesson.

    Tags: time

    Canceling Dinner Plans Elementary

    Got plans with friends that you've got to rearrange? Looking for a way to explain why you can't attend an appointment? Check out this ChinesePod lesson to learn the language you'll need to cancel plans.

    Tags: time, work

    Introducing the Managers Elementary

    Managers are a big deal in these parts. And you don't want to go calling them any old 'Mister.' In this podcast, learn how to address and introduce your manager in Chinese in the most efficient, face-giving manner possible. Sure to result in promotions, raises, slaps on the back, and right back at ya face-giving maneuvers.

    Tags: etiquette, home and office, introductions

    Hong Kong Visa Run Elementary

    Visas are a huge, unavoidable nuisance. If you live in China, there's a good chance you've made at least one trip to Hong Kong in search of this priceless little sticker. Learn useful Chinese vocabulary about visas in today's podcast.

    Tags: jobs, labor, law, work, Hong Kong, visa

    Asking for Leave Elementary

    Everybody needs a little time away... and in this podcast you're going to learn how to ask for it in Chinese. With the plethora of guests you're going to be fielding in your new found home away from home, chances are this will be high-frequency vocab for you. So listen in and learn... and get ready for your new favorite hobby: tour guide.

    Tags: work, time off, boss, vacation

    Future fun with 会 (hui4), 要 (yao4), and 将 (jiang1) Qing Wen

    There are many ways to discuss future events in Chinese, but there are some important differences among these. Tune in to today's Qing Wen to learn how to use 会 (huì), 要 (yào), and 将 (jiāng).

    Tags: future tense, plans, will

    Encouraging Words Elementary

    Yes, we know you’re going to make your voice sound like the guy in the film when you say “you can do it!”--and that’s okay. What’s not okay is getting discouraged (and in a language of 4 tones & 50,000 characters, it can happen). So how ‘bout a podcast with a Mandarin Chinese lesson on helping that friend out with a few words of encouragement? Go for it!

    Tags: feelings, jobs

    Gong Xi Fa Cai! Newbie

    Happy Chinese New Year! Whether you plan to celebrate by dancing down the street inside a papier-maché dragon, or by giving cash-stuffed envelopes to your grandchildren, this is the biggest holiday of the year in China. Learn all about it in today's podcast!

    Tags: celebrations, New Year, greetings, culture, festivals

    National Day Holiday Elementary

    October 1st is "National Day" in the PRC, a holiday celebrating the founding of the nation. For the average Joe, this has a very important implication: vacation! In this lesson, learn how official holidays are announced, as well as some of their unfortunate drawbacks.

    Tags: work, time, National Day

    Blow out Your Candles Elementary

    If you could have one wish, what would it be? Do you want to speak Mandarin? Would you like to visit China? In today's podcast, make a wish and blow out your candles. ChinesePod makes your dream of learning Chinese come true!

    Tags: birthday

    Christmas Dinner Elementary

    In today's ChinesePod lesson we're at the dinner table on Christmas, digging into some delicious home-cooked food. Join us and discover how to describe this special meal - in Chinese!

    Tags: cooking, drinking, Christmas

    Festivals, Holidays, Vacations, and Leave Qing Wen

    All days spent away from work or school are not created equal. There are the fun days, the special holidays and festivals, the sick days, the person days... These different types of "days off" are referred to in different ways in Mandarin. In this lesson learn what the differences are and how to use them in Chinese.

    Tags: holidays, festivals, vacation

    Colors Song Newbie

    You know that Ken and Jenny like to show their appreciation to our CPoddies by giving you a little serenade for your listening pleasure from time to time. Thus, in this podcast they will teach you a little ditty in Mandarin Chinese all about the the colors of the sky, clouds, fields, grass and sun. Sound a little flower child-ish? Well, maybe just a little... (Lesson on hippie jargon coming up soon.)

    Tags: music, colors

    Do I look good in this? Elementary

    We know all ChinesePod learners wanna look cool, so when we realized you might leave the house wearing something a little lacking that “je ne sais quoi”, we immediately put together a lesson to aid you with that conversation. You can’t have “ChinesePod” without “C-H-I-C”, so in this podcast learn all about what suits you, in Mandarin Chinese.

    Tags: colors, clothes

    Light and Dark Colors of Clothing Elementary

    Sure, you know your basic colors. What it comes to clothes shopping, though, you want to find just the right shade. In this lesson, learn how to specify light and dark colors in Mandarin Chinese. (And then you might just have to go shopping in Shanghai to prove your mastery.)

    Tags: clothes, shopping, colors

    Basic Shapes Elementary

    After months of painstakingly writing Chinese characters, we recommend you take a moment to vent your frustrations by grabbing a felt marker and angrily drawing squares, circles, and triangles all over that Chinese textbook. It's strangely liberating, actually. Then, listen to this podcast so you can explain in Mandarin to your teacher what exactly you were doing when she rebukes you for defacing school property.

    Tags: appearance

    Yang Jie's Diary: Everyone Is Dating Elementary

    Here is a Mandarin Chinese lesson to take you back to the simpler days of ugly boys, teenage angst and unrequited crushes. Yes, come with us as we sneak a peek at young Yang Jie's Diary (you know you want to). If the content doesn't sound juicy yet, listen as things unfold... if a Canadian businessman can get knocked off by ninjas, anything could be around the corner for naive Yang Jie.

    Tags: Diary Series, studies, relationships

    Li Yan's Diary: Love and Italian Food Elementary

    Some may deem it 'nosy,' but we prefer the term 'inquisitive.' This week, we find another diary under the mattress, and this time it's young Yang Jie's rival in love... Li Yan. Read along with us as she pours out her soon to be not-so-private thoughts to her diary, and to millions of Mandarin Chinese learners everywhere. (Don't tell her we showed you.)

    Tags: Diary Series, studies, relationships

    Wang Wei's Diary: Food and Girls Elementary

    In today's diary entry, we get the male perspective on life in the world of Li Yan, Yang Jie and Wang Wei. Why does Wang Wei stare at Yang Jie every day? Is there blossoming romance? Will this be the start of an titillating love triangle? Listen in to this podcast as we tell all, invade privacy, and learn Mandarin Chinese in the process.

    Tags: Diary Series, clothes, appearance

    Yang Jie's Diary: Date with a Nerd Elementary

    It's about time the nerds of the world got some respect. Bookworm Wang Wei seems to be trying to win the heart of fair Yang Jie. What does Yang Jie really think of this scholarly specimen? Is the way to her heart through the library? Let's snoop, in this podcast, where we look into a girl's not-so-deep thoughts, in Mandarin Chinese.

    Tags: Diary Series, relationships, studies

    Li Yan's Diary: More and More Elementary

    The romance seems to be escalating. Things are getting juicy. They've gone from studying to eating to... utterly scandalous... watching movies together. Where will our two lovers go from here... listen to this podcast and read along with us as Li Yan continues to bare her deep thoughts, in Mandarin Chinese.

    Tags: Diary Series, personality, relationships

    Wang Wei's Diary: The Importance of Brains Elementary

    You know the old adage: if they don't find you handsome, they better find you brainy. It's revenge of the nerds in this episode of Diaries of our Lives. We hear from Wang Wei as he breaks out into Mr. Popularity with exam time looming. Listen to this podcast, and hope that some of his brains rub off on you, too, as you attempt this Mandarin lesson.

    Tags: people, Diary Series, school

    Yang Jie's Diary: He's Not Stupid Elementary

    In this excerpt from Yang Jie aka the Princess' Diary, we get to see how a library date pans out for the under-appreciated Wang Wei. Will he make a move while pretending to be reaching for a book on a shelf? Will he impress with his knowledge of the Dewey Decimal System? Let's see if it works, as you listen to this podcast with some Mandarin Chinese love in the library.

    Tags: diary, feelings, Diary Series

    Yang Jie's Fury Elementary

    Men everywhere know about the fury of the woman scorned, but that holds nothing in comparison to that of a hormone-raging, pubescent, Sweet Valley High novel-reading youth. In this podcast we revisit our Chinese friend Yang Jie, and this time, she's furious. Follow along as the diary leaves the page and turns into a reality-show-gone-bad lesson in Mandarin.

    Tags: Diary Series, relationships, people

    Yang Jie's Diary: The Final Episode Elementary

    All good stories have to come to an end, including the saga of our friend Yang Jie. She kinda got sick of writing, as diary-keepers usually do. Plus, we were starting to feel like creeps, slinking into her room every night to sneak a peek. In this podcast, find out how things turn out for Yang Jie and co-stars. How do you say in Chinese: "She's not that into you..."

    Tags: relationships, feelings