Say It Right Series

    Daily Life 4


    The Daily Life Elementary Bridge Course is designed to smooth the transition from Elementary to Intermediate, with special attention given to the specific teaching language. The Course covers common daily life topics, key grammar patterns and refined word usage, and upon completion learners will feel more confident speaking in a variety of situations.

    I'm gonna be Late Elementary

    We've all been in this situation... two people agree to meet at a certain time, but one person calls to say she'll be late. And then calls again to say she'll be later. (And then you start to wonder if she's going to make it at all.) Learn the essential Chinese in this lesson.

    Tags: time

    Reviewing in Class Elementary

    Today's lesson is essential for anyone taking or planning on taking a Chinese class. Learn how to describe reviewing the material and learn how to talk about habitual actions.

    Tags: students, teacher, classroom, lessons, grammar

    Grammar Lesson Elementary

    There aren't many things more fun than learning Chinese grammar. Today, you're in for a real treat-- this podcast is all about a class of students who are learning Mandarin. Listen and learn!

    Tags: students, teaching, teacher, classroom

    Podcast Language 1 Qing Wen

    Have you ever wondered about the little Chinese phrases and magic words that Jenny uses in the podcasts? Then tune in as the Shanghai Trio explain all the little particles and expressions that make learning Mandarin on ChinesePod so much fun.


    Language Exchange Elementary

    If you're learning Chinese in China, there's a very good chance that someone will try to become your language partner. With any luck, you'll become fast friends. If not, the experience can be awkward and dull. In any case, let's listen to this podcast and learn how to talk about language exchange in Chinese.

    Tags: speaking, learning, studying, language exchange, language parner

    Podcast Language 2 Qing Wen

    Have you ever wondered about the little Chinese phrases and magic words that Jenny uses in the podcasts? Then tune in to the second installment of this miniseries as the Shanghai Trio explain all the little particles and expressions that make learning Mandarin on ChinesePod so much fun.


    Language Power Struggle Intermediate

    A battle of wills. Language domination. Do not relinquish your position. The only way to survive the language power struggle is to arm yourself with grammar and vocab. Only the fluent will survive. In this podcast, learn the Chinese to control the conversation when that inevitable eager language 'friend' comes along.

    Tags: language, communications

    Pin Number Elementary

    In this modern age, plastic is as good as paper. We're not talking about shopping bags, though. We're talking about payment methods. In this lesson, learn how to talk about credit cards and passwords in Mandarin.

    Tags: password, shopping, payment, cash, credit cards

    Chinese Money Denominations Elementary

    Don't make the short-sighted mistake of dismissing the many miniscule denominations of Chinese currency jingling around at the bottom of your pocket just because they are worth, say, one one-thousandth or so of a US cent. In no time, you'll be fighting tooth and nail over that self same mao, jiao or fen, finding yourself at a total impasse with that shopkeeper you think is stealing your shirt. In this podcast, learn about Chinese money denominations in Mandarin Chinese.

    Tags: numbers, money

    Getting the Correct Change Intermediate

    In China there's a whole special language reserved for counting out change (and no, Shanghai poddies, we're not talking about Shanghainese!). This is the language where the Chinese word for "to search for" suddenly becomes "to give back money." Learn all the essential Mandarin in this lesson to make sure you get the right change back.

    Tags: numbers, money

    Numbers in Chinese Qing Wen

    In this Qing Wen we tackle numbers. From 100 and beyond, you'll learn them all here. Bonus inclusion for those that earn their millions--how to decipher Chinese discounts and brag about getting 100% on your Chinese math test after this podcast.

    Tags: money, numbers

    You've been everywhere! Elementary

    So you're planning a trip with your travel buddy, and you're talking about the places you've been and haven't been. The problem is, this guy's been everywhere! Learn these very practical Chinese sentence patterns about past experiences in this lesson. You'll have to figure out the trip destination on your own, though.

    Tags: place, city

    China's Most Famous Tourist Destinations Elementary

    So you arrive in China, map in hand and hundreds of ChinesePod lessons echoing through your head. But you soon find that all the places you want to go and see have a very different name in Chinese than they do in that guidebook. There’s always room for another lesson in your head, so listen in to this podcast and learn what some of China’s top tourist spots are, and how to say them in Mandarin Chinese.

    Tags: questions, history

    Travel Itinerary Elementary

    Having a travel itinerary in place is no problem in China. You can take a tour and be ushered along to a string of jade factories, miracle pearl cream shops, dramatic burn-healing remedy demonstrations and, uh, another jade factory... oh, yeah, and to the Great Wall too, if you're lucky! In this podcast, take control of your itinerary! Learn how to plan your own travel itinerary, in Mandarin Chinese.

    Tags: location, directions

    Podcast Language 3 Qing Wen

    Have you ever wondered about the little Chinese phrases and magic words that Jenny uses in the podcasts? Then tune in to the final installment of this miniseries as the Shanghai Trio explain all the little particles and expressions that make learning Mandarin on ChinesePod so much fun.


    Going Dutch Elementary

    The 'Warring Bills' period of Chinese history is officially over for all ChinesePod users. An international treating treaty has been declared, and it involves a handy little phrase that will be an instrument in achieving restaurant check peace. Listen to this podcast to learn what it is, and make your contribution to world Chinese dinner table harmony.

    Tags: culture, food, etiquette, show

    Cooking Elementary

    How and where did “chow main” get its name? “Kung Pao” is a dish and not a (brilliant) film? Someone must have their mouth full of “kuaizi” and not the proper tones. However, not to worry…in this podcast Ken takes off the apron strings and Jenny puts down that ladle for a Mandarin Chinese lesson on cooking.

    Tags: ability, food, directions

    Grab Some Veggies From the Store Intermediate

    You can't cook dinner without a big pile of ingredients. In today's Chinese podcast, you'll learn how to tell someone to pick up a load of fresh vegetables from the market in Mandarin Chinese. You can almost smell dinner cooking, eh?

    Tags: cooking, vegetarian, vegetables, shopping

    What do Foreigners Like? Elementary

    No matter what you sell, you have to know your market. In today's podcast you'll learn how to talk in Chinese about dealing with picky customers who always want a good deal. Learn Mandarin while shopping!

    Tags: peddler, DVDs, watch, bag, shopping, foreigners

    Buying a Plasma TV Intermediate

    How much of the Chinese language could you learn if you spent half as much time with ChinesePod as you do with "Neighbors," "COPS," and "MTV"? Television is a brain-washing machine. If you want to kill your soul, watch the boob tube. If you want to learn Chinese, listen to this podcast. ChinesePod is revolutionary, and it is not televised.

    Tags: shopping, sales, promotion, plasma TV

    Shopping in China Beijing Standard Time

    There have been many major changes in shopping trends and services in China from the 80's to today. Maybe you've heard about Taobao, but how about Liangpiao? In today's show, we'll be talking about both of them along with a number of other shopping websites. Additionally, Jenny will share some of her copious experience with shopping online, her favorite hobby, while John and David listen in. Finally, we will recommend more high quality online shopping sites for you listeners to get your online shopping fix. We'd love to hear about your own shopping experiences, good and bad, so leave your comments below and enjoy the show. For more info and vocabulary related to buying things in China, check out our intermediate lesson on shopping in Shanghai and our upper-intermediate lesson on buying things on Taobao.

    Tags: shopping

    Man or Woman? Elementary

    When he/she walks like a woman and talks like a man, and the response that comes to your query of “Who is that?” is “It’s Pat,” you may find yourself in a quandary of gender identification. Think you can fake your way through this kind of predicament in Chinese with an evasive ‘ta’? That, and this podcast will help. And who knows, you may just find out that the elusive Lola ended up in China.

    Tags: people, appearance

    Describing Athletes Elementary

    Oh the superlative human form. It is said a picture is worth a thousand words, so please allow your eye to feast on the lesson image to the left of this very intro, and admire along with the writer that hunk of a man. Oh yes, and before you get too carried away... don't forget to push play and listen to this podcast on describing hot bods, in Mandarin Chinese.

    Tags: people, Olympics, appearance

    What does she look like? Intermediate

    So that friend that could never get a girlfriend finally got one. The immediate question is, "what does she look like?" Of course, it's a useful question for many contexts. This lesson covers the most common Chinese descriptors for a girl.

    Tags: body parts, face, people, appearance

    Morning Hygiene Elementary

    A few cultural tips on “personal upkeep” here: 1. Most Chinese bathe at night. 2. Chairman Mao used tea to brush his teeth. 3. Toilet paper is thrown in a wastebasket. …more, you say? More it is – listen to this podcast and learn about washing your face, brushing your teeth and more, in Mandarin Chinese.

    Tags: health

    Getting Taller (Not Fatter) Elementary

    Children grow so quickly - it's amazing. Especially for relatives who don't get to see their young nieces, nephews, or grandchildren on a regular basis. In today's ChinesePod lesson, we've got an uncle and his nephew who are getting reacquainted after a year of not seeing one another. Learn all about drawing comparisons and making predictions for the future.

    Tags: tall, greetings, Ultraman, family, children

    Take Some Medicine Intermediate

    Now, we all know when we get the flu, there’s nothing we like more than to do a little whining about it. In this podcast you will learn how to tell someone who cares about your sore throat and headache, using Mandarin Chinese. And when you do, there will be no shortage of friends sure to want to bring you some nice Chinese medicine. Open up!

    Tags: medicine, health

    The Glorious了(le): Part 1 Qing Wen

    Back by popular demand, the Qing Wen team has decided once again to delve into the mysteries of 了(le), the particle that you love to hate. Tune in to find out how to use 了 to express a completed action or to express change. We will have more QW's in the future featuring this fascinating character, but if you're still looking for a fix after listening to this lesson, check out ChinesePod's classic lesson on 了 (le): Something's About to Happen!

    Tags: le, grammar

    Didn't you get my email? Elementary

    There are many reasons to believe that someone may not have received your email. Whether you're a conspiracy theorist or simply need to remind a technology-challenged co-worker, this Chinese lesson will equip you to ask someone if he got your email.

    Tags: email, work, office

    What's That Website? Elementary

    In this day and age, you won't be studying Chinese for long at all before you need to start talking about websites. In this basic lesson, learn the words for website, website address, and even "dot com" in Chinese.

    Tags: work, internet, website, technology

    Internet is Down Intermediate

    You like your little Roadrunner and T-1 ethernet connections that load pages in 1/100th of a nanosecond? Nice huh? Remember back in the Clinton administration when you could make a cup of coffee in the time it took a page to load? Well, welcome to our world. The Chinese internet ain't exactly up to speed, but your ability to vent your frustrations in Mandarin will be, after this podcast.

    Tags: home and office, computers

    The Complement 不了 Qing Wen

    Famous for its "the character 了 can actually be pronounced in two ways" mischief, the complement 不了 (buliǎo) and its positive partner in crime, 得了 (deliǎo), have been pranking Chinese learners everywhere for a while now. Learn exactly what's going on here in this Intermediate-level Qing Wen lesson.

    Tags: complement, grammar

    Finishing Work for the Weekend Elementary

    At the end of the work week things generally wind down. But for some people, Fridays are the busiest. Check out today's lesson to learn about a person who's trying to cram everything in before the weekend. Jenny and John will also be discussing the very common practice of working overtime: 加班 (jiābān).

    Tags: good-bye, time, office, work

    Can't Get to Sleep Elementary

    Having trouble falling asleep? Anxious before bed? Well unfortunately we can't solve these problems for you - but what we can do is teach you how to describe them in Chinese. And that's exactly what we're doing in today's podcast, so join us to learn more about sleep troubles!

    Tags: pressure, boss, work, sleep

    A Tour of the Office Intermediate

    ChinesePod has visitors today and they're getting the full tour of the office! Find out how to make small talk and give basic directions to people who are visiting from afar!

    Tags: greetings, directions, place, time, office, visit

    Working in a Chinese Office Beijing Standard Time

    When it comes to working in a Chinese office, horror stories of excessive drinking at business dinners abound. But what about the daily grind? What can an employee at a Chinese company expect to happen between 9am and 6pm? Check out today's BST to learn more about this large part of daily life in China, and to hear from a member of the ChinesePod team, Nick.

    Learn more about 跳槽 (tiàocáo) here.

    For more about the Chinese version of The Office, check out this link.

    Tags: office, work

    Interested in Chinese Medicine Elementary

    What are you interested in? Even if it's not traditional Chinese medicine, you're going to want to know how to ask that question and how to answer it. This lesson covers two very common patterns for expressing interest.

    Tags: books, hobbies, health, traditional Chinese medicine

    Practicing Kung Fu Elementary

    You don't have to know much Chinese to get started with your all-Chinese kung fu lessons; in fact, you don't have to know any. A little language prep will save you some trouble, however. For example, is it "kung fu" or "wushu?" Learn the answer to that in this lesson, as well as the words and phrases you'll need to start those basic kicking and punching drills.

    Tags: greetings, practicing, Chinese, actions, culture, wushu, kung fu

    Tea Tasting Intermediate

    The Chinese love their tea. Today's Mandarin lesson will teach you all about the fragrant infusion of that wondrous leaf. Put the kettle on, get your best China cup, and get ready to talk about Chinese tea.

    Tags: wulong, oolong, drinking, culture, tea, show

    Chinese Kung Fu Beijing Standard Time

    One of the most recognizable aspects of Chinese culture that is recognized the world over is Chinese Wu Shu (martial arts), popularized by such talented film stars as Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. In this lesson, Greg and David get into some of the basic principles of Wu Shu as well as some important figures in the Wu Shu tradition, both ancient and recent. Listen in and enjoy the show! If you're hungering for more martial arts, check out ChinesePod's awesome lessons about practicing kung fu and visiting the Shaolin Temple!

    Tags: martial arts, kung fu