Say It Right Series

    Daily Life 5


    The Daily Life Intermediate Course brings you highly practical language set in realistic situations in China. Students will be studying a mix of functional topics such as dealing with bank staff as well as more abstract topics such as describing one's personality and temperament and discussing prominent aspects of Chinese customs and culture. By the end of this course, students will be able to complete more challenging tasks in daily life and have more in-depth discussions about opinions and ideas.

    Hot Pot Chitchat Intermediate

    Now that it's cold out, sitting around a boiling pot of broth for hours on end doesn't seem like such a bad idea. On the contrary! It is a very appealing style of eating (which also accounts for the long lines at hot pot restaurants all over town right now). Learn how to talk hot pot in today's delicious ChinesePod lesson!

    Tags: spicy, friends, drinking, eating, restaurant, hot pot

    Ordering Food for the Group Intermediate

    Ordering food in China is no simple matter. It's time to leave behind your Western "order my own portion" ways and embrace Chinese family-style eating. But with everyone sharing the dishes, ordering the food can be a little complicated. In this lesson, learn the language you need to make everyone happy (and full).

    Tags: restaurant, dinner, dishes, menu, food, ordering, culture

    Fighting over the Bill Intermediate

    Due to the bill-snatching prowess of the Chinese, you may find yourself at a disadvantage when it comes to tactical check-paying maneuvers, post-dinner. Listen to this podcast and learn how mobilize for the battle of the tab, in Mandarin. Of course, that being said, we all know we’re glad they’re paying--but you've got to at least put up the appearance of a good fight.

    Tags: food, money, culture

    Organic Food Intermediate

    Organic food has been available in most supermarkets in places like the US for a while now. Over the last five years China has experienced a boom in this industry. Despite the growing popularity and availability of organic produce in local supermarkets, a lot of people are still unclear on just what makes food organic. Find out by tuning in to today's lesson!

    Tags: pollution, health, food, organic food, vegetables

    Measure Words for Food Qing Wen

    In today's Qing Wen, the Shanghai Trio are going food-crazy! We're going to look at a variety of measure words that apply to foods. These include 个, 根, 串 , 块 and 片. How do you talk about a single banana or a bunch of grapes in Chinese? Listen to this Mandarin podcast to find out!


    A Disappointing Delivery Intermediate

    One of the most popular and expedient ways to shop in China is by ordering things online. But what do you do when there's a mix-up and the company delivers the wrong product? Find out how to resolve such issues in today's dialogue.

    Tags: shopping, delivery, size

    Buying a Shirt Intermediate

    It's a mad dash to make the best of today's killer discount! Find out how to describe clothing sizes and styles in today's shopping-focused ChinesePod lesson!

    Tags: clothes, shirt, size, discount, promotion, show, shopping

    Duty-free Products Intermediate

    In this lesson, we talk about the glorious modern Chinese tradition of "substitute buying." Making a trip from China to the States or Europe isn't an everyday thing, so naturally you don't mind buying a whole bunch of things on the big long list your friends wrote up, right? Learn about the special benefits of duty-free shops here!

    Tags: duty-free, trip, office, shopping, tax

    When Opposites Collide (1) Qing Wen

    Opposite Chinese adjectives can frequently be combined to create new nouns with a predictable meaning. In this Qing Wen lesson, we look at some of the more common ones.

    Tags: size

    Addressing Family Members Intermediate

    It's intimidating enough meeting your spouse's family... today we're meeting the whole extended family, titles, relationships and all. After studying this lesson, you'll have the tools you need to feel comfortable in any Chinese family gathering!

    Tags: greetings, culture, relatives, family

    A Visit to the In-laws Intermediate

    In case you haven't been inducted into any Chinese families, you should know up front that there are a few titles to learn. OK, maybe more than a few. In this lesson, follow a young man on his way to visit his wife's parents, and learn all the important family vocab.

    Tags: terms of address, relatives, parents, family, culture

    Giving Instructions to the Ayi Intermediate

    The middle-class Chinese custom of having an "ayi" (housekeeper) is one that most foreigners can get on board with right away. With the domestic assistance, however, can come language difficulties. In this lesson, learn some of the most importance Mandarin words relating to cleaning the home.

    Tags: electrical appliance, furniture, cleaning, housework

    Addressing People Revisited Qing Wen

    A cultural phenomenon present across China and the West is that people of different ages, occupations, and genders all expect to be addressed in different ways; just as you would never call an old Western man "dude", so too would you never call an old Chinese woman "xiǎo jiě". In today's Qing Wen, Jenny, Connie, and Greg explore the various terms of address in China. Leave your comments and questions below!

    Tags: greetings, people, age, culture

    A Rarely Washed Car Intermediate

    With more and more Chinese citizens buying cars, the car wash business in big cities is booming. But that's not to say that every automobile owner keeps his ride nice and clean. In this lesson, learn how to discuss car washes and filthy cars in Chinese.

    Tags: dirty, time, car, washing

    Airport Check-In Problems Intermediate

    In this Chinese lesson we join our ill-fated hero at the airport check-in desk. He's battling airport regulations and not doing so well. This could be you, so if you're one of those slightly more "complicated" passengers, this lesson might be just what you need.

    Tags: announcement, weight, airport, transportation, travel

    Train to Beijing Intermediate

    There is no greater social environment than a crowded Chinese train. You may think you're the shy sort, but after the first 24 hours with 36 to go, you'll be grateful for the five watermelon seed-cracking drinking buddy card players lounging with you on your bed. In this podcast, learn how to get your ticket, hop on, and hole up with your new-found friends for the journey. Invest in some baijiu--a one way ticket to party central berth.

    Tags: tickets, transportation

    Mainland & Taiwan Lingo: Transportation Qing Wen

    This week on Qing Wen we visit both sides of the strait, and talk about some differences you'll hear in the Mandarin you learn in Taiwan, compared to the Mandarin you'll hear on the mainland. This time we talk about all the words you'll need for getting around town. Whether you're here or there, you can learn here how to blend in like you're a local (well, almost).


    Travel by Tour Group Intermediate

    Traveling in China can be a bit different than what some tourists are used to. Many people opt to travel as a part of a tour group (you've all seen them - they often have a brightly-dressed guide with a flag and matching t-shirts). While this kind of travel has its benefits, there are some undeniable drawbacks, as well. Find out more by tuning in to today's lesson!

    Tags: vacation, tour group, travel

    A Tour of Xi'an Intermediate

    Take a trip with ChinesePod as we visit one of China's most famous cities: Xi'an! From the Qin Shi Huang's famous Terracotta Warriors to delicious foods found on Xi'an's Muslim food street, this city's got something for everyone. Join us and learn how to get yourself around in Chinese.

    Tags: history, culture, place, snacks, city

    Yellow Mountain Intermediate

    Yellow Mountain, or 黄山 (huángshān) is one of China's most important tourist destinations. Situated in Anhui province, its landscapes call to mind classical Chinese paintings of cloud-ringed peaks. Learn about how to talk about this important place in Chinese with this lesson.

    Tags: mountain, city

    Using Verbs 不出来 , 得出来 Qing Wen

    Now we all forget names, voices and faces, but perhaps before we didn't quite know how to explain it in Chinese. Well, thanks to this wonderful resultative complement, verb 不出来 (bu chūlai) verb 得出来 (de chūlai) and your three friends at Qing Wen, you'll have no problem making out this grammar structure!

    Tags: complement

    Fun at the Beach Intermediate

    Summer is here and it's time to go to the beach. Join us today as we cover the essentials for having a good time in the sand and in the water. And don't forget to pack the sunscreen - you wouldn't want to get burnt!

    Tags: travel, beach, culture, entertainment

    Amusement Park Intermediate

    A day at the amusement park -- what fun! In today's Mandarin lesson, learn how to talk about this exciting and light-hearted way to spend a summer day. Learn the Chinese for roller-coaster, Ferris wheel, and "Yay!"

    Tags: roller coaster, fun

    Field Trip to the Zoo Intermediate

    Whether you prefer to gawk joyously at the animals, or brood over the moral issues raised by caging animals in a zoo, this Chinese lesson has you covered. Learn also some of those picky details related to Chinese animal names which you've always wondered about but been too shy to ask.

    Tags: children, zoo, animals

    The Magic Word 让 (Ràng) Qing Wen

    We taught you the two other so-called 'magic words,' but today, the one that trumps them all with its multi-varied uses. In this Qing Wen learn all about 让 (Ràng). The word that makes people jump out of the way, lets you boss people around, and provides old ladies with seats on the bus.


    Sina's Microblogs Intermediate

    First there was blogging, then there was microblogging. Your life in 140 characters or less! Tune in to today's lesson on social media to learn more about this technical trend in China.

    Tags: internet, microblog, blog, technology

    Considering an iPad Intermediate

    Now both Beijing and Shanghai have official Apple Stores, just in time for the release of the iPad. What do you think of the iPad? Revolution in computing, or an over-sized (overpriced) iPhone? No matter where you stand on the issue, this lesson will equip you to make some comments on the Apple iPad in Chinese.

    Tags: iPad, iPhone, Apple, technology, entertainment

    The Kindle Intermediate

    Although it may not be as common a sight in China as certain other electronic products, the Kindle is a handy little device not unknown in the Middle Kingdom. Learn the Chinese to introduce your (not-so-shiny) e-book reader (and we hope you're not studying this lesson from a paper printout).

    Tags: entertainment, daily life, technology

    Borrowing Money Intermediate

    In today's podcast, learn how to ask for a temporary capital injection, in Mandarin Chinese. If you need somebody to let you hold a few g's until payday, or slip you some skin to cover the electrical bill, this is the lesson for you.

    Tags: society, borrowing, lending, questions, friends, money

    Help at the ATM Intermediate

    In big cities in China, ATMs are everywhere, and many of them can even take foreign cards now. Of course, it's very useful to actually know how to use these things, and learning the appropriate Chinese terms is a huge step in the right direction. Today's lesson covers the ATM basics, including checking balances and making a withdrawal.

    Tags: money, password, ATM, bank

    Transferring Money Intermediate

    Cash is still king in China, but the occasional wire transfer is inevitable. Learn the Chinese vocabulary and patterns to transfer that money in this lesson. (Don't worry, we won't ask what the money is for.)

    Tags: money, time, bank

    Numbers in Chinese Qing Wen

    In this Qing Wen we tackle numbers. From 100 and beyond, you'll learn them all here. Bonus inclusion for those that earn their millions--how to decipher Chinese discounts and brag about getting 100% on your Chinese math test after this podcast.

    Tags: money, numbers

    Job Interview Intermediate

    In this soggy job market, it's hard just to get a job interview. But if you do, you need to be able to talk about your strengths, short-comings, and unrealistic salary expectations. If you can do this in Mandarin Chinese, so much the better! In today's Mandarin podcast, you'll learn how to ace your next Chinese job interview.

    Tags: job interviews, work, office, business

    Farewell Dinner Intermediate

    Parting is such sweet sorrow... except when it tastes like beer. In this lesson, a few 'bei's are 'gan'ned as an office throws a farewell dinner for a departing co-worker. But is all the Chinese well-wishing heart-felt, or mere cliche lip service? Listen in to find out.

    Tags: dinner, drink, farewell, co-workers, cheers, future

    Networking Event Intermediate

    What young professional can resist a networking event? Well, it might be a bit easier to resist if you have no clue what to say to meet people. In this Chinese lesson, learn how to chat up another professional and make some of those all-important human connections.

    Tags: greetings, communications, networking, business

    The Glorious了(le): Part 1 Qing Wen

    Back by popular demand, the Qing Wen team has decided once again to delve into the mysteries of 了(le), the particle that you love to hate. Tune in to find out how to use 了 to express a completed action or to express change. We will have more QW's in the future featuring this fascinating character, but if you're still looking for a fix after listening to this lesson, check out ChinesePod's classic lesson on 了 (le): Something's About to Happen!

    Tags: le, grammar

    The Glorious 了(le): Part 2 Qing Wen

    Our adventure with 了 continues as we take a deeper look into even more uses of this complex particle. Today's Qing Wen covers exclamatory tones, reminding and advising, and some other slightly more complex usages. If you're feeling bold and want an even bigger dose of 了, check out CPod's previous lesson The Double 了 Phenomenon!

    Tags: le, grammar

    The Surname Code Intermediate

    What's in a name? If you're speaking Chinese, a lot. In the land of homophones, seeing characters as bits and pieces is an essential skill. In this podcast, learn about "three dot water" and "double person" radicals and explain your name in Mandarin Chinese.

    Tags: radical, family name, names, surname

    Chinese Zodiac Birth Year Intermediate

    Ever wonder why you see some people in China wearing a little bit of red every single day? Well we've got an interesting explanation for you in today's astrology themed lesson. Oh - and happy year of the tiger!

    Tags: customs, colors, zodiac, culture, clothes

    Evading Nosy Questions Intermediate

    There's a little busybody in all of us. Now is your chance... all those questions you always wanted to ask but didn't have the guts to. In this podcast, get past your western conservative-ism and learn to be nosy with the best of 'em, in Mandarin. You've graduated to using a Chinese squat toilet stall with no door... might as well have a conversation about income to pass the time while you're there.

    Tags: questions, people, accommodation

    Chinese New Year Plans Intermediate

    Certain ancient Chinese traditions are more easily assimilated to the Western mind. Five days straight of blowing off firecrackers tends to sit better than 12-course dinners. If you don't join 'em, you aren't gonna beat 'em, so put on your protective glasses and light up your xiaoqu with China's gift to the world. In this podcast, plan your Chinese New Year in Mandarin.

    Tags: family, culture

    The Red Spectrum of Meaning Qing Wen

    Moving along in the Qing Wen series on colors and Chinese culture, the team tackles the ever-important red, 红色 (hóngsè). Red is, perhaps, the most popular color in China (especially during the Chinese New Year celebrations)! Find out some of the many uses of this color in the Chinese language. And find out why Lady Gaga is very red right now!

    Tags: colors, red, culture, happiness, grammar, popular

    What does she look like? Intermediate

    So that friend that could never get a girlfriend finally got one. The immediate question is, "what does she look like?" Of course, it's a useful question for many contexts. This lesson covers the most common Chinese descriptors for a girl.

    Tags: body parts, face, people, appearance

    A Bad Temper Intermediate

    A bad temper can cause a lot of trouble in a man's life. In this lesson, we learn about one man's temper and how it has affected his relationships. Fortunately, the guy has a very helpful friend offering advice for how to deal with the situation. Learn all about it in this Chinese lesson.

    Tags: daily life, people, personality

    Online Personality Test Intermediate

    What could be more fun than filling out a simple form so that a website can tell you what kind of person you are? Listen in to this Chinese lesson, in which two girls discuss the results of their online personality tests.

    Tags: online, test, personality

    Western Zodiac Intermediate

    Today we're leaving behind the rats, monkeys and tigers of the Chinese zodiac for Leo, Taurus and Saggitarius. Find out how to discuss your own sign, and learn how to ask someone else theirs. Who knows, you might even pick up some flirting tips!

    Tags: personality, relationships, western zodiac

    把 Humbug Qing Wen

    In today's Mandarin podcast, the Shanghai Trio are going to tackle everyone's favorite particle. The electron, you say? Or perhaps the quark? Wrong! It's the legendary particle 把 (bǎ). To learn how to use 把 to better express yourself in Chinese, tune in to this podcast.