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    Want to learn how to chat someone up in Chinese or learn about the dating culture in China? Check out our dating playlist!

    How YOU doin? Newbie

    We can only ignore so many requests for “chat-up lines” until we break…which we did today. In this soon-to-be most popular lesson for our loyal podcast listeners, you will learn some nice compliments in Chinese to endear you to someone you have your eye on; and we will also give you some saucy lines in Mandarin Chinese to use at the pub this weekend…and withdraw from any consequences thereof. (Also included will be “Go away, you arrogant jerk!” Ouch.)

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    Picking My Darling Up Elementary

    Listen to two love birds arrange to meet at a common location before going out on a date.

    Photo Credit: Kyle May

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    The DVD Ploy Intermediate

    In the realm of dating, men's ruses to get women into their arms are universal. Oh yes... don't fall for the 'arms around you to shield you from the cold', the 'tandem bike ride home', the 'friendly shoulder rub', or the most transparent of all... the 'DVD ploy.' In this podcast, find out how to ask someone upstairs to watch a movie, and how to gracefully escape in Mandarin Chinese.

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    Love Tangle 1: A Suspicious Text Message Upper Intermediate

    Today we've got a Chinese domestic dispute. Listen to this podcast and learn how to talk about infidelity in Chinese. Mr. Shen thinks his wife might be cheating on him. But is she? Only one thing's for sure: They can't go on together with suspicious minds.

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    Matchmaking in the Park Intermediate

    In this modern age where young people are all obsessed with their careers, what's a pushy parent to do about her single child's wedding prospects? Why, take to the streets of course! They storm the city's parks, resumes and photos in hand, doing all the matchmaking their children are too hard-working to bother with themselves. Learn more about this peculiar social phenomenon in this Chinese lesson.

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    Rental Boyfriend Upper Intermediate

    The pressure from parents on young Chinese people to find spouses can be severe. In fact, so much so that renting a boyfriend or girlfriend to take home for Chinese New Year has become a full-blown phenomenon. In this lesson, two friends commiserate over their “personal problem” and consider renting a prospective spouse for the holiday.

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    相亲 Arranged Blind Dates Advanced

    找对象的方法有许多种,你知道几种?又试过几种呢?其实有种由来已久且老一辈十分相信的办法,就是相亲,有时儿女不急着结婚,倒是家里的叔伯阿姨等长辈急得要命,就会给安排相亲了,听听两代人对相亲有什么不同的看法吧。 Photo by al fernandez

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    相亲活动 Advanced


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