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    Drinking (Lower)


    Drinking is a big part of Chinese culture, especially in business. There are some important customs you need to learn before attending any drinking events. Listen to this playlist to learn some important language, polite ways to wish people good health, respectfully decline alcohol, and learn some important customs. Armed with a few simple phrases, and a bit of Dutch courage, you'll be speaking Mandarin in no time with this Drinking Playlist.

    Best Friends Newbie

    Life can look better through drunk colored glasses. Teetotalism of course has its merits, but many a Shanghai reveler would agree that Mandarin flows better through liquor-loosened lips. In this podcast, for the happy drunks amongst us, a little inebriated Chinese to teach you how to open your heart and mouth to those loved ones around you. Tie one on and let's hear your true feelings come out.

    Tags: friends, cheers, drinking, alcohol

    Simple Toasts Newbie

    They. Toast. Everything. …it’s a lesson you can learn from us, or learn the hard way. So, how about you turn the tables and offer up some Mandarin Chinese “drinking words” of your own? In this podcast, learn how to spread some “cheers”. (Premium subscribers will learn the whole swapping-the-baijiu-for-Sprite trick).

    Tags: culture, holidays

    Baijiu or Beer Elementary

    The mere mention of baijiu, the "white alcohol," strikes fear into the hearts of those foreigners who have tasted the fearsome liquid. Fortunately, it's usually not the only option. Knowing how to say "I prefer beer" may save you not only the gustatory punishment of the moment, but also the wicked hangover of the next morning.

    Tags: dining, culture, drinking

    Hangover Elementary

    Your head aches, your mouth is dry and your stomach is churning, but you're not sick. You had a lot of fun last night, maybe too much fun... In this lesson, learn how to talk about feeling under weather after a night out on the town.

    Tags: health, body parts, greetings, drinking

    I Can't Drink Elementary

    Today we learn how to refuse a drink politely and the reason for doing so. While it's important to show face, sometimes you just have to say no. Especially when in this case, he comes out with a rash as soon as alcohol touches his lips.

    Tags: health, drinking, alcohol