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    Drinking (Upper)


    Drinking is a big part of Chinese culture, especially in business. There are some important customs you need to learn before attending any drinking events. Listen to this playlist to learn some important language, polite ways to wish people good health, respectfully decline alcohol, and learn some important customs.

    Drinking Game Intermediate

    Baijiu, the Chinese liquor, tastes so bad that you need something to take your mind off the foul burning that is coating your mouth and throat. Why not play some drinking games? In today's Mandarin podcast, you'll learn all about how to win face and make friends over a few rounds of watery beer.

    Tags: socializing, party, alcohol, drinking games, baijiu, drinking

    Designated Driver for Hire Intermediate

    Going out and entertaining clients sometimes results in going a little overboard on the drink. And when it's time to go home, what's to be done? In this lesson, ChinesePod talks about designated driver services in China, which will drive you and your car home for you for a fee.

    Tags: drinking, driving

    Sobriety Check Intermediate

    With the number of vehicles on the roads in China increasing, drinking and driving has become a bigger problem in recent years. Sobriety checkpoints are even becoming a common sight in big cities like Shanghai and Beijing. In this lesson, we'll see how these things develop in Chinese.

    Tags: drinking, traffic, law, transportation

    To "The God of Drinking" Intermediate

    Today we're going to be teaching you all about drinking culture. How to both propose a toast as well as decline one respectfully while maintaining face. Packed full of great language nuggets, your next drinking session will have you toasting with the best of them. 干杯!

    Tags: business meeting, toast, drinking

    Red Wine Intermediate

    Whether you are a wine aficionado or you like to rely on recommendations, choosing a great wine can be tricky. This lesson takes us into a wine store to buy just the right wine for a friend. Note: this lesson is best paired with a glass of your favourite wine!

    Tags: taste, alcohol, drinking, wine

    I Don't Drink With Villains Intermediate

    Another drinking lesson and another great chance to learn some useful language to politely decline a drink and say that you would prefer to have tea instead. High use language for any social occasion.

    Tags: friends, drinking

    Choosing a Wine Upper Intermediate

    While no one can be a smooth as Steve Martin’s character in “The Jerk” (”No more 1966! Bring us some fresh, new stuff!”), you can still impress (or offend) some with a fine choice of vino. In this podcast, learn how to talk about different wines in Mandarin Chinese, as well as learn some Chinese foods you just may never have thought of pairing with wine. Just tell us you’re not a rosé drinker.

    Tags: food, preferences, LaoWise

    Drinking Ability Upper Intermediate

    Due to an extra-smart poddie's recent uber-technical diagnosis of why Asians turn red whilst drinking, there is no need for further racial alcohol-tolerance profiling here at ChinesePod. As a postscript to that, listen in to this podcast to learn how to rate your own drinking prowess in Mandarin Chinese, and to find out that, yes, there are people in the world who don't think baijiu tastes like formaldehyde.

    Tags: people, business, ability

    Alcoholic Attitudes Upper Intermediate

    Attitudes towards alcohol, and especially the word “alcoholic” are different in China than in the West. How so? Give this lesson a listen to find out!

    Tags: drinking, culture, alcohol

    酒鬼 Advanced


    Tags: habit, drugs, family, drinking, alcohol, relationships, people