Say It Right Series

    Emergency Situations


    We hope you never find yourselves in these situations, but the right phrases in Chinese could make a huge difference when there is an emergency. Knowing how to ask for help in Chinese is essential. From losing a passport to calling an ambulance, we have some of the language you might need if you find yourself in an emergency situation. Better safe than sorry! Give it a browse, it might save your day.

    Lost Wallet and Passport Newbie

    You ever lose your passport? Or your wallet? Or your wallet and your passport? We hope not, but just in case, it's probably a good idea to know how to say these things. (At the very least, the Chinese people around you will understand why you're totally freaking out.) This lesson will help.

    Tags: passport, emergency, travel

    Where is the Police Station? Elementary

    Whether you live in China or are just travelling there, it is good to be prepared in case of emergencies. That could include learning how to ask some important questions. In this lesson, someone gets the help they need to deal with a theft.

    Tags: directions, road, asking questions, crime, police

    Calling an Ambulance Elementary

    It's a nightmare situation: someone has an accident and needs immediate medical help, and you're the only person around to help. In today's ChinesePod lesson, learn how to call for help in Chinese. Who knows - with some of this vocabulary, you might just save a life one day.

    Tags: pain, body parts, injury, fear, ambulance, emergency

    Stuck in the Elevator Elementary

    What to do when stuck in the elevator? Well number one is to not panic, and number two is to press the intercom and explain the situation to the guard. Learn how to do all of this in today's lesson.

    Tags: help, elevator

    Reporting a Loss Intermediate

    Question: What do your mind, your life and your wallet all have in common? Answer: You can lose them! Listen to today's Chinese podcast to learn about what to do if you lose something (except your mind or life-- we can't really help you much there.)

    Tags: emergency, police, theft, loss

    I'm Being Followed! Intermediate

    It's not a good feeling when you feel like somebody is following you. In this lesson, a woman calls the police when she thinks that someone is following her.

    Tags: alcohol, police, story

    Calling an Ambulance - Part 1 Upper Intermediate

    ChinesePod delves into the Chinese medical system in this two part series on hiring an ambulance. In this lesson, someone needs to move a loved one from one hospital to another for treatment. But which hospital to go to? Find out in this lesson!

    Tags: ambulance, hospital, emergency, medicine

    Calling an Ambulance - Part 2 Upper Intermediate

    In part two of ChinesePod's series on taking an ambulance, we go along for a ride from one hospital to another. At the end it's time pay, and this proves to be the biggest surprise of all!

    Tags: emergency, hospital, health