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    These free lessons feature a collection of our audio and video shows from our different academic levels. As a free user, you get to try all our premium features including the full show, lesson dialogue, audio review, PDF lesson notes, annotated dialogue, vocabulary, expansion, grammar, and exercises.

    ATWTI 1: Greetings Newbie


    In this ATWTI (All the Way to Intermediate) lesson, we teach you how to greet someone in Chinese with words like good morning and "long-time no see."

    Click on the practice tab on the website to find other related lessons from our library that will supplement this lesson and boost your Chinese level.

    Tags: video, introductions, greetings

    ATWTI 2: How to Say Goodbye in Chinese Newbie

    In this All the Way to Intermediate lesson we learn how to say goodbye and good night, as well as some great ways to say "take care".

    Tags: greetings, good-bye, ATWTI, video

    ATWTI 3: Asking Questions Politely Newbie

    In this lesson, we teach you how to grab someone's attention and ask questions in a polite manner so that you always get what you want! We'll also teach great phrases for shopping such as "how much is this?" and "may I have this?"

    Tags: video, shopping, asking questions, manners, polite

    ATWTI 4: Apologizing and Responding to Apologies Newbie


    In this lesson, we teach lots of ways to say sorry and excuse me, and then polite ways to respond with, "don't worry about it", or "you're welcome".

    Next time you need to push your way off the subway, you can use these handy phrases.

    Tags: ATWTI, video

    ATWTI 5: Thank You & You're Welcome Newbie


    In this lesson, we teach you how to say "Thank you" as well as all the different ways to be polite and courteous and say "You're Welcome".

    Remember to click on the practice tab on the website for extra lessons to really boost your level.

    Tags: video, polite, manners, thanking

    Nope, You Cannot! Newbie

    I'm sure we have all pestered our parents asking them "can I do this?" or "can I do that?".

    In today's Newbie Mandarin lesson you will learn a really useful and highly repeated phrase for saying you can or cannot do something.

    In Chinese there are about 3 ways to say can, and in today's lesson we focus on the one that is used when asking for permission. For example, when asking if you can use the toilet, or if you can eat and drink on the subway.

    After the lesson you will be confident in knowing when to use which "can" word.

    Tags: video, can

    The Three De's: 的/得/地 Qing Wen


    Today we look at some of the most common characters in the Chinese language: 的 (HSK1), 得 (HSK2), and, 地 (HSK3).

    These little particles show up in almost every sentence in Chinese, and act to modify them in some way. However, because they are all pronounced the same (de), it can be very confusing for students.

    In this video lesson, we attempt to explain the difference by using lots of example sentences and pretty little color-coded graphics. Take you time with this one, or watch chapter by chapter.


    Tags: video, particles, grammar

    Time Word Tips P1: 上 and 下 Qing Wen


    When I first started learning Chinese, I got super confused about how time works in Chinese. Why is next week "under week" and last month "up month." It was only once Fiona taught me this handy tip that I finally understood.

    Tags: video, month, week, time

    How to Use 了: Action Complete Qing Wen


    Today we attempt to tackle the often asked question on how to use the seemingly simple character, 了(le).

    了 (le) has many uses but in this first video we look at the "Action Complete 了”.

    Tune in next week for the next episode.

    Check out Chinese Grammar Wiki for even more examples.

    Tags: le, grammar, video

    Road Rage Chinese Qing Wen


    Today we teach what other's won't! How to conquer your road rage by using mild to strong language.

    Road rage is a common symptom for drivers, especially if you live in a place which has questionable driving standards.

    Have you ever wanted to speak your mind, but weren't able to? We teach some great ways to vent your anger and speak your mind.

    Be warned though! Some of these curse words could get you in a fight...

    Tags: pedestrian, road rage, swearing, cussing, angry, driving, video

    Introduce Your Name Like a Native Qing Wen

    Many thanks to Character Pop for letting us use screenshots from their lovely website. We encourage you to get a free account, and start exploding some characters♥♥ Some more examples: (Use the Zhongwen extension to see the pinyin) 姓刘,文刀刘 姓朱,撇未朱 姓杨,木易杨 姓陈,耳东陈 姓徐,双人徐 姓林,双木林 姓沈,沈阳的沈 姓钱,金钱的钱 姓丁,甲乙丙丁的丁 姓章,文章的章 姓曹,曹操的曹 姓周,周瑜的周

    Tags: video, introductions, name

    Pokemon Go Upper Intermediate


    Today we're taking on the controversial topic of Pokemon Go. Learn the names for popular Pokemon, hear about the stampede in Beitou, and hear some pro's and con's about the game.

    For another video lesson with some Pokemon in it, click here.

    Tags: App, games, pokemon, video

    Assembling IKEA Furniture Upper Intermediate

    For the last four hours, you've been wandering around the furniture store, looking at the latest in Swedish design. Now that you've settled on the unpronounceable book case, it's time to bring it home and put it together. And that's where the fun begins! In today's Chinese podcast, you'll learn the Mandarin that will let you build the bookshelf of your dreams. ChinesePod gives you all the tools you need to attain fluency.

    Tags: family, home, assemble, do-it-yourself, DIY, furniture, IKEA

    网红经济 Internet Celebrity Advanced



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