Say It Right Series

    Ghosts & Mythical


    Do you love ghost stories and tales of the mythical as much as we do? This playlist includes Chinese ghosts, zombies, mythical characters and divine creatures.

    A Ghost Outside Newbie

    With Halloween making its marketing inroads to modern China, the ghosts are sure to follow. Turn out the lights, shine a flashlight on your face and get spooky, with some ghost stories in Mandarin. Listen to this podcast and learn some shivers-up-the-spine Chinese words to help you.

    Tags: holidays

    Zombies: Deader than Ever Intermediate

    Who knew that the dead could be so lively? In today's Chinese lesson, you'll learn about zombies and their disgusting habits. Learning Mandarin has never been creepier.

    Tags: zombies, movies, horror, scary, corpse, dead

    The Water Ghosts of Ghost Month Intermediate

    It's Ghost month so you best not go swimming late at night, or even whistle! Listen to the lesson to find out more about the superstitions and traditions surrounding this festival.

    Tags: ghost, tradition, festivals

    Chatting on the Moon Upper Intermediate

    Listen to a dialogue between the two Chinese folklore characters Chang'E and Wu Gang. Learn about Chinese mythology as well as some useful smalltalk.

    Tags: festivals, Chinese mythology, video, video lesson

    中国鬼节 Advanced


    Tags: festivals, culture

    妈妈在哪里? Advanced


    Tags: feelings

    中西僵尸比一比 Advanced


    Tags: walking dead, werewolf, vampire, chinese zombie, zombies

    【唐诗】嫦娥 Advanced


    Tags: video lesson, poem, Chinese mythology, video