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    Going To The Doctor


    Does the thought of using your Chinese at the doctors stress you out? Well, fear not! We have a wide range of lessons with some very useful language that you can use when you go see your doctor. From the common cold to an STI checkup. We've got the language you need to keep you going during your check up.

    Going to the Doctor Elementary

    A big house full of needles, beds with restraints and gloves that are lubed for a reason and you still think “winging it” at the hospital will get you by? For those less confident, it’s Dr. Ken and Nurse Jenny to the rescue, in a Mandarin Chinese lesson on visiting the man who didn’t attend eight years of medical school to be called “xiansheng”.

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    Visiting the Hospital with a Fever Intermediate

    With all the talk of swine flue and quarantine this year, we don't blame you if you don't want to rush to the hospital every time you run a fever. If you do go to the hospital for a check-up though (in China doctor's visits happen at hospitals, not at private practices) then today's lesson will teach you all about registering at the front desk.

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    Flu Vaccination Intermediate

    It's that time of year, and a flu vaccination is probably a good idea. In this lesson, we follow a fearless child and her mother into the doctor's office to get a flu shot. Learn all the essential vocabulary you'll need to get a vaccination, as well as the super-useful question, "are you afraid of pain?"

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    Sprained Ankle Intermediate

    Have you ever twisted your ankle? Learn how to discuss aches and pains, twists and sprains in today's lesson all about these physical ailments.

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    Getting a Sexual Health Check-up Intermediate

    Getting a sexual health check-up is an important thing you should do regularly if you are sexually active. Getting a check-up in a foreign country can be particularly stressful since you don't know any of the language or know who to ask for help. In this lesson we teach you some useful tips to get around this fear as well as some advice on what you might encounter during an STD/STI examination in the East. You probably won't find this lesson in any textbook, and it's not the kind of topic you will probably ask your language exchange partner, but fear not, We have you covered so that you stay clean and healthy.
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    Pulling Out Wisdom Teeth Intermediate

    At some point in your life it's likely that you'll need to get your wisdom teeth extracted. This can be a frightening prospect, especially for those that already dislike sitting in the dentist's chair. Listen to today's lesson and learn useful dentistry related vocabulary including the words for anaesthetic.

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    Fix My Cold Upper Intermediate

    When the seasons change, it's quite possibly that you will come down with a seasonal cold. Listen to today's dialogue between a doctor and patient as she describes her various symptoms to him.

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    医疗纠纷(上) Advanced


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    医疗纠纷(下) Advanced


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