Say It Right Series

    Gym & Working Out


    A playlist for all those fellow fitness buffs out there! We have prepared a range of lesson - from the gym, to general exercise and some food based lessons. This playlist will give you a great start if you want to talk about the gym, working out or fitness in Chinese.

    Too Fat Newbie

    Finally, a place where to be fat is to be glorious. So, next time your friend tells you've gotten fat since coming to China, don't start looking for some fad no-rice carbo diet. Bask in all your paunchy grandeur. You've come to the right place! Listen to this podcast, to learn how to talk fat with the rest of them, in Mandarin Chinese.

    Tags: health, appearance

    Workout Frequency at the Gym Elementary

    Gym rats love to be told that their efforts are noticed, and they may just want to share how often they work out. Even if working out is not your thing, this lesson has you covered. So start learning the Chinese to talk about gyms now!

    Tags: time, sports, gym

    Do You Have Swimming Cap? Elementary

    When the summer heat just gets to be too much, a dip in the local pool may be just what you need. Will you need to bring a swimming cap? In this lesson, hear why one man thinks he doesn't need one.

    Tags: gym, swimming, sports

    Touch Your Toes Elementary

    Take a deep breath and learn some useful Chinese for your yoga lesson. Packed full of useful anatomy terms and prepositions, this class should prepare you well for your next class, whether it be yoga, or Chinese.

    Tags: gym, stretching, exercise, Yoga

    Massage Therapy Elementary

    "LaoWise” is a ChinesePod series aimed at aiding expats in China. She might be all of 5’2” and 50 – but those knuckles dig deep into the arch of your foot and you can either put on a brave face or tell her it feels like tiny hammers… In this podcast, we’ll teach you how to say “a little harder”, or the more likely to be used “a little lighter” in Mandarin Chinese.

    Tags: therapy, massage, health, LaoWise

    Discussing a Work Out Plan Intermediate

    Get in shape with today's intermediate ChinesePod lesson. We'll join a new gym member as they work with their personal fitness trainer to tailor a specialized workout plan to their own needs. Note: listening to this podcast is NOT an acceptable substitute for real exercise!

    Tags: gym, sports, health

    The New Gym on the Block Intermediate

    Before committing to a gym membership, you will want to get all the facts about the facilities. In this lesson, listen to a conversation on the street between a salesperson and a potential client to see if this new gym on the block is worth the investment.

    Tags: gym, sports

    A Morning Run or An Evening Run? Intermediate

    Does your exercise program include running? Running has many health benefits, but the question is, is it better to run in the morning or in the evening? Listen in as two friends make plans to run together.

    Tags: schedule, working out, sports

    Buying Exercise Equipment Intermediate

    What motivates you to exercise? Is it a brand-new treadmill or elliptical? In this lesson learn about an innovative way to stick to your exercise routine and at the same time keep your Mandarin in shape.

    Tags: diet, gym, working out

    Going to the Gym Intermediate

    Quick! Name another great thing about ChinesePod. That’s right! You can listen anywhere – taxi, home, or even the gym! What’s that, you say? You’d love nothing more than a lesson on “working out?” Well, we love nothing more than you, so consider it done. In this podcast, learn to talk about weight training, yoga and much more, all in Mandarin Chinese.

    Tags: hobbies, health

    Organic Food Intermediate

    Organic food has been available in most supermarkets in places like the US for a while now. Over the last five years China has experienced a boom in this industry. Despite the growing popularity and availability of organic produce in local supermarkets, a lot of people are still unclear on just what makes food organic. Find out by tuning in to today's lesson!

    Tags: pollution, health, food, organic food, vegetables

    Hitting the Gym Upper Intermediate

    Hitting the gym isn't just about losing weight or getting stronger, It's also a great stress relieving activity. If you're not interested in getting on the running machine, there are plenty of classes for all tastes. Listen in as two friends bump into one another outside the gym and discuss the pro's and cons of her gym.

    Tags: fitness, health, gym

    Calisthenics Upper Intermediate

    You may be so busy studying Chinese that your exercise program has gone the way of the rickshaw. Don't wait until the situation degenerates to the point of your robust belly drawing comparisons to a piece of tofu. Listen to this podcast, and learn in Mandarin about exercise programs to suit everyone out there. Heck, you could even try the rickshaw, it's great for trimming love handles.

    Tags: hobbies, health, appearance

    Personal Trainer Upper Intermediate

    You look like a Tang beauty, but your ideal is more like Bruce Lee. Time to hit the gym with a personal trainer. Today's podcast will teach you the ins and outs of physical training, in Mandarin Chinese. ChinesePod wants to UP!

    Tags: exercise, wellness, personal trainer, coach, gym, working out, fitness, health