Say It Right Series

    I Love Spicy Food


    Do you love Sichuanese dishes? Or do you avoid spicy food like the plague? Either way, this food based playlist will give you the language you need to to talk about spicy food in Chinese.

    Is it Spicy? Newbie

    Chinese food is well known for its variety, and one of those variable factors is spiciness. In this Chinese lesson, learn how to clearly ask if something is spicy or not. Just don't complain to us if you can't handle the heat!

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    Hungry Traveler: Hunan Elementary

    Some cuisines should come with a fire marshall's warning. Not to fear, a cup of hot tea will be standing by to quell the flames. In this new series, we visit the red hot pastures of Hunan province--the spicy province living in the shadow of better known big brother Sichuan. You'll love or loathe us for introducing you to the food of this region. Listen to this podcast then get yourself to a restaurant.

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    I Can't Handle Spicy Food Elementary

    Known for some of the spiciest flavours in all of China, Sichuan cuisine is known thought the world for it's amazing dishes. But if you have any friends that are not too keen on spice, then it's probably not wise to bring them along.

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    Hungry Traveler: Sichuan Elementary

    We call it Szechuan, they call it Sichuan. Does Ants on a Tree really come with ants? Was it just a novelty dish? All just a joke on the American public? Well, now is your chance to find out. Learn about the Chinese cuisine embraced the world over: the hot and spicy Sichuan. And while you're at it, add a few more dishes to your ordering repertoire.

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    April Fool's Elementary

    Being a new language student, everyday can feel like Fool's Day, so think of today as a day to celebrate fools. Take your turn laughing at someone else. Pull the worst fool-causing prank you can, and spend the next year reliving it during those moments of Mandarin learning mortification. In this podcast, we help, with the ole not-so-original but oh-so-easy-to-pull-off Chinese 'hot-sauce-in-your-food' prank.

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    How spicy? Elementary

    When your mouth is on fire and the only thing within reach with which to douse the flames is a tiny cup of hot tea, you had better be wise enough to take precautionary measures. In this lesson, learn how to avoid the potentially high cost of mouth skin grafts, and take control of your oral inferno, in Mandarin Chinese. (Recommended follow up lesson: "Thirsty for Water"...)

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    Hot Pot Chitchat Intermediate

    Now that it's cold out, sitting around a boiling pot of broth for hours on end doesn't seem like such a bad idea. On the contrary! It is a very appealing style of eating (which also accounts for the long lines at hot pot restaurants all over town right now). Learn how to talk hot pot in today's delicious ChinesePod lesson!

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