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    Want to make your Chinese friends or colleagues laugh? Check out this list of jokes Chinese jokes. Be mindful of those tones, else you might ruin the punch line!

    Snake's New Necklace Elementary

    Snake's got a new necklace. Hilarity ensues. Well, kind of...

    Tags: joke, animals, snake

    Telling a Joke in Chinese Elementary

    In today's Chinese lesson we will learn a joke. Now, we can't guarantee that you'll laugh out loud (lol), but we can guarantee that you'll learn lots of useful Chinese after learning this short and simple joke.

    The joke is based on the logic of family names, so you'll learn some useful language for talking about family, and the naming of children.

    It's a great pun to try out next time you're eating with friends, perhaps at the big Chinese New Year meal.

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    Tags: family name, joke, siblings, children

    Funny Rice Elementary

    Today we're looking at a classic Chinese joke. The Chinese language is full of homonyms, which we can use to humorous effect. Special note: today's joke is actually funnier as a Dada wordplay in English.

    Tags: funny, wordplay, pun, joke

    Papa Snake and Baby Snake Intermediate

    Get ready to roll in the aisles, Poddies. Well, slither maybe. It's a joke about two snakes!

    Tags: snake, joke, story, animals

    A Joke about Noodles Elementary

    Prepare yourselves poddies for a rather dry joke with anthropomorphic foods named Noodles and Steamed Bun. We hope it will be a lesson to make you bowl over with laughter. If it doesn't, we promise we'll stick a fork in it. Also, be sure to check out the new task feature below, ChinesePod's newest way to enrich your learning experience along with fellow poddies!

    Tags: fight, food, joke

    A Convenient Misunderstanding Intermediate

    For foreigners, the road of Chinese learning is paved with mistakes and misinterpretations. In this lesson, we hear the tragically funny story of a foreigner who finds himself inconvenienced by the many meanings of the word 'convenient' (方便).

    Tags: joke, polite, dining, language, culture

    A Leggy Joke Intermediate

    You know you've reached a certain level of language proficiency when you can crack jokes with ease in the target language. For those of you who may be nervous about attempting such a feat (or who just don't know any good jokes!), ChinesePod is here to help with a joke from our own personal archives. Be sure to let us know how the joke is received by all of your Chinese friends!

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    中西方幽默 Advanced


    Tags: humor, sarcasm, satire, joke