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    Kung Fu


    Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting! Check out the ChinesePod curated playlist of lessons discussing Chinese Martial Arts, knows collectively as Kung Fu (Gōng Fū in pinyin).

    Practicing Kung Fu Elementary

    You don't have to know much Chinese to get started with your all-Chinese kung fu lessons; in fact, you don't have to know any. A little language prep will save you some trouble, however. For example, is it "kung fu" or "wushu?" Learn the answer to that in this lesson, as well as the words and phrases you'll need to start those basic kicking and punching drills.

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    Chinese Celebrity: Bruce Lee Elementary

    With Bosnia erecting their own tribute to Hong Kong’s “Little Dragon”, we wanted to do the same. In this podcast, Ken and Jenny (mainland celebrities in their own minds) give you the scoop in Mandarin Chinese…good for you, but annoying for us, as this means Ken spends the rest of the day whacking interns with his nun chucks.

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    Chinese Kung Fu Beijing Standard Time

    One of the most recognizable aspects of Chinese culture that is recognized the world over is Chinese Wu Shu (martial arts), popularized by such talented film stars as Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. In this lesson, Greg and David get into some of the basic principles of Wu Shu as well as some important figures in the Wu Shu tradition, both ancient and recent. Listen in and enjoy the show! If you're hungering for more martial arts, check out ChinesePod's awesome lessons about practicing kung fu and visiting the Shaolin Temple!

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    Is China Scary? Upper Intermediate

    A dragon is rising in the East. All around, curious faces wait to see whether it will roar or sing. In today's Chinese lesson, we'll look at some different perspectives on the rise of modern China.

    Tags: propaganda, myth, nationalism, belief

    Saved by the Gong: Tai Chi Upper Intermediate

    Did you think only boring, old people did Tai Chi? Think again! This meditative, graceful series of exercises is popular inside and outside China, with learners young and old. Listen to this Mandarin podcast to find out more about the ancient Chinese art of Tai Chi. And check out this video for demonstrations and explanations.

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    功夫之王 Advanced


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