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    Lao Wang's Office


    A new office can be a tough environment to get used to, but with our Lao Wang's Office Series Course, you'll have everything you need to survive and thrive in the rat race. Lessons focus on high-frequency office language and situations office workers are likely to encounter. Upon completion, learners will be able to comfortably interact with coworkers and superiors in an professional office setting.

    Lao Wang's Office 1: A New Manager Intermediate

    You spend more time with them than your wife, best friend, children combined. You love them, you hate them, you want to kill them, yet you kiss them drunk at the annual Christmas party. They are your office mates. Office politics, office parties, office romance... there's no escaping the drama. Get some more of it here, in a Chinese office you won't soon forget.

    Tags: home and office, jobs, professions

    Lao Wang's Office 2: Welcome to the Team Intermediate

    We revisit the office of Wang in this episode. Today, a new player arrives on the office scene. In this podcast, come along on an office tour and learn what all the departments are in Chinese. Along the way, get some office introductions and insights into the culture of a Chinese office, in Mandarin.

    Tags: jobs, introductions, business

    Lao Wang's Office 3: A Call for Innovation Intermediate

    We know our friendly little boss is eager to please, and in this episode of Wang's Office, the call goes out for 'innovation!' Listen in and find out what interesting forms that takes with our quirky boss, and learn some vocabulary in Mandarin Chinese to use when exercising your own boss management skills.

    Tags: home and office, computers, business

    Lao Wang's Office 4: Communication in the Office Intermediate

    Someone has been home alone reading some self-help books and seems to have found himself a new mission in life. Communication is the game. The new manager is his name. Much to the chagrin of Manager Wang, listen to the podcast and learn seventeen thousand habits of highly effective communicators from none other than the man himself, in Chinese.

    Tags: professions, communications, home and office

    Lao Wang's Office 5: Wang Tries to Excel at the Office Intermediate

    Join us today for Manager Wang's Excel-lent Adventure. Has he found his calling in life? A way to finally show up that wretched new man about the office? Learn along in Chinese as Wang rolls up his sleeves and tries his hand at the computer--making an Excel worksheet, specifically--and in the process charts, boxes and calculates his way into another awkward office moment.

    Tags: boss, chart, Excel, office

    Lao Wang's Office 6: Up-and-Comer in the Office Intermediate

    Today's podcast is about office politics: reciprocal back-stabbing, currying of favor, awkward encounters in the bathroom. Will young whipper-snapper Wu Gang or aging warhorse Lao Wang emerge triumphant? Chat with your boss in Mandarin Chinese, and watch your career take off.

    Tags: promotion, boss, jobs, career

    Lao Wang's Office 7: A Firing Afoot? Intermediate

    In these tough economic times, scheming to keep your job (or get someone else's) is a high art. The level of intrigue in Wang's Office would've impressed the eunuchs in the old Forbidden City. To keep up with the latest comings and goings, you'll need to listen to today's Chinese podcast.

    Tags: boss, work, office, office politics

    Lao Wang's Office 8: Trimming the Fat at the Office Intermediate

    After all you've done for them, they kick you to the curb! In today's podcast, learn how to deal with being fired in Chinese. Tough luck, Charlie-- your squid just got fried.

    Tags: office politics, work, jobs, office, Lao Wang

    Lao Wang's Office 9: Wang Plans Revenge Intermediate

    Like Nanjing salty duck, revenge is a dish best served cold. In today's podcast, follow Lao Wang as he plots against his old company, and learn some Mandarin Chinese as well.

    Tags: work, career, jobs, business

    Lao Wang's Office 10: Lao Wang Plans to Sue Intermediate

    If there's anything more fun than going to court, we've never done it. In today's podcast, learn how to take 'em to the cleaners, in Mandarin Chinese!

    Tags: business, jobs, Lao Wang, court, law, lawyer

    Lao Wang's Office 11: Wang in the Doghouse Intermediate

    Poor Lao Wang just can't get a break. No sooner does he get fired than his old lady gets on his case. Listen to today's Chinese lesson to learn about the pain of domestic strife in Mandarin.

    Tags: money, argument, home, family, wife, husbands, Lao Wang

    Lao Wang's Office 12: A Dodgy Opportunity Intermediate

    Everyone's favorite lovable lug, Lao Wang, is in another tight spot. He's out of work and on the outs with his wife. But wait! Is an old friend offering to help? Or is something more sinister going on? Tune in to this exciting Mandarin podcast and learn how to talk meaningfully about the underworld in Chinese.

    Tags: risk, deal, friends, organized crime, crime, business

    Lao Wang's Office 13: Wang Meets the Big Boss Intermediate

    Do you get anxious at the thought of your boss? Imagine if your boss ran a criminal syndicate! In today's Chinese podcast, the ever-diligent Lao Wang finally meets his employer. To learn how to introduce yourself to the boss in Mandarin Chinese, please listen to this exciting podcast.

    Tags: risk, deal, business

    Lao Wang's Office 14: The Finale Intermediate

    We've followed the intrepid Lao Wang through good times and bad. Now, let's watch his final exchange (in Chinese, naturally) with his long-suffering wife. Today's Mandarin podcast has a few surprises-- don't miss it!

    Tags: murder, making plans, Lao Wang, crime, accounting