Say It Right Series

    Lili & Zhang Liang


    The language of love can be one of the trickiest things to learn (in any language), so we're here to help with our relationships series following Lili and Zhang . Follow their courtship and relationship from meeting to getting serious as you learn helpful vocabulary and phrasing. Upon completion, learners will have an enhanced vocabulary as well as deeper cultural knowledge of Chinese relationships and the language that accompanies them.

    Lili and Zhang Liang 1: A Fated Meeting Intermediate

    It’s the classic (21st century, Chinese) love tale: a couple meets online (QQ, most likely), start talking (BBS, no doubt) and then meet in person for the first time. If we could spell the word “serendipitous” we’d use it here. Witness it all in the form of a podcast depicting one of those (a little awkward) first meetings, in Mandarin Chinese.

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    Lili and Zhang Liang 2: Growing Affections Intermediate

    No matter where/who you are, the “laying it on thick” stage of the (almost) relationship is the same in any language. So how does boyfriend-to-be Zhang Liang fare in the “Mr. Lover-lover” department? We’ll leave that analysis up to you… hotcakes. In this podcast, follow along and learn how to sweet-talk in Mandarin Chinese.

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    Lili and Zhang Liang 3: The Jealous Friend Intermediate

    The “lucky color” red doesn’t go well with green--especially when the latter is brought on by a fit of jealousy. Catching up with girlfriend/boyfriend Chen Li and Zhang Liang, we find out that there’s a (tiny) possessive side to one of Chen Li’s friends. Better start writing that diary in code! In this podcast, follow along on a dinner party gone wrong, in Mandarin Chinese.

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    Lili and Zhang Liang 4: Lovers' Spat Intermediate

    Granted, it’s difficult (even for us) to differentiate a “normal talk” from an “upset talk,” but we can tell you that an occasional spat takes place. What over? It rhymes with “shopping”. In this lesson, Zhang Liang and Chen Li get a bit heated in a classic boy-meets-girl at the shopping mall. Just what you always wanted, to learn how to argue in Mandarin Chinese!

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    Lili and Zhang Liang 5: Love Letter Intermediate

    Catching back up with Zhang Liang and Chen Li, we find them in a much better position, romantic-wise… as someone wrote someone else a love letter. So good is this lesson, in fact, that we’re in talks of launching “Tian of Our Lives”. In this podcast, learn to use Mandarin Chinese to express your devotion to the one you love.

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    Lili and Zhang Liang 6: An Old Flame Intermediate

    Will the drama never end (let’s hope not, as we like crafting these lessons)? Catching up with Lili, who recently ran into an old “friend” (doing quite well for himself), is making our old pal Zhang Liang a bit worried… but with good reason? You’ll only know if you listen… Listen to this podcast and hear about a chance meeting, in Mandarin Chinese.

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    Lili and Zhang Liang 7: A Guy's Advice on Women Intermediate

    Will the drama never end? (We secretly hope not, as it makes for great lessons). Catching up with Zhang Liang and Chen Li, this time Zhang’s worried that Lili is becoming a bit too interested in her successful ex and decides to go to his “bro” for advice. In this podcast, here a man’s take on women, in Mandarin Chinese.

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    Lili and Zhang Liang 8: Scheming Girls Intermediate

    Meddle, meddle, meddle… It wouldn’t be an office place if it didn’t have girls playing “love doctor.” In the latest installment of our on-going story, Lili’s jealous friend finds out one of her friends is Zhang Liang’s co-worker and finds him attractive. Does Cupid carry a Chinese passport? In this podcast, listen in and learn some scheming in Mandarin Chinese.

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    Lili and Zhang Liang 9: The Come-on Intermediate

    Call it pheromones, call it female ambitions, call it what you want… but Lili’s friend finally “busts a move” on Zhang Liang one late night at work. In this podcast, listen in to some serious flirting in Mandarin Chinese. Saucy? Oh – you betcha.

    Tags: relationships, home and office, personality

    Lili and Zhang Liang 10: The Other Woman Intermediate

    Well, well… what do we have here? A modern-day “Harold & Maude,” that’s what. Just as Zhang Liang is having doubts about Lili, he finds himself after hours with an attractive female co-worker. Sound spicy? Wait till you hear who catches them! Oohhhhhh, ChinesePod, the Sichuan food of Mandarin Chinese podcasts!

    Tags: feelings, relationships, home and office

    Lili and Zhang Liang 11: Confiding in a Conniving Friend Intermediate

    Did you ever pour your heart out to a friend, only to discover you were playing right into that friend’s insidious master plan which would leave you broken-hearted and miserable? (Yeah, we hate it when that happens too.) Fortunately in this podcast it’s our friend Lili that’s getting duped – not us! Yes, it’s time to learn about some Chinese girl-to-girl deception, and pick up some Mandarin along the way.

    Tags: relationships, home and office, feelings

    Lili and Zhang Liang 12: The Breakup Intermediate

    Who knew it could all end up like this? In this podcast, could it really be possible that our friends Lili and Zhang Liang will part ways? Or can they work it out? Listen in and hear what a breakup sounds like in Mandarin Chinese. Love hurts. However, look on the bright side--you will finally be able to understand what all those Chinese ballads you sing at karaoke are saying.

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    Lili and Zhang Liang 13: A Dad Gives Advice to a Broken-Hearted Son Intermediate

    Last time we heard from our friend Zhang Liang he was in the heat of a messy breakup. But who’s there to help him pick up the pieces but good ‘ole dad. In this podcast, listen in and learn some of dad’s words of (attempted) comfort in Mandarin Chinese, as he tries to cheer up a wretched Zhang Liang.

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    Lili and Zhang Liang 14: Seeking Comfort Intermediate

    What will our friend Lili do now that she has broken up with Zhang Liang? Run into the arms of a conniving friend? or show up on the doorstep of an internet millionaire? That is for you to find out in this podcast, wherein Lili seeks comfort and you will learn how to give some--in Mandarin Chinese.

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    Lili and Zhang Liang 15: Uncomfortable Encounter in a Bar Intermediate

    It's an awkward part of life, and those in melodramatic serialized fiction are certainly not exempt from the agonizing drama of running into an old ex. It's Zhang Liang's bad luck today when the poor sod runs into Lili and Liu Xiang in a bar. Listen in as things turn ugly and personal for our two lovelorn friends, and learn a little Chinese "lover trash talk" (that we hope you'll never have to use, of course) along the way.

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    Lili and Zhang Liang 16: It's Over Intermediate

    No self-respecting soap opera would be complete without a teary farewell. It's been a long and winding road, but the inevitable time has come for our two lovers to part company. So go and get that box of kleenex and that pink teddy bear that keeps you company through the difficult times, and listen in to this podcast, as Zhang Liang and Lili reminisce over the good times and bad, and we all learn how to move on, in Mandarin Chinese.

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    Lili and Zhang Liang 17: It's Over (Again) Intermediate

    In the spirit of "Choose Your Own Adventure" 1980s pre-teen novels, we revisit Zhang Liang and Lili and rewrite history with a "Choose Your Own Breakup" lesson in Mandarin Chinese. Everyone knows these things don't always end prettily, so, in tribute to all the girls (or guys) you've loved before, listen in and choose your preferred ending to this story of star-crossed lovers.

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