Say It Right Series

    Love Tangle


    This series follows the life of a young couple as they battle through the challenges of work, finances and infidelity. You will learn the real language of home and relationships and get a glimpse of important moral issues in modern China.

    Love Tangle 1: A Suspicious Text Message Upper Intermediate

    Today we've got a Chinese domestic dispute. Listen to this podcast and learn how to talk about infidelity in Chinese. Mr. Shen thinks his wife might be cheating on him. But is she? Only one thing's for sure: They can't go on together with suspicious minds.

    Tags: cheating, infidelity, fight, wife, husbands, divorce, mystery, lover, love, affair

    Love Tangle 2: A Lover Returns Upper Intermediate

    Today's Mandarin podcast tells the saucy tale of a beautiful young lady and her gallant suitor. In this lesson, you'll learn the Chinese you need to talk about burning passions and secret liaisons. The road to romantic bliss is curvy, indeed.

    Tags: romance, adultery, affair, lover, love, marriage

    Love Tangle 3: One Night Stand Upper Intermediate

    Today's Mandarin Chinese podcast is a steamy one. Tune in to learn more about Mr. Shen and his lovely co-worker, Yangyang. Have things gone too far? Will their illicit relationship destroy them both? All this and more, in this alarming Chinese lesson.

    Tags: sex, affair, romance, lover, love

    Love Tangle 4: Baby Plans Upper Intermediate

    In part 4 of this sordid tale, we feel a bit of the tension as an unfaithful couple reunites under one roof. No admissions of guilt yet, but the household gender roles are as strong as ever. Learn about this social issue through Shen Jiawei and Lulu's tangled web.

    Tags: fight, responsibility, cheating, family, adultery

    Love Tangle 5: The Mistress Upper Intermediate

    Just when you thought that Lulu and Shen Jiawei had put their past indiscretions behind them - Yangyang re-asserts herself as that hot and spicy flame of temptation. For your addictive dose of extra-marital affairs, deception, feigned innocence and saucy love triangles go ahead and listen to today's Mandarin podcast.

    Tags: relationships, sex, lover, affair

    Love Tangle 6: The Pregnant Wife Upper Intermediate

    It's the newest installation of our Love Tangle series. Lulu is pregnant - and thinking about what to get the baby. She starts to ask questions about shenanigans at the office. Will Jiawei be able to play it cool?

    Tags: pregnancy, love, relationships, family

    Love Tangle 7: The Mistress Returns Upper Intermediate

    Things continue to get more complicated as Yangyang shows up, out of the blue, from her studies abroad. How will Shen react now that he's expecting a child with his wife? Tune in to today's show to find out how the drama unfolds!

    Tags: romance, love, relationships

    Love Tangle 8: The Good Husband Upper Intermediate

    Lulu has a little accident today, forcing Mr. Shen to re-evaluate his priorities. Does he work too much? Is he available for his child? Find out how the couple handles this drama in today's episode of Love Tangle.

    Tags: relationships, family, pregnancy

    Love Tangle 9: The Divorce Upper Intermediate

    Tune in today to hear the thrilling conclusion to the series Love Tangle. We don't want to spoil the ending - all we'll say is that you might not have seen this one coming!

    Tags: marriage, fight, pregnancy, family, love