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    Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节


    The Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节 (中秋節) is one of the key festivals in the Chinese calendar. The festival is held on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese Han calendar on the night of the full moon between early September to early October.

    Check out this ChinesePod playlist for all our lessons related to the festival so that you can learn all the language and customs you need.

    You might also like this video by Fiona where we try mooncakes.

    Festivals in China Beijing Standard Time

    Have you ever wanted to know more about Chinese festivals? If so, this is the BST for you! In today's show, we put David's claim that China has festivals in every month of the year to the test, covering everything from the Spring Festival to Chinese Valentine's Day to the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival. If we happened to miss any (although we're fairly confident we didn't!), feel free to leave a friendly reminder below along with any other questions or comments you might have. Also, check out some ChinesePod lessons on festivals, including this one on the Mid-Autumn Festival and this one on planning for the Chinese New Year. Finally, have a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

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    Cosmetic Surgery and Mooncakes Dear Amber

    Whether it's double eyelids or taller noses... cosmetic surgery is gaining popularity in China. Today, Dear Amber goes on location to a fluffy pink cosmetic surgery clinic and talks to the doctors about plastic surgery, China-style. And... you've seen them, been gifted them, and wondered what exactly people see in them. To celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival we bring you enlightenment on mooncakes, and what this holiday is all about.


    Your First Mooncake Elementary

    It's called a mooncake, and it's about the size and shape of a hockey puck. If you're in China during the autumn, you just may have the opportunity to partake in this quintessentially Chinese ritual. Learn not only the key vocabulary, but also some of the cultural features as well, such as what makes Taiwan's Mid-Autumn Moon Festival special.

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    A Present for Mid-Autumn Festival Elementary

    Mid-Autumn Festival, which is celebrated every year on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, is a celebration in honour of the moon, and sharing mooncakes is one of the hallmark traditions of this festival. Listen in to today's lesson to see what someone gets for a present on this holiday.

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    Mooncakes for the Staff Intermediate

    Glorified paperweights or delicious traditional Chinese treats? Every autumn, Chinese offices are inundated with mooncakes - sweet, impossibly dense confections made to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival. In this lesson, a boss decides what kind of mooncakes to give his employees.

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    Chatting on the Moon Upper Intermediate

    Listen to a dialogue between the two Chinese folklore characters Chang'E and Wu Gang. Learn about Chinese mythology as well as some useful smalltalk.

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    【唐诗】嫦娥 Advanced


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    《水调歌头·明月几时有》 Media


    来源链接:《水调歌头·明月几时有》赏析 | 《水调歌头·明月几时有》歌曲

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