Say It Right Series



    Movie buffs, a playlist all about cinema and film! From getting your seat at the cinema, to talking about film genres, this playlist will be a great start to get you talking about movies, cinema and film in Chinese.

    Movie Preference Newbie

    What kind of movies do you like watching. Do you prefer romantic comedies, or perhaps sci-fi movies. Listen in to these two friends discuss their favourites.

    Tags: film, cinema, movies

    Movie Theater Jabbering Elementary

    Squawking on the phone, jabbering about plans, discussing plot points - these are just some of the many moments of talking during a movie that are apt to incense other audience members. In this lesson, a couple out on a date draw the wrath of one of their fellow movie goers. Also, be sure to check out the new task feature below, ChinesePod's newest way to enrich your learning experience along with fellow poddies!

    Tags: daily life, cinema, movies

    Finding a Seat at the Movies Elementary

    So you figured out which movie you want to see, you bought the right tickets, and you made it past the concessions area (you might have even picked up some sweet popcorn on the way). Now what? ChinesePod is here to help you find your seat - or ask for help - in Chinese!

    Tags: cinema, seat

    Have You Seen Jurassic World? Intermediate

    Listen to two friends discuss the most recent movie in the Jurassic Park Franchise. This time they're messing with nature even more and considering using the dinosaurs for ulterior means.

    Tags: dinosaurs, film, movies

    Movie Time! Intermediate

    The daily grind getting you down? Take a break and go see a movie! China and Taiwan both have great directing talent, from both art house to movie blockbusters, but you need to decide on which film and to buy tickets first and this lesson will teach you the necessary vocabulary.

    Tags: film, New Year

    Films and Book Genres Qing Wen

    We often get asked about how to say different types of movie and literary genre. Just like in English, there are just so many, so today we give you a taste of some of these. Like in English, many of these genres can be paired together to form their own category of movie.

    Let us know in the comments about all the other genres you like reading and watching.

    Tags: genre, cinema, books, film, movies, video

    Superhero Movies Upper Intermediate

    Superhero movies are all the rage in Hollywood these days, raking in billions of dollars in revenues. However, not everyone is so keen on them. Listen to this dialogue as two friends debate whether or not to go see the newest superhero offering.

    Tags: movies, stars, hero, Hollywood