Say It Right Series

    Not Feeling Well


    Food poisoning, catching a cold, having a terrible migraine are just some of the lovely topics covered in this playlist. It's important to know how to express yourself in Chinese when you are not feeling well. Perhaps a friend or colleague is feeling well either? Learn how to express how you are feeling and also how console someone that is feeling poorly in this 不舒服 playlist.

    Do you have a cold? Newbie

    Flu season is upon us. Don your surgical mask, get jacked up on Vitamin C, and embrace obsessive-compulsive disorder in any form that involves non-stop hand sterilization. Someone's a-sneezing and if you don't watch out, it's gonna be you. In this lesson, learn to discern if that sneezer is a harbinger of colds to come, in Chinese.

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    Calling in Sick for School Elementary

    Little Zhang Tiantian isn't feeling well today. As a result, Tiantian's mom calls Teacher Li at the kindergarten to get Tiantian excused from school. Learn how to call in sick in this lesson!

    Tags: kindergarten, leaving, sick

    Migraine Intermediate

    If you've ever experienced a migraine attack you know that it is pure agony. Defined by a throbbing headache, usually emanating from one side of the head, often accompanied by nausea and disturbed vision. Listen in as one co-worker cares for another.

    Tags: migraine, headache, health, sick

    Dad's Got a Cold Intermediate

    The weather has got much colder and this father has caught a cold taking his two kids to the seaside. As any loving father would do, he has lent his jacket to them, and in the process caught the most dreadful of colds. Listen to his story and feel bad for him.

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    Food Poisoning Intermediate

    Chinese cuisine boasts some of the most varied and tasty dishes in the world. But if you're new to this land, there's a good chance you'll experience the darker side of Chinese food as well: food poisoning. And you know what happens when you get food poisoning, right? Then you know what we're learning in this Chinese lesson.

    Tags: medicine, health, body parts, poisoning, food

    Take Some Medicine Intermediate

    Now, we all know when we get the flu, there’s nothing we like more than to do a little whining about it. In this podcast you will learn how to tell someone who cares about your sore throat and headache, using Mandarin Chinese. And when you do, there will be no shortage of friends sure to want to bring you some nice Chinese medicine. Open up!

    Tags: medicine, health

    Fix My Cold Upper Intermediate

    When the seasons change, it's quite possibly that you will come down with a seasonal cold. Listen to today's dialogue between a doctor and patient as she describes her various symptoms to him.

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