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    Online Shopping


    Isn't online shopping wonderful? It gives you the freedom to browse the world's products from the comfort of your own home. However, online shopping can be a bit intimidating in a place where there is no You have to navigate confusing Chinese web-pages and figure out confusing credit-card payments and delivery methods. Check out this playlist where you'll learn some useful ways to navigate the world of online shopping.

    Online Shopping Help Elementary

    We're sure many of our subscribers, tech-savvy or not, have experienced the joys of shopping online. In today's lesson, learn about one of China's biggest online shopping site, Taobao, in addition to learning how to discuss buying things online in Mandarin.

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    Online Bidding Elementary

    Bridge Lesson: Ele>Int Sometimes companies or events release a product or some tickets online for a limited time only. During those few minutes you have to be logged on and ready to buy otherwise you'll be bitterly disappointed. Listen as two friends try and place bids to get the thing they've been wanting for ages.

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    Online Group Shopping Intermediate

    Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Singles Day in China are now huge shopping events. It is particularly common in The East to group together with friends or co-workers to bulk-buy certain products online and get a better price. Tune in and learn all about it.

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    Receiving a Package for a Friend Intermediate

    E-commerce is big in China. Not a day goes by at offices throughout the Middle Kingdom without someone receiving a package of something that they've bought online. And while toting your goodies home with you is okay, ordering stuff directly to your house by far the most convenient. But will you be home to receive it? In this lesson, someone tries to get their friend to receive their package for them, a task that might prove infinitely more difficult than it sounds...

    Tags: online shopping, package, delivery

    Adventures of an Andy Lau Fan on Taobao Upper Intermediate

    Everyone in China is doing it, so it's time we informed our users more about buying stuff on Taobao, the Chinese conqueror of eBay. Today's lesson delves into the shady underworld of obsessed fans. (Remember, ChinesePod takes no responsibility for any stinky shoes you may encounter in your online shopping adventures.)

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    Online Shopping Upper Intermediate

    Having enough stores to service 1.3 billion people is one thing, having same 1.3 billion people crammed in a frenzied mall on a Saturday afternoon leads to other logistical challenges. Solution? Whether you want to buy a used wedding dress, a kidney, or Britney's gum for $263 American dollars, learn how to shop online in Mandarin. In this podcast, buy low sell high and enjoy the quietude of Chinese internet shopping.

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    11.11 Singles Day Upper Intermediate

    Listen to two colleagues chat about Singles Day, a holiday that started off as an online joke, but turned into one of the biggest shopping days of the year.

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    Buying Goods from Abroad Online Upper Intermediate

    There's an endless number of reasons for purchasing goods from abroad online: trying to avoid jacked up prices on imported goods, distrust of products produced by local companies, or just really, really, really wanting that pair of shoes that is inexplicably absent from every Nike store in Shanghai. In this case, it's two mothers discussing the option of buying baby formula outside the country and shipping it in. Learn all about this phenomenon in today's upper intermediate lesson.

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