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    Qing Wen - Culture - Beginner


    Qing Wen is one of our most popular and long-running shows on ChinesePod. We take questions from our community and turn them into helpful audio and video lessons.
    Here is a selection of beginner Qing Wen lessons curated by a Chinese teacher. They all focus on questions relating to culture in some way.

    Saying Sorry Qing Wen

    In this edition of Qing Wen, we unapologetically address the issue of apologizing in Chinese. Listen in, as 对不起 (duìbuqǐ) takes on 不好意思 (bù hǎoyìsi)... the results will be sure to placate those around you... and give you the upper hand on apologizing in Chinese.


    Name-Calling, Chinese-Style Qing Wen

    In this edition of Qing Wen, we take a break from all our language talk for some light-hearted jabs. Yes, that's right, where else could you find out how to spice up your Chinese with some good old-fashioned name-calling! Listen in, and learn how to be the king of the playground, in Mandarin!


    你好 (Nǐhǎo) is a Many-Splendored Thing Qing Wen

    You thought saying hello was just saying hello? Oh no! On this week's Qing Wen we take you back to basics. Listen and learn about all the intricacies of greeting in Chinese.


    It's Not Hard to Say Goodbye Qing Wen

    We're not ready to say goodbye yet on Qing Wen, but as a sequel to last week's lesson on hellos, we bring you farewells. Listen in and learn the language and culture of goodbyes, in Chinese!


    Most Frequently Asked Question in China Qing Wen

    This week, we address a question that faces foreigners in China every day, being: Where are you from?! This question comes in many forms, and today on Qing Wen we'll introduce some of them for you, as well as how to respond!


    Addressing People Qing Wen

    There are a lot of people here. They all have names. In this edition of Qing Wen, learn an essential tool for dodging name-forgetting embarrassment. But, more importantly, learn an essential part of interacting with Chinese people young and old. That is, the many-varied ways of properly addressing people. Listen in and learn how to keep everyone straight.


    Good, Bad and Otherwise Qing Wen

    Today on Qing Wen we help you move above and beyond your usual one word answers... and expand your vocabulary when responding to the age old query, '怎么样 (Zěnmeyàng)?' Listen in, and learn to express everything from being on top of the world to the depths of despair, in Chinese.


    Sorry and Thank You Qing Wen

    Today's Qing Wen is about those all-powerful social lubricants: Sorry and Thank You. Learn how they are used in China. Otherwise, you'll be apologizing at funerals, and saying thanks where a nod would do!


    How to Start a Conversation with Chinese People Qing Wen

    Today's Qing Wen is essential for all Chinese learners! If you've ever wanted to know why the heck everyone is asking whether or not you've eaten, or if you want to know culturally appropriate ways to greet people, then check out today's show. They might seem a bit strange at first, but these phrases will help you to be more friendly with neighbors and colleagues in no time.

    Tags: culture, relationships, conversation, questions

    Addressing Women Qing Wen

    Before you even think of striking up a conversation with someone, it's vital to know the correct term of address. Today's Qing Wen will help you avoid many an awkward situation by educating you on how to address girls and women of different ages and statuses.

    Tags: people, women, age

    The Mysteries of Age Qing Wen

    Asking someone their age in China is difficult not just for all of the social reasons that we are accustomed to elsewhere. It becomes more difficult in China as there are many different ways to for talking about age and even two different systems for calculating it. In this lesson, Qing Wen looks to unravel the mysteries of age!

    Tags: age, people, culture

    Introduce Your Name Like a Native Qing Wen

    Many thanks to Character Pop for letting us use screenshots from their lovely website. We encourage you to get a free account, and start exploding some characters♥♥ Some more examples: (Use the Zhongwen extension to see the pinyin) 姓刘,文刀刘 姓朱,撇未朱 姓杨,木易杨 姓陈,耳东陈 姓徐,双人徐 姓林,双木林 姓沈,沈阳的沈 姓钱,金钱的钱 姓丁,甲乙丙丁的丁 姓章,文章的章 姓曹,曹操的曹 姓周,周瑜的周

    Tags: video, introductions, name

    Small Talk Like a Native Qing Wen

    QING WEN 400!! Today we show you some good ways to greet people like a native. Tired of saying 你好, or trying to think of the direct translation for "What's up". We teach you the stuff that we use on a day-to-day basis.

    Tags: greetings, introductions, video