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    Renting an Apartment


    Renting an apartment can be one of the most frustrating things to do in China, but we're here to help with this specialized series. You'll learn essential terms as well as common conversational tricks, all designed to help with your househunting and tenancy. Upon completion, learners will be able to confidently engage in apartment searching and deal with landlords and other tenancy issues with ease.

    Looking for an Apartment in China Beijing Standard Time

    Finding a livable apartment in China can be quite a chore; the market is full of places with peeling paint, layers of dust and hordes of cockroaches. But never fear! The BST team of David, Greg, and Xiaomeng, our other local sound engineer, are here to help out residence-searching newbies like yourself find the apartment of your dreams with minimal stress. Listen in and let us know your own experience finding an apartment in China and some of your own tips for fellow users!

    Additionally, ChinesePod has a fantastic Intermediate lesson series on "Renting an Apartment Through an Agent". Check out the links below!

    Renting an Apartment Through an Agent

    Renting an Apartment Through an Agent, Pt. 2

    Renting an Apartment Through an Agent, Pt. 3

    Renting an Apartment Through an Agent, Pt. 4

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    Renting an Apartment through an Agent Intermediate

    Many people own their own apartments. However for those that rent, it's quite common to do so through a real estate agency. Learn some great language for describing your ideal apartment to an agent in today's lesson.

    Tags: apartment, rent, location

    Renting an Apartment through an Agent, 2 Intermediate

    So you've found your agent, and the agent knows what type of place you're looking for. Now it's time for your potential future landlord to show you around an apartment. In today's lesson, you'll learn the Chinese vocabulary for all the key rooms and furniture, as well as signs that the landlord is kind of stingy. So do you think you'll need some time to think the apartment over? Yeah, we thought so.

    Tags: furniture, electrical appliance, room, agent, renting, apartment

    Renting an Apartment through an Agent 3 Intermediate

    Sometimes you find an apartment you think you can be happy with, but it all comes down to the dealings with the landlord. What is the landlord's attitude like? Willing to replace things? Willing to make other changes? In this lesson, there's just a bit of friction. Learn the Chinese to deal with this apartment hunting situation in this lesson.

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    Renting an Apartment through an Agent 4 Intermediate

    After being shown multiple apartments by an agent and dealing with all kinds of grumpy potential landlords, the time has finally come to sign that lease. In this lesson, learn about the payment methods and contracts you'll be dealing with when renting a mainland Chinese apartment.

    Tags: agent, internet, bill, paying, apartment, contract, renting

    Raising the Rent Intermediate

    No one likes to discuss issues of rent with their landlord, but in big cities, especially Shanghai, rising housing costs are often a fact of life. While trying to keep your landlord from raising the rent in China can prove to be a trying task, this lesson will equip you with words and phrases that (we hope!) will help you keep your rent low.

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    Buying a Plasma TV Intermediate

    How much of the Chinese language could you learn if you spent half as much time with ChinesePod as you do with "Neighbors," "COPS," and "MTV"? Television is a brain-washing machine. If you want to kill your soul, watch the boob tube. If you want to learn Chinese, listen to this podcast. ChinesePod is revolutionary, and it is not televised.

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    Getting Satellite TV Intermediate

    For all you TV addicts, you might be relieved to know that in China, too, satellite TV can offer you the hundreds of channels you desire. Sure, they're all pirated, and you'll need to get a new descrambler code every few months, but that's all part of the service and of the "Chinese satellite TV experience." Listen and learn.

    Tags: entertainment, money, channel, TV

    Getting Internet at your Apartment Upper Intermediate

    It may not quite be the internet as you knew it, but something is better than nothing, right? Learn here how to get yourself wired and online in China. Learn in this podcast how to get internet installed, and how to get which connection speed you want, in Mandarin Chinese.

    Tags: home and office, internet, computers

    Designing the New Apartment Upper Intermediate

    Tired of making do with rented apartments designed in ways that don't suit your needs? Well today's ChinesePod lesson will cover the basics for designing your new apartment. Get everything you want (or, as the case may be, everything your spouse wants) in your new place!

    Tags: room, style, renovation, decoration, apartment, design

    Designing the New Apartment 2 Upper Intermediate

    You've designed the apartment of your dreams. You've picked out furniture in your mind. Now it's time to get cracking on the details. We're not talking about decorative details here - we're talking about essential, practical details like electrical outlets, plumbing and even where to keep the rice cooker. Join us to learn all of this valuable language in today's ChinesePod lesson!

    Tags: electrical appliance, renovation, design, decoration, apartment

    Designing the New Apartment 3 Upper Intermediate

    Today we have part three of our designing the new apartment series. In this show, our very busy couple talks about some design concerns with workers in the new apartment. Learn all about design and negotiating decisions in this helpful lesson!

    Tags: wallpaper, paint, fengshui, colors, renovation, design, decoration, apartment

    Designing the New Apartment 4 Upper Intermediate

    Today we're continuing with our series about designing a new apartment. Many of the basics have been covered, but now it's time to get the details taken care of. In this podcast learn how to talk about getting internet installed. There's so much left to do! Find out how this couple handles the chaos of getting all the work done on their new place!

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