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    Sports & Exercise


    Do you love a morning run? Do you play a game of basketball or go swimming on the weekends? Check out this playlist if you want to learn how to talk about sports in Chinese. You might want to invited a friend to play a game with you or talk about the marathon you just completed. Lessons of all levels.

    Do You Have Swimming Cap? Elementary

    When the summer heat just gets to be too much, a dip in the local pool may be just what you need. Will you need to bring a swimming cap? In this lesson, hear why one man thinks he doesn't need one.

    Tags: gym, swimming, sports

    Basketball Game Elementary

    It's time to check out a basketball game. In this lesson, learn the word for 'basketball game', and more importantly, how to say you're free to go watch!

    Tags: place, time, students, school, sports, basketball

    Do you have class this afternoon? Elementary

    Chinese class is over and it's time to have some fun. In this lesson, learn how to talk about getting out of class, telling time and playing sports.

    Tags: school, studying, classroom, time, sports

    Participating in a Marathon Intermediate

    Stretch out those legs. It's time to go for a run, and a long one at that! In this lesson, ChinesePod talks about the Shanghai Marathon!

    Tags: health, competition, sports

    A Morning Run or An Evening Run? Intermediate

    Does your exercise program include running? Running has many health benefits, but the question is, is it better to run in the morning or in the evening? Listen in as two friends make plans to run together.

    Tags: schedule, working out, sports

    Sprained Ankle Intermediate

    Have you ever twisted your ankle? Learn how to discuss aches and pains, twists and sprains in today's lesson all about these physical ailments.

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    Tags: sports, injury

    Three Time Champions Intermediate

    Do you still continue to support your high school or university sports team? Listen to two friends supporting their high school basketball team in the national finals and learn plenty of ball game related vocabulary.

    Tags: sports, basketball, date, team

    世界田径赛 Track and Field Advanced

    从古希腊时代就有的田径比赛仍然吸引着现代人的目光,除了运动员精彩的表现外,比赛本身所呈现出来的精神也影响着我们,这一课,就让我们来听听人们怎么谈论这古老的比赛。 Photo Credit: Phil Roeder

    Tags: sports, competition

    That NBA Game! 望梅止渴 Advanced


    Photo by Rondo Estrello

    Tags: NBA, sports