Say It Right Series

    Investment & Finance


    This playlist covers both formal and informal language you may need when talking about investing and finance in Chinese.

    A Financial Consultant Intermediate

    What does a financial consultant exactly do? This is a question posed in today's lesson along with the answer from the expert. Learn how to talk about money management in Chinese so you can either give or get good financial advice.

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    Personal Finances Intermediate

    The end of the year is coming and so are annual bonuses. But what to do with that big chunk of cash? In this lesson, a husband and wife talk about their investment options.

    Tags: finance, economy, investment, money

    Interviews: Obama or Romney? Upper Intermediate

    Today people across America will be going to the polls to decide on a new president for the next four years. Will it be Obama or Romney? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, people across the world will be watching to see who will be leading this powerful nation in the future, and China is no exception. In this lesson, follow a news reporter as people on the street are interviewed about what they think about the US presidential election.

    Tags: interview, Obama

    Private vs. Public Placement Upper Intermediate

    There are many and varied ways of investing and it is a common topic of conversation among friends and colleagues. Where do you look for investment advice in a constantly changing economic climate? In today's lesson, we listen in to the word on the street regarding investments.

    Tags: finance, investment

    逢低买进 Advanced


    Tags: investment, gold, video

    理财 Advanced


    Tags: fund, insurance, investment, stock market, economy

    选股策略 Advanced

    还记得上一堂课提到的选股专家“孙太”吗?这一课我们特地做了一篇“前传”来让大家听听她的选股策略,除此之外,还要让大家听听怎么用中文在一般社交场合上赞美别人。 In last week's lesson we heard how the stock market drastically changed the life of “孙太” and how he vowed never to return to the stock exchange again. In today's prequel we hear what “孙太” was like before the event and learn how to use flattery in Chinese to get the answers you want from someone and how to politely decline someone's questions.

    Tags: stock market, asking questions

    中国人在国外买房子 Advanced


    Tags: house, investment