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    Love & Romance


    Want to learn some romantic phrases in Chinese? Want more vocabulary to talk about relationships? Well, we have the playlist for you! This playlist covers a range of language from saying "I miss you", to asking some to marry you and everything else in between.

    Valentine's Day Gift Newbie

    It is common workplace knowledge that the reason Rian the Intern took a long sabbatical a few months back was because he was so deeply touched by “Love, Actually” that he got back into poetry. So this podcast is for him--and everyone else who still believes in the power of love-- an oh-so-special Mandarin Chinese lesson on Valentine’s Day gift-giving.


    Yang Jie's Diary: The Final Episode Elementary

    All good stories have to come to an end, including the saga of our friend Yang Jie. She kinda got sick of writing, as diary-keepers usually do. Plus, we were starting to feel like creeps, slinking into her room every night to sneak a peek. In this podcast, find out how things turn out for Yang Jie and co-stars. How do you say in Chinese: "She's not that into you..."

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    Valentine's Special Elementary

    Love is in the air at ChinesePod. Or maybe that smell is from the river beside our office. Anyway, today's lesson on Valentine's Day will teach you to speak the language of love: Mandarin Chinese.

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    Valentine's Day Elementary

    Wo ai ni. I love you. I mean it. Look at these flowers i bought you, and these chocolates. And this card... it is a Hallmark day after all. Nothing says i love you like a lesson about Valentine's Day. After all... the Chinese celebrate not one, not two, but THREE Valentine's Days. And who said Mandarin wasn't the language of love?

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    Will you Marry Me? Intermediate

    The biggest question you'll ever answer is not "Do you wanna take this outside, buddy?" or "Does this dress make me look fat?" It's "will you marry me?" In today's podcast, learn how to answer in Mandarin Chinese. And if you just can't get enough lunar representation, check out John's blog for a detailed look at this classic song .

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    I MISS YOU! 想念、怀念、思念 Qing Wen

    Thanks to nkchew33 and veronique21 for the suggestion to make this video discussing the differences between

    想念 xiǎngniàn 怀念 huái niàn 思念 sīniàn

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    Love Across the Class Divide? Upper Intermediate

    Today we hear two people discuss a recently published article about a Shanghai girl who broke up with her boyfriend after visiting his family home for Chinese New Year. Why did they break up? Because she thought his family was too poor. Despite this article having been fabricated, this issue is still common. Does making money change your value system, and can love win over these socio-economic divides? Listen to the different arguments in today's class. Photo by Tim Green

    Tags: wealth, money, relationships, girlfriend, boyfriend, society

    Long Distance Relationships Upper Intermediate

    Learn how to talk about long distance relationships in today's video lesson. (Click CC for Chinese subtitles) For a Qing Wen about 彼此 and 互相,check here

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    情书 Advanced


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