Say It Right Series



    Sharpen your marketing Chinese. This playlist includes a wide range of topics including advertising trends, describing graphs, presentation language and other interesting and useful business terms you might need if you are talking about marketing in Chinese.

    What Kind of Ad? Intermediate

    In the information age, advertisers have a hard time figuring out how to get people to know about their products. TV? Radio? Online? Print? What works? In this lesson, some Chinese advertisers discuss the different ways to sell their newest product.

    Tags: media, cosmetics, business, marketing, meeting, advertising, office

    Discussing Graphs Intermediate

    Graphs, charts, diagrams, tables... if you're in a white-collar office environment, chances are you're going to be discussing these kinds of figures on a regular basis. Today's dialogue features two employees preparing for a daily meeting. Learn how to talk about trends, sales figures, quarters and other business terms in this intermediate lesson.

    Tags: office, work, business, meeting

    Lao Wang's Office 6: Up-and-Comer in the Office Intermediate

    Today's podcast is about office politics: reciprocal back-stabbing, currying of favor, awkward encounters in the bathroom. Will young whipper-snapper Wu Gang or aging warhorse Lao Wang emerge triumphant? Chat with your boss in Mandarin Chinese, and watch your career take off.

    Tags: promotion, boss, jobs, career

    Market Research 2: Management Report Upper Intermediate

    So the consumer survey on the potential motorhome market in China has been conducted, and now it's time to present the results to the boss. This lesson, part 2 in an ongoing series, covers the key language for discussing marketing segments in a business setting.

    Tags: marketing, business, travel, research

    Market Research 3: Assessing the Competition Upper Intermediate

    In part three of this series, some serious research has been done on the motor home market in China. We're talking market share, we're talking core competitive advantages, we're talking high-end markets and low-end markets. Learn some of this very important marketing speak in this Chinese lesson.

    Tags: marketing, business

    A Difference of Opinion Upper Intermediate

    It's bound to happen sooner or later. There's a difference of opinion at your workplace. Learn how to tactfully but firmly state your case in Chinese!

    Tags: business, meeting

    Presentation on Trends Upper Intermediate

    Presentation on ChinesePod trends: our poddies' Mandarin skills have been marked by a sharp rising aspect. Statistics show that our Chinese learners are cool, and the pie-chart reveals that ChinesePod podcasts make you even cooler... So, listen to this podcast, and get ready to flaunt whatchya got at your next boring business meeting.

    Tags: home and office, business

    Discussing Internet Marketing and Sales (Part 1) Upper Intermediate

    Pop up ads are the bane of any web surfers existence. However, what are companies supposed to do to reach their clients? In this lesson, listen as two car company executives discuss the direction for their company in 2013, and what sales and marketing options are open to them in the internet age. Get ready to brush up on your Chinese sales and marketing speak!

    Tags: meeting, marketing, online

    Growth Despite The Trend Upper Intermediate

    Growing in an economic downturn in no easy task, however, this company has not only gone against the trend, they are activity thriving. Tune in for an inspiring interview where we hear the PR manager talk about the company's vision, philosophy, marketing strategy and learn lots key terms for business and marketing.

    Tags: speech, business, expo

    Advertisements These Days! Upper Intermediate

    Learn to talk about marketing and advertising terms in Chinese. Listen to a couple exploring their views on recent advertising tactics and what they feel about advertising in general.

    Tags: lifestyle, car, advertising