Say It Right Series

    Pets 宠物


    This playlists starts with the basic terms you need to know for talking about your furry friends in Chinese. We have language that you might need if you accidentally lose your dog or want to bring a pet into china. We also discuss tougher topics like the culling of stray dogs and somewhat lighter topics like dog breeds. This playlist also includes lessons on cats and birds. If you love your pet and want to talk about the topic in Chinese, this is the playlist for you!

    Cats Are Cool Elementary

    We at ChinesePod are vaguely aware that some people like cats better than dogs. While we don't apologize for our various dog-themed lessons, we're happy to throw you cat lovers a (fish)bone. Listen to this lesson to learn how to deal with the irrational cat-haters of this world in Mandarin Chinese.

    Tags: cat, pets, dogs, raising, names

    A Call Fur Action Elementary

    In springtime, pets start shedding, leaving a hairy trail of destruction in their wake. What to do? Find out the answer in this lesson!

    Tags: housework, cleaning, pets

    Walking the Bird Intermediate

    You can walk a dog, and maybe even a cat, but did you know you can walk a bird? This lesson will familiarize you with this Chinese habit, as well as the other responsibilities that come with raising a Chinese bird.

    Tags: cleaning, culture, raising, pets, bird

    Lost Dog Intermediate

    Xiao Fido! Xiao Fido! Where are you?! In this lesson, someone has lost their dog and is out asking the neighbors if they've seen it. Learn how to describe your pets and how to put up a notice if you've lost one!

    Tags: features, dogs

    Buying a Guard Dog Intermediate

    Man's best friend, and a burglars worst nightmare. In today's lesson, listen to a man wanting to protect his house by buying a guard dog. ✌

    Tags: safety, dogs

    Dog Breeds Intermediate

    Dog lovers claim that there's a breed of dog suitable for just about everyone. In this lesson, two dog lovers chat about their favorite breeds while deciding what kind of dog they want to raise.

    Tags: animals, appearance, pets, dogs

    Culling Stray Dogs Intermediate

    Bridge Lesson: Int>UpInt Today we discuss a news article about a government order to cull stray dogs. Listen to some of the arguments for and against this issue.

    Tags: bridge lesson, bridge, government, cat, pets, dogs

    Bringing Pets into China Upper Intermediate

    Maybe you showed up in China with nothing more than the clothes on your back and a sense of adventure, but some people bring a lot more... including pets. If you need to bring your furry friend to the Middle Kingdom, there are just a few procedures you need to be aware of. Learn about them in this lesson!

    Tags: policy, government, health, pets

    喵星人 Advanced

    养猫的人常被称为"猫奴",因为他们对待猫咪的态度常常超出一个人对宠物应该有的限度,但看到可爱的猫咪,又让人觉得猫奴们的一切行为也不算太不正常了。你是爱猫的人,还是觉得猫奴不可理喻的人呢?来听听今天课程里的猫奴,如何爱他的猫咪吧。 喵星人 Outtakes (Animal Noises mp3)

    Tags: cat