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    This playlist is packed full of interesting language, expressions, ideas and topics for those that are interested in politics. This playlist covers both domestic and international issues, as well as a few fictional political dramas. We look at contemporary political issues and also explore some ancient Chinese political philosophy. You're going to be a pro at talking about politics in Chinese!

    Party Dues Intermediate

    The Communist Party is everywhere in China, although its presence isn't always immediately obvious. One good example is the number of people in China who officially belong to the Communist Party. There are a lot more than you'd think, and just about anybody could be a Party member. But how does one join? Find out in this lesson!

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    Views on the News Upper Intermediate

    “CCTV” is all the news here – not the “When Russell Crowe Goes Bad” type of CCTV, but the actual conglomerate of news stations. If you live here, you’ll learn to love it… well, most of it (read: Dashan adverts). So how about a newsworthy lesson in Mandarin Chinese on viewing habits? In this podcast, you’ll learn to talk about the tube, as well as learn how to talk about some current events in Mandarin Chinese.

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    1949 Upper Intermediate

    1949 was a big year for the P.R.C., but we’d be cheating if we told you why. In this podcast, you’ll take a walk down off of The Wall for a bit and look into Chinese history as China liberates herself, and takes on a new ruling party. In this lesson, you will learn some monumental historical happenings in China, and how to talk about them in Mandarin Chinese.

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    U.S. Healthcare Reforms Upper Intermediate

    Often referred to as ObamaCare, this healthcare bill was created to reform long-standing problems with the U.S. healthcare system. Listen to a discussion of this bill's objectives and challenges, at the same time keeping your Mandarin healthy!

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    Election Candidates Upper Intermediate

    Perhaps the upcoming 2008 presidential race in the United States could be made into the next TV reality show. It's got it all--the drama, the coifed blow-dries, the race around the country, the back-biting, the scandals, the slick acting, the lies and deceit, the slow elimination of the charismatically-not-quite-cutting-it... and of course the fetching winner who prevails over all. In this podcast, learn more about all this hoopla, in Mandarin Chinese.

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    Interviews: Obama or Romney? Upper Intermediate

    Today people across America will be going to the polls to decide on a new president for the next four years. Will it be Obama or Romney? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, people across the world will be watching to see who will be leading this powerful nation in the future, and China is no exception. In this lesson, follow a news reporter as people on the street are interviewed about what they think about the US presidential election.

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    Who Are You Voting For? Upper Intermediate

    Election day is upon us! Who are you going to vote for? The candidate with the conservative foreign policy, the liberal candidate with the innovative education policies, or the front runner with the bold domestic policies?

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    中国领导人访美 Advanced


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    单独二胎 Advanced


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    失言风波 Advanced

    日常生活的沟通上,说错话、表错情总是会带来不少麻烦,而政府官员、公众人物的言谈,更是会被放大检视。中国有句俗话说 “言者无心,听者有意” 就把这种因言语而产生的误会表达得很透彻。今天的课程里,就让我们来看看,政治人物说错话时,到底该怎么替自己 “圆一圆”?又会引起人民什么样的反应呢?

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    孔子拜访老子 2:小国寡民 Advanced


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    小国寡民 Advanced



    学而优则仕 Advanced

    古时候学问高的人地位就高,在现代社会,人们对读书人似乎不一定有那么大的信心与期望了。学历高,有知识的人就应该做领导人吗?我们借由 “学而优则仕” 这句成语来讨论自古至今华人对读书人,对商人的一些看法以及对“成功”这条路的一些期望。

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    习马会 Xi-Ma Meeting Advanced


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