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    Qing Wen - Vocab - Advanced


    Qing Wen is one of our most popular and long-running shows on ChinesePod. We take questions from our community and turn them into helpful audio and video lessons.
    Here is a selection of advanced Qing Wen lessons curated by a Chinese teacher. They all focus on questions relating to vocaublary in some way.

    No Wonder! Qing Wen

    Today on Qing Wen we learn about the two ways to say 'no wonder' in Chinese! They are 难怪 (nánguài) and 怪不得 (guàibude)! Listen to our examples, and tell people you listen to every Qing Wen. They'll say, 'no wonder your Mandarin is so good!'


    Lucky Duckies Qing Wen

    Today's Qing Wen is all about different ways to talk about good fortune. Chinese love to talk about various forms of luck, and we'll break them down for you. There are more than you might imagine, from "money luck" to "peach blossom luck." Listen to this podcast for the answer to that classic question: Do you feel lucky, punk? Well, do ya?


    About Face! A Multi-faceted Look at 面子 Qing Wen

    Much ink has been spilled in an effort to explain the mysterious idea of "face" to foreigners. Tune in to this Qing Wen as the Gang of Three gets past the hocus-pocus surrounding this social phenomenon.


    Letting go with 放 Qing Wen

    On Today's Qing Wen, we'll talk about an important meaning of the verb 放 (fàng) - to release. What kinds of things can you release? The answers may surprise you.


    Podcast Language 3 Qing Wen

    Have you ever wondered about the little Chinese phrases and magic words that Jenny uses in the podcasts? Then tune in to the final installment of this miniseries as the Shanghai Trio explain all the little particles and expressions that make learning Mandarin on ChinesePod so much fun.


    Finally Qing Wen

    Today, the Shanghai trio are finally going to explain the many ways to say "finally" in Chinese. We'll compare and contrast 终于 (zhōngyú),最终(zuìzhōng),and 总算 (zǒngsuàn.) Learn the appropriate situations in which to use each of these handy words.


    Building, Establishing, and Creating Qing Wen

    If you've been learning Chinese for a little while, you've probably heard a number of words to describe building, establishing, and creating things. In this podcast the Qingwen team helps you set things straight so you'll know how to properly say establish a company, create history, and, of course, build a harmonious society!

    Tags: business, verb, construction, system

    The Opposite and The Unexpected: 相反 and 反而 Qing Wen

    The use of the words 相反 (xiāngfǎn) and 反而 (fǎn'ér) both have something to do with things being counter or counter to something else. And for many of us, their usage seems to defy expectation... until now! In this Qing Wen, we explore the difference in use and meaning between these two words.

    Tags: expectation, directions

    Chengyu By the Numbers (Part 1) Qing Wen

    It's 成语 (chéngyǔ) time! In this two part series, Qing Wen looks at some of the more often used 成语 with numbers in them.

    Tags: numbers, idioms

    Chengyu By the Numbers (Part 2) Qing Wen

    Get ready to brush up on your 成语 (chéngyǔ)! In the second part of this two part series, Qing Wen looks at some of the more often used 成语 with numbers in them.

    Tags: idioms, numbers

    So Many Sayings! Qing Wen

    The number of sayings and fixed phrases in the Chinese language is daunting. However, it's one of the many things about Chinese that makes it such a unique and fascinating language. In this Qing Wen, learn about the five different types of Chinese sayings: 成语(chéngyǔ), 固定说法(gūdìngshuōfǎ), 俗语(súyǔ), 谚语(yànyǔ) and 歇后语(xiēhòuyǔ).

    Tags: sayings

    The Many Meanings of 免:未免,以免,难免,免不了[Video] Qing Wen


    Learn all about avoiding things in this video Qing Wen where we discuss 4 words containing the character 免. The audio quality on this one was a bit poor because the builders were making a racket throughout the day. We'll improve it in time for the next lesson.

    Tags: video

    Women's Day Special Qing Wen

    Happy International Women's Day! Today we celebrate a few of the many women that shaped Chinese history. We look at 6 women from very different backgrounds that challenged the status quo through their actions, whether it be in politics, poetry or who they chose to love. Check out our brief introductions to 武则天 Wu Zetian, 慈禧太后 The Empress Dowager Cixi, 李清照 Li Qingzhao, 卓文君 Zhuo Wenjun, 柳如是 Liu Rushi and 陈圆圆 Chen Yuanyuan.
    Chinese Dynasty Photo

    Tags: video, women, literature, politics, history

    Synonyms for 'Trick' Qing Wen


    In this Upper-Intermediate/Advanced Qing Wen, we discuss the different ways to say "tricks" or "schemes" by looking at sentences using 名堂 (míngtáng),花招(huāzhāo),and 手段 (shǒuduàn).

    Tags: video, tricks, synonyms

    To Use: 实用、运用、应用、采用、适用 Qing Wen


    In this upper-level Qing Wen, we take a deep look at the following words:

    • S: 实用、运用、应用、采用、适用
    • T: 實用、運用、應用、採用、適用
    • P: shíyòng, yùnyòng, yìngyòng, cǎiyòng, shìyòng

    They all contain the character 用 yòng. We hope you find this lesson USEFUL.

    For a lower level video about other words with 用 yòng watch this video: To Use 用 yòng 使用 shǐyòng 利用 lìyòng - QW0407

    Tags: video, grammar, synonyms