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    This Course provides an introduction to the Shanghainese language, the local dialect in Shanghai, China's largest city. You'll learn basic vocabulary and conversation items, with true native speaker pronunciation to guide you.

    An Introduction! Shanghainese

    Today's show is an introduction to our brand new series on Shanghainese. David, Jason and Catherine are exploring the basics: who speaks it, how it's different from Mandarin, and where it can be heard. Join us to learn about this fascinating dialect and maybe even learn a little bit about the city of Shanghai while you're at it!

    Tags: history, Shanghai, Shanghainese

    Haggling Like a Local Shanghainese

    In this, the first installation of ChinesePod's much-anticipated series on Shanghainese, the team jumps right in with some language essential to residents and visitors of this great city. Learn how to bargain like the best of 'em. We'll have you wow-ing the locals in no time!

    Tags: Shanghainese, Shanghai, bargaining, shopping

    Calling People Names Shanghainese

    The old adage says that words can't hurt, but we don't believe it. That being said, an important part of learning any language is learning the bad names people call each other. Today's show covers a few fairly PG-rated phrases, so check it out and learn some colorful Shanghainese!

    Tags: Shanghainese, criticism

    Talking to the Neighbors Shanghainese

    It's common in China to bump into your neighbors in the stairwell or by the mailbox. Sometimes you talk about work or other common events. Find out in today's lesson how to handle these daily exchanges in Shanghainese - you're sure to catch your neighbors' attention with these next time you see them!

    Tags: greetings, neighbor

    Food Flavors, Shanghai Style Shanghainese

    Some places are known for their spicy food (Sichuan, Hunan), others, for their salty food (Dongbei). Shanghai is known for its sweet, oily flavors. Love it or hate it, you're going to want to be able to talk about it should you find yourself in a Shanghai-style restaurant. Learn how to describe flavors in Shangahainese in today's show!

    Tags: taste, food

    Getting Where You Need to Go Shanghainese

    In today's lesson we're covering some essential transportation words. We'll be introducing some great phrases for talking to your cab driver in Shanghainese. We're even covering the local name for a very well-known spot in downtown Shanghai. Want to know which one? Tune in to find out!


    Big Darn Crabs Shanghainese

    In today's lesson we're talking about food again (sorry, we can't help it!). Shanghai is famous for its hairy crab - these little guys are immensely popular and not to be missed when they're in season in the fall months. Tune in to today's show to find out how to talk about these in Shanghainese.

    Tags: restaurant, eating, food, Shanghainese

    Talking Numbers Shanghainese

    As the title of today's lesson promises, the team will be tackling an important aspect of Shanghainese today: numbers. From now on you'll be able to avoid giving clerks at convenience stores blank stares when you're shopping!

    Tags: money, shopping, numbers

    Mahjong with the In-laws Shanghainese

    The clicking and rustling of tiles on a table is a familiar sound to anyone who has ever lived in China. It can mean only one thing: a game of mahjong. In today's Shanghainese lesson, learn how to talk not only about this popular game, but also about family, spouses, and in-laws.

    Tags: in-law, family, games, mah jongg

    Describing a Girlfriend Shanghainese

    Today's show is all about relationships. Well, to be more specific, about planning on having relationships. You'll be learning some, erm, unique adjectives for describing people. Check out this very colorful and very cultural show!

    Tags: Shanghai, Shanghainese, relationships, girlfriend

    Directions to the Metro Shanghainese

    Today we're on the street and we're a little lost... Time to ask for directions! Learn the Shanghainese you'll need to get to the metro station (or, if need be, the nearest bathroom).

    Tags: bathroom, directions, asking questions, metro

    (W)rapping It All Up Shanghainese

    In this show David, Jason and Catherine are here to say "goodbye" to ChinesePod's series on Shanghainese. They're going to go over some of the great words and phrases that have been covered over the last few weeks. They've also got a surprise for you later on in the show (let's see who's been paying attention). Check it out!

    Tags: Shanghainese, Shanghai