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    The Hungry Traveler


    Food is one the great things about China - there's so much and it's often so cheap! Follow the Hungry Traveler Series as the main character travels through China and savors some of the most celebrated regional cuisines from Sichuan to Shanghai and many places in between. You will have a comprehensive understanding about Chinese food and be able to order the most iconic dishes in the Middle Kingdom.

    Hungry Traveler: Hunan Elementary

    Some cuisines should come with a fire marshall's warning. Not to fear, a cup of hot tea will be standing by to quell the flames. In this new series, we visit the red hot pastures of Hunan province--the spicy province living in the shadow of better known big brother Sichuan. You'll love or loathe us for introducing you to the food of this region. Listen to this podcast then get yourself to a restaurant.

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    Hungry Traveler: Xinjiang Elementary

    One man's meat is another man's poison. In this edition of 'The Hungry Traveler' we journey to the cuisine oft adored by westerners and somewhat spurned by those of a more Shanghai palate. Did you ever think of Chinese food as chewy flatbreads, cumin-crusted kebabs, and spicy curries? Welcome to Xinjiang... the marvelous cuisine that is the best kept culinary secret of China.

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    Hungry Traveler: Hong Kong Elementary

    In another edition of the Hungry Traveler, we find ourselves in HK. The city full of millionaires, movie stars, fast cars, and... food! It's all about the dim sum baby. When you hear that squeaky cart roll by your table, you have to think fast. Decisions... decisions. What culinary delights will our traveler select?

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    Hungry Traveler: Macao Elementary

    When you mix a Portuguese bun with a Chinese egg roll, what do you get? Is there any hope of a compatible union for these two unlikely partners in calories? This edition of the Hungry Traveler takes us to the shores of Macao. The Las Vegas of China, where one can only hope to find all-you-can-eat buffets filled with this kind of fare... Work up an appetite listening to this podcast on the cuisine of Macao.

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    Hungry Traveler: Hainan Elementary

    Our hungry traveler ventures off to the "Hawaii of China" for some much needed R&R. An island resort in China you say? It's true that Hainan's resort destination, Sanya, has flown under the radar to most of the western world, but it has all the requirements of an island getaway. When you tire of the sun, sand, and coconut tree hammocks, a world of seafood and tropical fruit awaits.

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    Hungry Traveler: Sichuan Elementary

    We call it Szechuan, they call it Sichuan. Does Ants on a Tree really come with ants? Was it just a novelty dish? All just a joke on the American public? Well, now is your chance to find out. Learn about the Chinese cuisine embraced the world over: the hot and spicy Sichuan. And while you're at it, add a few more dishes to your ordering repertoire.

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    Hungry Traveler: Beijing Elementary

    Peking, Khanbaliq, Yanjing, Beijing. No matter what you call it, the city is a paradise for foodies. From snacks to banquets, you'll find it here. Get the low down on the foods of Beijing for your listening and eating pleasure, and learn how to say them in Chinese. Are you ready to eat? A capital idea!

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    Hungry Traveler: Hangzhou Elementary

    The city on West Lake is beloved across China for its romantic atmosphere, glorious history, and tasty cuisine. In this podcast, let's take a culinary excursion to the lovely city of Hangzhou.

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    Hungry Traveler: Inner Mongolia Elementary

    In today's podcast, our Hungry Travelers are off to Inner Mongolia. Grab a leg of lamb, and slurp down some milk tea, and learn all about this hearty food in Chinese!

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    Hungry Traveler: Halal Elementary

    China is a country of diverse eating and drinking habits. In today's podcast, you'll learn how to talk in Mandarin about avoiding foods for religious reasons. If you don't dig on swine, this is the lesson for you.

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    Hungry Traveler: Taiwan Elementary

    Taiwan deserves its reputation as Foodie Heaven. In today's podcast, we'll talk in Chinese about some Taiwanese specialties. Learning Mandarin is much more fun on a full stomach.

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    Hungry Traveler: Dongbei Elementary

    Northeastern Chinese are known for their hearty appetites and hilarious accents. In today's Mandarin podcast, let's look at a few specialties from China's northeast. Learn how to talk in Mandarin about the cooking and culture of China's Rustbelt.

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    Hungry Traveler: Shanghai Elementary

    Our Hungry Traveler series is taking us to the Pearl of the Orient today. Join us as we explore some of the delicacies that make Shanghai's food so special. We're covering two essential street-side snacks!

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    Hungry Traveler: Yunnan Elementary

    Today ChinesePod's Hungry Traveller is going to southwest China's Yunnan province. This region's diverse landscapes and ethnic groups are mirrored in its very unique cuisine. Learn about a few of its most famous dishes in this scrumptious show!

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    Measure Words for Food Qing Wen

    In today's Qing Wen, the Shanghai Trio are going food-crazy! We're going to look at a variety of measure words that apply to foods. These include 个, 根, 串 , 块 and 片. How do you talk about a single banana or a bunch of grapes in Chinese? Listen to this Mandarin podcast to find out!