Say It Right Series

    Business 3


    This course features some of the more advanced language and phrasing used in the workplace. You will learn how to deal with salary issues, apply for work visas, negotiate the corporate ladder and much more in ChinesePod's Upper-Intermediate Business Course.

    Job Market for Laowai Upper Intermediate

    Plenty of foreigners come East in pursuit of the finer things in life: tailored clothes, chauffeurs, and pretentious villas. But if you don't have any special skills, you may find job-hunting in China is like panning for gold in the Yellow River-- more silt than gilt. Listen to this podcast, learn Mandarin, and start your job-hunt today!

    Tags: competition, opportunity, money

    Interview with the Boss Upper Intermediate

    The clammy handshake... the subsequent perspiring flush of sweat, the blank mind run through the wringer as the suit across the desk shoots out a machine-gun-like barrage of blank-drawing interrogations. All that's missing are the torture devices and spotlight in your face. Do job interviews terrify you at the best of times? No longer! Because job interviews in Chinese are going to be a whiz, after this lesson. Listen to this podcast, and learn how to charm the pants off of that potential employer, in Mandarin Chinese.

    Tags: professions, jobs, business

    New Employee in the Office Upper Intermediate

    When there's a new employee in the office, someone has to show them around and show them the ropes. In this "Intermediate to Upper Intermediate" transitional Chinese lesson, learn some of the basic words and expressions used in such a situation.

    Tags: sales, marketing, communications, work, office politics, office, training

    Applying for a Work Visa Upper Intermediate

    "Z Visa," "Alien Employment License," "Foreigner Entry Visa Invitation Letter," "Temporary Residence Permit." If you're not familiar with these terms yet but you want to work in China and handle your own paperwork, this is information you're going to want to study.

    Tags: visa, work

    The Working Hours Policy Upper Intermediate

    Formal Chinese can be a bit tricky at first. In this lesson, your trusty ChinesePod hosts dissect a typical announcement from HR, explaining in everyday terms what that formal language about "flexible work hours" is trying to say.

    Tags: policy, language, time, office, work

    Calculating Salaries Upper Intermediate

    Salaries at home are confusing enough to calculate after taxes, but they're even more confusing when you're abroad and have no knowledge of local rates and labor laws! Today we'll meet one such confused employee wondering why a substantial portion of their pay has been docked. Learn all about calculating salaries after taxes and vacation days in this upper-intermediate lesson.

    Tags: work, salary

    Negotiating a Deadline Upper Intermediate

    So you're working in a Chinese company, and your boss is really piling on the work, with unrealistic deadlines. What are you going to do? In today's lesson, we see how a conscientious translator is able to skillfully talk her manager into extending the deadline. (Yeah, acquiring this skill is going to take some practice!)

    Tags: efficiency, attitude, time, translation, deadline, work

    Phone Call from a Headhunter Upper Intermediate

    Today's upper-intermediate level lesson is essential for anyone trying to improve their ability to discuss marketing and advertising related issues in Chinese. Learn some great industry jargon, as well as the Chinese names of some of the biggest companies in these fields.

    Tags: marketing, business, job interviews, job-hunting, advertising

    Discussing Old Jobs Upper Intermediate

    We hope all of our employed users have perfect jobs that are extremely fun and have great benefits and high salaries. Unfortunately, we have yet to meet someone who has never had a job that they despised. Today's Upper-Intermediate lesson joins three coworkers who have had less than satisfactory jobs in the past. Tune in and learn the invaluable skill of how to complain about previous jobs in Mandarin Chinese!

    Tags: wages, work, jobs

    Presentation on Trends Upper Intermediate

    Presentation on ChinesePod trends: our poddies' Mandarin skills have been marked by a sharp rising aspect. Statistics show that our Chinese learners are cool, and the pie-chart reveals that ChinesePod podcasts make you even cooler... So, listen to this podcast, and get ready to flaunt whatchya got at your next boring business meeting.

    Tags: home and office, business

    Agreement on Exclusive Representation Upper Intermediate

    You've gotten drunk on the baijiu, put in your time at KTV, and now is your chance to finally close the deal. Do you have the Chinese to do it? In this podcast, learn how to secure an exclusive super-duper excellent deal, and all the exciting details that come with the territory. Word of the wise: negotiating drunk is not recommended.

    Tags: agreement, sales, agent, business

    Organizing a Marketing Event Upper Intermediate

    Your company's brand-new kimchee-flavored chocolate has been painstakingly perfected and is ready to hit store shelves. There's just one problem: how are you going to get anyone to buy it? Tune in to today's lesson to hear how the marketing department is planning to introduce the new product to the public.

    Tags: business, marketing, brand

    Motivating a Team Upper Intermediate

    It can be difficult motivating a team. So what do you do when enthusiasm among your employees reaches an all-time low? Just fire the whole lot of them and start over? In this lesson, a wise HR manager tells us that there is another way. Listen in to this Chinese lesson to find out what it is.

    Tags: activities, work, employee, business

    Product Localization Upper Intermediate

    So many companies dream of selling their products to China's billion consumers. But selling to China means localizing for China, and not just any product is going to sell. Listen in on the thoughts of a real marketing manager for some perspective on how it's done.

    Tags: marketing, company, consumers, product, business

    Sales Localization Upper Intermediate

    You didn't think that localization stopped at the product, did you? The interview series with real-life marketing manager Kay continues in this lesson, where localization of sales model is explored, using the familiar example of Dell.

    Tags: company, marketing, sales, economy, business

    Management Localization Upper Intermediate

    In this Chinese lesson, ChinesePod marketing manager Kay rounds off her three-point localization list with point number three: localizing management. Did you know that managers in China have to worry about issues like mooncakes and hongbao? Learn about it here.

    Tags: management, law, culture, customs, marketing, business

    Starting a Company in China Upper Intermediate

    The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in China. Whether it's expats opening a company, or local Chinese doing the same, the waiting periods, the paperwork, and the registration with different departments can all be a huge headache! Join us at ChinesePod today as we explore some of the terminology that surrounds opening a company in China.

    Tags: legal, business, company, government

    Recognizing an Employee Upper Intermediate

    ChinesePod can attest that late night text messages are not the recommended route to complimenting employees. So, how can you do it (without legal repercussions)? Just listen to this podcast, and learn how to do it using your Mandarin Chinese.

    Tags: people, jobs, business

    Filling a Managerial Position Upper Intermediate

    When a high-level manager departs for greener pastures it's often difficult to find an able replacement. Today's dialogue features a debate between two high-level executives deciding how to fill a recently-vacated managerial position within the company: through making a new hire or an inner promotion. Find out how they decide to act while learning some useful business-related Mandarin vocab in today's upper-intermediate lesson.

    Tags: employee, work, business

    Budget Meeting Upper Intermediate

    This Mandarin podcast is about every company's most beloved ritual. Casual Fridays? Water-cooler gossip? Nope. It's the budget meeting! Listen and learn how to tighten your belt and trim expenses in Chinese.

    Tags: economy, expense, company, business, meeting, budget

    Firing Someone Upper Intermediate

    It's never easy to fire someone, even if you have ample reason to do so. This lesson demonstrates the Chinese way of laying out the facts leading to that unpleasant decision, in a firm but humane way.

    Tags: contract, policy, performance, attitude, work, firing

    Facing Bankruptcy Upper Intermediate

    It takes a lot of hard work to build a business, but sometimes things go wrong. You may have taken various measures to get the company back on track, but in some cases you just have to consider bankruptcy. In this lesson, learn to discuss this unhappy situation in Chinese.

    Tags: bank, boss, bankruptcy, finance, money, company

    Market Research 1: Consumer Survey Upper Intermediate

    There's a vast market of billions of consumers in China, so companies are clamoring to get their products in the door. But are all products right for China? It may be wise to conduct a little market research before going all in on the Middle Kingdom. This lesson deals with a consumer survey regarding motor homes in China.

    Tags: entertainment, travel, business, marketing

    Market Research 2: Management Report Upper Intermediate

    So the consumer survey on the potential motorhome market in China has been conducted, and now it's time to present the results to the boss. This lesson, part 2 in an ongoing series, covers the key language for discussing marketing segments in a business setting.

    Tags: marketing, business, travel, research

    Market Research 3: Assessing the Competition Upper Intermediate

    In part three of this series, some serious research has been done on the motor home market in China. We're talking market share, we're talking core competitive advantages, we're talking high-end markets and low-end markets. Learn some of this very important marketing speak in this Chinese lesson.

    Tags: marketing, business

    Funny Business Upper Intermediate

    If you've got a lot of dirty money on your hands, how do you get it clean? That's easy-- launder it! Today's Chinese lesson will teach you about the fine art of turning illegal profits into untraceable piles of cash! Learning Mandarin has never been so dodgy!

    Tags: gangs, theft, money, white-collar crime, money laundering, crime

    Funny Business, Part Two Upper Intermediate

    Trusty accountant Xiao Zhao is here again. He's beset on all sides by the forces of corruption. Will he insist on clean book-keeping, or will he dive head-first into a world of fast dealing and greasy palms? Tune in to this Chinese podcast to find out!

    Tags: scheme, plans, business, company, money laundering, corruption

    Funny Business 3 Upper Intermediate

    In today's Chinese podcast, the plot thickens at the dodgiest company in the universe. Lao Wang faces a difficult decision as his accountant turns in his resignation. Learn all the Mandarin you'll need next time you're trapped between a bright young employee and a ruthless boss.

    Tags: threat, business, resign, company, accounting, Lao Wang, money laundering

    Funny Business 4 -- Farewell, Xiao Zhao Upper Intermediate

    Remember Xiao Zhao? He's the diligent accountant at the shadiest company in the galaxy. In today's lesson, we'll say good-bye to this trusty employee. Tune in to this Mandarin podcast and learn how to leave a company with grace and style.

    Tags: work, murder, Lao Wang, accounting, crime

    Funny Business 5 Upper Intermediate

    Today's Chinese lesson is a real nail-biter. The action begins with Xiao Zhao speeding off to his doom. Only Lao Wang can stop the evil schemes of Ms. Du. Will his conscience be his guide? Or will Xiao Zhao meet a bloody death? In today's Mandarin podcast, the thrills just keep coming.

    Tags: money laundering, company, criminal, crime, Lao Wang