HSK Level 5 Vocabulary


Are you a Mandarin Master? The HSK 5 Proficiency Exam is for students who can read Chinese newspapers and magazines, enjoy Chinese films and plays and give a full-length speech in Chinese. You should have mastered 2,500 commonly used words and related grammar patterns. The test consists of Listening Comprehension, Reading Comprehension and Writing. 145 dialogues, covers 83% of the characters in HSK5.

Of 621 characters in HSK 5, 518 are covered here. The 103 characters that aren’t covered are:

For more information on how Edsko picked these lessons, please read his in-depth post in the forum here.

Condoms Elementary

show, shopping

Hawaii Elementary

location, travel

The Dice Game Elementary

Jazz Bar Elementary

jazz, music

Family Life Intermediate

family, culture

Afternoon Tea Intermediate

drink, tea, food, cake

Labor Dispute Intermediate

law, work, office

Movie Time! Intermediate

film, New Year

Boxing Match Intermediate

boxing, sports

Night Cat Intermediate

Cold Noodles Intermediate

food, cooking

The Glory of Labor Upper Intermediate


Donating Remains Upper Intermediate

donation, body

Getting a Haircut Upper Intermediate

hair, bridge, haircut

Autumn Tiger Upper Intermediate

weather, season

Soothe your Sole Upper Intermediate

foot spa, health, TCM