Say It Right Series

    Meetings & Speech


    This playlist includes formal and informal language you may need if you are to attend or speak at a Chinese meeting. It also includes scenarios and language that you might find useful if you find yourself having to formally introduce yourself or give an interview in Chinese.

    Napping in the Meeting Newbie

    So it's another long, boring morning meeting. What's an employee to do? In this Chinese lesson, the boss makes it clear that it's not OK to sleep during the meeting. Learn the key language here.

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    When is the meeting? Newbie

    A time to laugh, a time to cry. A time to go to meetings, a time to die of boredom... If you're going to want someone to give you the time of day, you're going to have to learn how to ask it in Mandarin. So, listen to this podcast and never be late again. A time for Chinese... I swear it's not too late...

    Tags: time, business

    Scheduling a Time Elementary

    That Manager Li is a busy, powerful woman. You can't expect to just pull her aside next to the water cooler; you're going to need to schedule your precious face time with her. In this lesson, learn how to do just that in Mandarin Chinese.

    Tags: meeting, time, work, office, business

    Afternoon Meeting Elementary

    Afternoon meetings are a fact of life in many offices, but in many companies they're on a dangerous collision course with the Chinese "afternoon nap" custom. In this lesson, learn the key Mandarin phrases for reminding others about meetings. As for actually staying awake in that meeting... you're on your own!

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    Holding a Meeting Intermediate

    We know our ChinesePod listeners are all good-looking and successful people. This means that at some point you’ll be chairing a meeting. So can we help? You bet we can! All we ask is that you wear your “ChinesePod RULZ” power tie. Listen to this podcast to learn how to conduct a meeting in Mandarin Chinese.

    Tags: introductions, business

    Preparing for a Meeting Intermediate

    Most companies have regular meetings in which they organize and review activities and goals. If you take part in preparing such meetings, you will definitely benefit from today's lesson, as we listen in to one employee doing just that.

    Tags: office, meeting

    Asking for a Raise Intermediate

    Today's lesson focuses on a conversation between an employee and his boss. Learn the language appropriate for dealing with superiors, and find out how to ask for that raise you've been wanting - in Chinese!

    Tags: manager, salary, contract, performance, work, promotion, raise

    End of CNY Party Intermediate

    The end of year party just got a lot more exciting. First prize in the raffle is a car! Listen to the lesson to find out who wins!

    Tags: competition, Chinese New Year, party

    Exclusive Interview Upper Intermediate

    Listen to an exclusive interview with an award winning design studio and learn useful words and phrases to do with interviews, design and working with clients.

    Tags: art, design, interview

    Self-Introduction Letter Upper Intermediate

    If you're looking for a job in China, it's a good idea to prepare some typical questions you might get asked. It is slightly different in China because the self-introduction letter written by locals often contains a detailed history of not only themselves, work experience, and hobbies, but also their family and where they grew up. Today's lesson is a great template to follow and a good way to prepare for a job interview at a traditional firm. Photo by Flazingo Photos

    Tags: resume, jobs, job-hunting, job interviews

    Growth Despite The Trend Upper Intermediate

    Growing in an economic downturn in no easy task, however, this company has not only gone against the trend, they are activity thriving. Tune in for an inspiring interview where we hear the PR manager talk about the company's vision, philosophy, marketing strategy and learn lots key terms for business and marketing.

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