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Football (Soccer) Elementary

As much as some of us (Yankee) staff would have loved to translate the “gridiron” into Chinese, we cater to the other 98% of the world that calls soccer “football” and turn it into a lesson on football in Mandarin Chinese. In this podcast, Ken (An Irish Beckham) and Jenny (A Chinese Posh) also will throw in discussing other sports and the term “boring” for those that aren’t fanatics.


Marriage and Divorce (original) Newbie

Yes, we realize that the only two things you are ever pronounced in life are “dead” and “man and wife”, but if you think that the 51% split rate is going to sway us from a lesson on the betrothed, then we’d better site irreconcilable differences right now. In this podcast, we unify spoken Mandarin Chinese about marriage/divorce with the English explanation…a match made in the Temple of Heaven. Mazel tov.

marriage, age, divorce

Hobbies: Music Elementary

While “Peking Opera” is the Chinese equivalent of haggis (few really like it, but you kind of have to try it), the rest of the music scene here will always be a conversation piece. In this Mandarin Chinese lesson podcast, Ken and Jenny teach you how to be your own conversation piece: to talk about what you like to do, and what your interests are.

music, hobbies

Apartment Hunting Intermediate

So, you’ve hit the pavement looking for your flat. The real estate agent is suitably impressed with your Chinese, but what happens when he starts talking about all those rooms? Come along on this lesson and have a Mandarin Chinese tour of your potential apartment. Remember, you’ve only just begun…by the time you look at your 52nd apartment, you’ll have all these new words down pat.


Pop Music and Pop Culture Intermediate

The-artist-formerly-known-but-has-since-changed-it-back-so-we-assume-it’s-okay-to-call-him-Prince sang about “Pop Life.” Iggy loved it so much he took it on as his surname. It even inspired a form of candy that still (if mixed with Coca-Cola) will kill you. So why wouldn’t we jump on the “pop” bandwagon and talk about its influence in China? In this podcast, DJ Krazy Ken and Mixmaster Jenny do just that. This lesson will help you learn how to talk about bars, music and what young people in China like to do for fun these days, in Mandarin Chinese.

music, culture

Keeping in Touch Pre Intermediate

Where have you been? Why weren’t you home? I sent you an email, but didn’t hear back…has your email changed?! We know you’re busy studying Mandarin Chinese, but we don’t want you to forget about your old pals. In this podcast, Ken and Jenny (who just want to talk…promise!) have a lesson just for you on staying in touch. Learn about email, phone numbers, and excuses using Chinese!

time, communications, work, office, business

I'm not hungry Newbie

99.9% of us eat Chinese food before ever coming to China. So it should come as no surprise that 99.9% of everything in China revolves around a meal. In this podcast, Ken and Jenny bake up a tasty session on eating, or not, in Mandarin Chinese. In this lesson, you will hear how to invite someone to dinner, and also how to turn down politely, using the oldest excuse in the book.

food, feelings,

Finding a Supermarket Pre Intermediate

You’re more than welcome to visit and eat rice to your hearts content…don’t get us wrong, we love our rice, but there comes a point where if one more thing comes from a paddy, you might go mad in the head. In this podcast, Ken and Jenny spare you from the monotony by giving you a lesson in how to use Mandarin Chinese to ask about the local supermarket situation.

shopping, supermarket, food

Useful Phrases #3 Elementary

What could you use more than some more useful phrases in Mandarin Chinese? Well, even better than that, we’ve got some excellent high-frequency language you will wonder how you ever did without (i.e. Where is the washroom?). Listen in on this podcast, and learn some more important and useful questions and responses in Mandarin Chinese. Alas, who else could you count on to educate you in these sorts of “delicate” matters?


Useful Phrases 2 Newbie

So you’ve moved up into the Basic Level and you’re feeling pretty good about yourself…so good, you ask your non-English speaking Chinese friend how they’re doing. “Well”, they answer in Mandarin, “horse-horse, tiger-tiger”. Make sense to you? Fortunately, it does to Ken and Jenny. In this podcast, they’ll explain that aforementioned phrase, along with many other useful ones to keep in your pocket…just make sure to take them out before putting them in the washing machine.

thanking, greetings

Finding an Apartment Elementary

So you’ve finally made it to China and with what’s left of the money you spent on taking us for “báijiǔ”, you decide to get an apartment overlooking the Summer Palace. Out of reach? Not at all…but you might want to be able to tell the landlord your basics…unless you don’t mind an “Eastern Toilet”. So, listen in to this podcast and learn to talk about the type of apartment you would like, using Mandarin Chinese.

accommodation, apartment, renting

Describing Travels Pre Intermediate

No doubt if you find yourself in this lesson, you plan on doing some traveling in the “Middle Kingdom”. So what better way to take that initial-journey first step than with a conversation about where to go. In this podcast, Ken (travel guy) and Jenny (travel guide) walk you through it. This lesson will help you to become versed in some of the highlights of the main cities of China, using, appropriately, Mandarin Chinese. See you soon!

shopping, tourism

Explaining Your Occupation Newbie

“So… what do you do?” While that might sound like a “Singles’ Night” introduction, we mean it… seriously (you should see our faces right now). In this lesson, you will learn how to ask someone what they do, using Mandarin Chinese. And this podcast will also help you to learn how to give a nice sounding response… and so much more.

jobs, business, occupation, work

Business Style Intermediate

Now, back home, an open liquor bottle on your desk might get you a one-way ticket to Palookaville, but in China, a little “báijiǔ” at the end of the meeting is all part of the deal. In this podcast, Ken and Jenny give a lesson about how business gets done in China. You will learn to talk about doing business in Mandarin Chinese, and the dialogue will help you not only learn Chinese, but also learn all about how important a little “guānxi” really is.

relationships, business, work

Discussing Eating Elementary

If “King and Country” are the loves in England, then so are “Mao and Mouth” here in China. In this podcast, Ken and Jenny walk you through a salivating lesson concerning eating in China…and a great dialogue in Mandarin Chinese which leads to the question of whether or not you know how to use chopsticks….which in turn leads to a tale of Ken being cheered on by dozens of strangers in a restaurant. It has to be ChinesePod.

food, ability, chopsticks, restaurant, eating

Celebration Plans and New Year’s Resolutions Upper Intermediate

How did you spend New Year’s last year? Can you even remember? What do you plan to do this year? And what do you plan to never do again? Listen in on this podcast and learn about making plans for a great New Year’s party, as well as some common New Year’s resolutions. Learn how to talk about all this and more, in ChinesePod’s last lesson of 2005.

festivals, health, party

New Year Newbie

When the countdown to midnight begins, you never know who you’re going to be standing next to. In this lesson, learn how to talk about how you plan to spend New Year’s, and also how to wish someone a “Happy New Year” in Mandarin Chinese. Listen to this podcast, and we’ll help you to not be lost for words when you see in the New Year with a Chinese friend.

festivals, New Year, holidays

Which country are you from? Elementary

A long time ago, in a lesson far, far away, we taught you how to explain where you are from in a simple way (the Dallas Cowboys hat pretty much took care of that anyway). But you have since completed that training (thanks to Master Ken and Princess Jenny) and are now ready for a deeper lesson on that subject. In this lesson, you will learn how to talk about which country you are from, and which places you have been to before, using Mandarin Chinese. Where were you born? Why are you here? Where will you go? The answers lie within.

nationalities, questions,

Useful Phrases #1 Newbie

With these basic sentences you’ll be able to sound like a pro even if you only started studying Chinese five minutes ago. In this lesson, learn some high-frequency sentences in Mandarin Chinese that you will find you can use every day in China or with your Chinese friends. Careful with “Wǒ lái fù qián” though – showing off could get you into trouble…


Discussing Work Pre Intermediate

You Freddie Mercury and David Bowie know about being under pressure? Did they ever have to compete with 1.4 billion other people? In this Intermediate lesson, Ken and Jenny take time out of their hectic lives to help you talk about yours. In this podcast, learn how to talk in Mandarin Chinese about pressure at work, salaries and job satisfaction.

jobs, business, work, salary