The Latest Mandarin Chinese Language Lessons

Latest Lessons

Mild Swearing Elementary

Zen might be of Asian design, but it takes a back-seat when someone cuts in line. In this podcast, Ken and Jenny lower their professional integrity by teaching some mild ways of insulting someone in Mandarin Chinese and the importance of never, ever wearing a green hat…ever.


City Comparison Pre Intermediate

It’s been established you like your city, but why exactly? In this podcast, you will learn how to compare two things using Mandarin Chinese; in this case, cities. The more comparisons you can make, the smarter you sound. And the smarter you sound, the more you like us. And the more you like us, the better the Christmas gift we get from you. See how that works?


Taxi Conversations: Destination Newbie

You’ve used the last lesson on taxis to get into a cab (or put your headphones in the ears of an unsuspecting driver), but now what? Let him take you to where he thinks you need to go (read: every tourist spot known to man)? In this podcast, we’ll help you navigate as a Mandarin Chinese speaking back-seat driver. He won’t dare give you the run around.

transportation, taxi, directions, travel

What are your hobbies? (original) Newbie

We finally “bow to the Yao” and teach you how to talk about the sport or hobby you like. In this podcast you will learn how to talk about your hobbies with someone in Mandarin Chinese. And if you’d rather watch than play, this lesson will teach you how to say that as well. Give me a “C”! Give me a “hinesepod”! Hurrah!

sports, hobbies

How YOU doin? Newbie

We can only ignore so many requests for “chat-up lines” until we break…which we did today. In this soon-to-be most popular lesson for our loyal podcast listeners, you will learn some nice compliments in Chinese to endear you to someone you have your eye on; and we will also give you some saucy lines in Mandarin Chinese to use at the pub this weekend…and withdraw from any consequences thereof. (Also included will be “Go away, you arrogant jerk!” Ouch.)


Taxi Conversations: Finding a Taxi Newbie

We assume that, as a beginner, deciphering the schedule for the airport bus might be just a little stressful, so put off breaking into that duty-free you bought for 10 minutes or so and get yourself far, far away from the mayhem that is an Asian airport. In this podcast, you will learn to ask where to catch a taxi, in Mandarin Chinese, as well as some directional words to help you find your way there. Then, sit back and enjoy the ride!

taxi, directions, travel, transportation

Weather, Man Elementary

Boasting 1.4 billion people, needless to say China’s a big place…with many different types of weather. This podcast will not only teach you weather basics in Mandarin Chinese, but also how to plan accordingly. What else are you going to talk about with the driver while heading to work the same time as aforementioned numbers are?


A Correction of Tones Newbie

Mandarin tones got ya down? Perk up! We understand. In today’s podcast, our GM Steve comes in and offers up the wrong tones in Mandarin Chinese, so that you can start hearing the difference, which puts you on your way to correcting others mistakes, which is always an ego stroke.

language, education, tones,

Guess what I'm learning? Newbie

So someone asks you what you've been up to. Be the life of the party and tell them "I've been studying Chinese"…in Mandarin!!! How many cool points awarded to your side? Uber…at least in our book. In this podcast, Ken and Jenny help out in explaining your studies. You will get the chance opine on whether you think studying Chinese is easy or difficult.

language, studies, students

Weekend Warriors Newbie

Now we like mahjong and karaoke as much as the next person, but unless you pay attention to this lesson about what other things people like to do on the weekends, you might just become a compulsive gambler and boozer. In this podcast, learn how to expand your horizons and ask a friend in Mandarin Chinese what they are up to this weekend (aka fishing for an invite).


Long Time No See (original) Newbie

Cliché as it may be, a good “long time no see” does wonders for reconnecting with old “peng you”. In this podcast, we’re going to make you sound more like a local by sharing these tidbits, as well as a cooler way of saying “how are you” as well as “I’m fine” in Mandarin Chinese…we just keep on giving.

greetings, friends

Friends for Dinner Newbie

Not a normal podcast, but one you’ll memorize word-for-word and print out as well. In this podcast, our producer, Aric, abuses his power (which we tell him he has) by stopping by to get his American Chinese menu translated into Mandarin Chinese…use this lesson to get some of these dishes down and impress the entire restaurant back home. Not to mention impress your growing belly.


You Look Exhausted! Pre Intermediate

Now, we’d like to think that all of our listeners are hard-working, diligent employees, putting in 10 hours a day…and even if you’re not, we’ll help you tell someone about those long grueling hours at the office. In this podcast, learn to use Mandarin Chinese to talk about being too busy, and too tired. In this lesson, you will also learn how to tell someone to take a rest. Don’t work too hard (except at learning Mandarin)!

jobs, time

What'll it be? Newbie

Don’t get me wrong, your ability to say “chicken” and “noodles” is gold-star worthy, but if variety is the spice of life, then Chinese food is the spice rack. In this “tantalizing” podcast lesson we’ll help you order some traditional dishes in China in Mandarin Chinese…without looking at that picture menu.


Dialect Party Mix Newbie

Lots of lessons under your belt and you’re feeling a bit sure of yourself these days, so here’s an intro to a few of the 1500 regional dialects here in China to bring you back down to us. In this podcast you will learn a few key phrases in a couple of the major dialects of China. Be nice and we’ll only make you remember a few.

etiquette, food,

Paying the Bill Newbie

You’ve had the Beijing Duck not to mention an ill-advised attempt at eating “chao mian” with chopsticks, and now it’s time to pay. Who gets the bill? The bigger man, that’s who. Save face by expensing it out. In this podcast you will learn how to request the bill in a Chinese restaurant, as well as how to fight over the bill in Mandarin Chinese. We’ll even throw in a bonus “Ai yo”!!! (most versatile word in the Mandarin language).

feelings, restaurant, bill

All in the Family Newbie

Chances are that while you’re pulling out your wallet to buy that “I Climbed The Great Wall” t-shirt, a few photos of the family will show themselves. So we’ll make sure you can tell them you have a sister… unless that traditional tiara is for you. In this podcast you’ll also get the chance to learn this and some more useful sentences for talking about family and people in Mandarin Chinese.

nationalities, relationships, family, location

Colors Newbie

Roses are green, violets are red…it wouldn’t make sense back home, nor would it here, so you’d better familiarize yourself a little with the colors in Chinese. In this podcast, you will learn how to say the different colors in Mandarin Chinese, as well as how to talk about what color something is. Make all your friends “green” with envy.

colors, questions

Good Morning! Newbie

In this lesson, we’ll teach you how to make friends! Or, at least the very first step: greetings. You’ll learn how to greet people in Mandarin Chinese, ask them how they are, and reply when they ask you. Sit back, listen, review and you’ll be able to show off with a few sentences yourself in no time.

greetings, introductions, questions

What's Your Name? Newbie

Yes, it’s easy to point at yourself, say your own name, then point at their chest and make a questioning grunt, but wouldn’t it be great if you could ask for your new friends name in Chinese, and even tell them yours? In today’s podcast lesson, hosts Jenny and Ken teach you a few simple sentences to help you exchange names in Mandarin Chinese.

introductions, daily life