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Latest Lessons

Family Life Intermediate

Never has China been accused of not respecting family. In fact, concepts like moving out of your parents’ house before marriage are still in their infancy. In this podcast, Ken and Jenny teach us about family in Mandarin Chinese, and the roles therein.

family, culture

Too Polite Newbie

The last thing you would want to do is insult your kind host…but where to learn about the do’s and don’ts of Chinese etiquette? In this podcast, Ken and Jenny nicely promenade you through a cultural Mandarin Chinese lesson on Chinese manners. Learn how to be polite—Chinese-style!

etiquette, culture, polite

A Promotion Intermediate

You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t a good, pro-active, self-motivating individual. So we’ll make you a deal. After listening to this lesson, you tell 10 friends about ChinesePod and we’ll tell your boss all of those aforementioned qualities. In this podcast, learn to talk about promotions and getting a raise in Mandarin Chinese. Who knows, maybe with your new found language skills, it'll really happen!

business, actions, jobs, promotion, attitude, performance

What time is it? Newbie

Every once and a while we veer away from our “normal programming” and offer up some lessons on high-frequency phrases in Chinese that you will use everyday. Today happens to be “once” and now is actually “in a while” so grab that “authentic” Rolex you bought near your hotel and join us for a podcast on telling time in Mandarin Chinese.

time, late

Drive faster! Newbie

In the labyrinth of an average Chinese city, it’s easy for the unexpected to happen, and cause you to run a little behind. So now that you’ve found that taxi, how to tell him to put the petal to the medal? Two options: a) Make a “wrrrrooooooommmmmm” sound and stab the air with your index finger b) Pay attention to this lesson on asking the driver to hurry In this podcast, learn how to say you are in a hurry, and how to ask the driver to drive faster (ChinesePod disclaimer: use this Mandarin at your own risk!).


Traditional Chinese Medicine Intermediate

At ChinesePod, we know that part of learning Chinese is getting an introduction to the wonderful world of Chinese medicine. Before we take your pulse and make you stick out your tongue, follow our prescription and listen to this podcast to better acquaint yourself with Chinese medical advice in Mandarin Chinese.

medicine, health, traditional Chinese medicine, TCM, science, throat

Chatting Online Newbie

Remember back in the day (insert nostalgic music here) when a tank of gas cost ya a nickel, “George W” referred to “Washington” and “chatting” was something done face-to-face? In this lesson, we tackle just that (the last one, as none of us drive here and another one of us is from Texas), online chatting. In this podcast learn about getting online and chatting, amongst other hobbies, in Mandarin Chinese.

online, internet, chat

Disliking Others Elementary

We have recently come under attack for being too “puppy dogs and ice cream” (meaning you’ve not heard of the “no eye-contact” rule for our interns), so to prove to you that we are, in fact, bu-bu-bu-bu-bad, we give a lesson in Mandarin Chinese on not liking someone. In this podcast you will learn how to say that you don’t like someone, and get a chance to vent about whats driving you crazy about them.


You Look Nervous Newbie

Fact: There are 1.4 billion people in China. Fact: You don’t read enough to understand the bus schedule Fact: This leaves you with the option of riding a bicycle or hopping on the back of an illegal motorcycle taxi. Fact: You might need to know how to talk about being nervous. In this podcast, Ken and Jenny hold your trembling hand through a lesson on the “shakes”, in Mandarin Chinese.


Shanghai Fashion Intermediate

Granted, the same person that said Shanghai was the “Paris of the East” also said that baijiu was a tasty drink…so we’ll let you decide. Fashion, however, is on the lips of everyone in the area. If you find yourself anywhere in China, Shanghai’s ascent into the ranks of a fashion capital will no doubt be a hot topic. In this podcast, learn to talk about fashion and appearance in Mandarin Chinese.

Dates, numbers

Discussing Loan Repayment Elementary

Now we know we should “neither a borrower nor lender be”. However, we also know that “a friend in need is a friend indeed”. So what are you gonna do when that friend forgets to pay you back? In this podcast, Ken and Jenny talk all about borrowing and teach you how to use Mandarin Chinese to give a friend a friendly reminder to pay up.

time, communications,

Chinese Tea Intermediate

Here is a lesson impressing on you the “Importance of Tea”…you’ll notice we capitalized the “T” there, which should tell you something. Tea is important. You are significant. You talking about tea is vital. You being able to talk about tea in Mandarin Chinese is essential. ChinesePod wants you to be all of those things, because ChinesePod loves you. Listen in to this podcast to learn some different types of Chinese tea.

culture, tea, gifts, girlfriend, parents

Talking about Your Hometown Newbie

No doubt these questions will be among the top 3 you’ll need to memorize…here they are, in no particular order: 1. What’s your name? 2. Where are you from? 3. Have you ever had the pleasure of meeting that clever “laowai” that writes the wonderfully entertaining introductions to ChinesePod? …your name you know, and until we have the pleasure, the only thing left is your ole stompin’ ground. In this podcast, Ken and Jenny talk teach you how to talk about where you call “jiā.”

town and city

What does she usually do? Elementary

You “always” listen to ChinesePod, you “usually” practice everything you learn every day, you “never” miss a podcast and you “sometimes” brag about us to your friends. In this podcast, learn about adverbs of frequency in Mandarin Chinese. You will use them very “often”!

actions, hobbies

Calling in Sick Elementary

So, we actually tried to buy you a keyboard (with the “sick” sound effects) from “Ferris Buller’s Day Off” and send it to you to make your phone call to the boss sound more believable, but instead got you the next best thing: a lesson on “Calling in Sick”. In this podcast you’ll learn how to use Mandarin Chinese to tell your boss you can’t come to work today because you have the flu. (Excuses for why the boss saw you at happy hour the same day to follow).


University Major: Part 2 Newbie

“Do a lesson on University major’s” you said. “Okay, here you go” Chinesepod replied. (3 weeks past). “Do another lesson on university majors” you demanded. “We already did one” we responded. “Do it NOW” you shouted. “You’re not the boss of me” we informed. “Yes I am” came the curt retort…so now we see who’s bossing who…with lesson #2 on uni majors…meanie. Listen in on this podcast to learn how to ask someone about their major in Mandarin Chinese.

education, major, finance

Singing Ability Newbie

Think the Von Trapp’s liked to sing? That’s nothing! Wait until you get the Chinese invite to listen…which is anytime. So, what do you do after someone gives you a tune, offer up the same “thanks” you give a taxi driver or a proper “you sing very well”? In this podcast Ken and Jenny compose a lesson for the ages. You’ll learn how to compliment someone on their singing using Mandarin Chinese.

ability, singing, songs

Baby Talk: Words of Comfort Newbie

With so many people adopting from the mainland and Taiwan, it should come With so many people adopting babies from China, it should come as no surprise that we have received an abundance of requests for “baby lingo”. Here is a podcast on some sweet and cuddly talk to comfort the child who has just been introduced to your family. In this lesson, Ken and Jenny walk you through your first (comforting) words in Mandarin Chinese.

children, family,

Requesting a Raise Intermediate

So, the contract said “5000 a month” and you said “heck, yes” and at the end of that first glorious month you realized that 5000 RMB is slightly less than it sounded…not a problem, simply ask for a raise. In this podcast, you will learn how to ask for a raise from your boss in Mandarin Chinese. Tell ya what, with the month you’ve had, we’ll make this a lesson on the house.

business, jobs, work, salary

How was Your Date? Intermediate

Not that we agree with the whole “those who can’t, teach”, but it does seem odd, us giving a lesson on talking about dates--seeing as how we can’t get them (despite our “We work with Ken and Jenny” shirts). However, it’s a hot topic in conversation and we’d like to think you’re a “bit of all right” and will need to know this. If not…join us for video night, Friday and Saturday nights.

personality, relationships