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Baby Talk: Your baby looks like you! Elementary

Explaining in another language that you “have your father’s eyes” is dangerous, seeing as a simple grammatical mistake could mean you actually took them from him…which won’t get you invited to stay in anyone’s home. We don’t want things to be hazardous for you--thus the lesson. Learn how to talk about which parent a baby looks like…however, any comments about us having our mother’s hips will result in a beating.

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Where's the bathroom? Newbie

Despite our professional image (ahem) we confess to laughing like schoolgirls anytime someone attempts to act out this phrase. So, listen in to this podcast and get the education in the things you really need to know in Mandarin Chinese. If we didn’t teach you, who would?

location, directions, bathroom

Street Food Intermediate

While most “laowai” that live here might have trouble explaining the directions to the sidewalk vendors, you can bet they know the entire selection by heart. From morning buns to early morning kebabs (and other parts of a lamb should you ever brave Longfusi Lu in Beijing), a knowledge of a portable kitchen menu is a must. In this podcast, learn some of the names of these tasty treats in Mandarin Chinese, as well as get an introduction to the art of street-side dining.


Haircuts Elementary

Few things in life are certain: 1. Life 2. Death 3. A non-English speaking barber might struggle in getting that “feathered” look you’re after So, it’s John and Jenny to the rescue, in the wind-blown form of a lesson on “getting a do”. In this podcast learn how to communicate some essentials to your friendly neighborhood barber cutting right there on the sidewalk in Mandarin Chinese. ChinesePod--not afraid to wear ours up, and away from the face.

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World Cup Football Upper Intermediate

To be honest, we have had this lesson ready to go for a month, and would like to say we timed it for the first week of Germany’s World Cup Football events--but it simply took 30-odd days to explain the sport to our North American staff. Nonetheless, for this podcast put on that foam finger and learn how to talk trash to the other countries teams’ fans in Mandarin Chinese.

sports, culture, geography, football

World Cup Football Terms Newbie

Despite the majority of our staff being passificus apatheticus when it comes to soccer football--we simply couldn’t ignore that World Cup thingy. In this podcast, Jenny, John and Aric teach “let’s go”, “great shot”, “REFEREE!!!”, and more, all in Mandarin Chinese. Now, if you’ll excuse us, there are some baseball reruns to catch.


Calligraphy Intermediate

At ChinesePod, we expect a lot from our listeners: well kept, an invite over for cake every now and then, and personal growth--so, even though you just now figured out the brush strokes for “yi”, we’re quite certain a lesson in calligraphy will be just what you need? In this podcast, learn to discuss the art of Chinese calligraphy in Mandarin Chinese. How apropos.


Goals for Studying Chinese Intermediate

With more and more “laowai” coming to the People’s Republic, more and more find themselves in conversations about the occasional frustration one finds at that point in Mandarin where you’re good enough to get by, but are far from fluent. In this podcast, Ken, Jenny and Aggie discuss the aforementioned, and teach you to cry the language blues using Mandarin Chinese. Please be assured that we at ChinesePod are devoted to helping you get through this difficult period.

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Have you been to Beijing? Elementary

Know the difference between “Wang Fu Jing” and “Nan Jing Lu”? In one place you can find “The Bund”, in the other you’ll eat a “bun”…know the towns we’re talkin’ bout (Willis)? The two centers of the middle country, of course! In this podcast, Ken and Jenny referee the Beijing VS. Shanghai rumble. You will learn to talk about China’s two most famous cities using Mandarin Chinese.

city, travel

I like beef Newbie

In the 80’s it was “Where’s the…”, in the 90’s it was “What’s For Dinner” and in the ummm…0’s, it’s the focus of our lesson. In this podcast, Ken and Jenny teach a Mandarin Chinese lesson dealing with carnivores and their preferences.


Applying For a Visa Upper Intermediate

Prior to 1979, a great look at the Great Wall was nothing more than a great dream. These days, you’re more than welcome to visit the P.R.C., but not without a proper visa. Thinking about coming? Love learning Mandarin? How ‘bout we combine the two in a podcast lesson on sorting out your travel documentation, using Mandarin Chinese.

travel, culture

This room is too small Elementary

The fact that ChinesePod’s size 12 foot gets laughed out of every shop in town should clue you into something…you’re big, they are not. Realizing that, we couldn’t pass on doing a lesson on a domicile being diminutive. In this podcast, learn how to talk about housing and the size thereof in Mandarin Chinese.

home and office, accommodation

She went out Newbie

Wei?! Most likely, this is the word that will stick with you…all day…and night…even in your sleep. So what is it exactly? We’re not sure…and neither are the Chinese, but you still need to learn it…as well as phone basics. In this podcast you will learn how to say hello on the phone in Mandarin Chinese, as well as how to enquire if someone is in, and ask who is calling. And of course, not to be overlooked, how to say goodbye in Chinese as well!

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The Monkey King Upper Intermediate

In Wu Cheng’en’s novel “Journey to the West”, a hero was born…in the form of a monkey. In this podcast, Jenny and Aggie offer up Mandarin Chinese insight on the character gracing television sets, subway adverts and washing liquids…not to mention our Jenny triples her already massive fan base by singing “Only You”…gosh, we’re good.

art, entertainment, culture

What's his name? Newbie

With every 4th child born in the world being Chinese, there’s a good chance you’ll meet a few. In this podcast, we help you learn how to ask not only about names of new friends using Mandarin Chinese, but also about other information that might just get you an invite to that “famous restaurant” in town (word of warning: they all are famous).

family, introductions, questions

Do I look good in this? Elementary

We know all ChinesePod learners wanna look cool, so when we realized you might leave the house wearing something a little lacking that “je ne sais quoi”, we immediately put together a lesson to aid you with that conversation. You can’t have “ChinesePod” without “C-H-I-C”, so in this podcast learn all about what suits you, in Mandarin Chinese.

clothes, colors

1949 Upper Intermediate

1949 was a big year for the P.R.C., but we’d be cheating if we told you why. In this podcast, you’ll take a walk down off of The Wall for a bit and look into Chinese history as China liberates herself, and takes on a new ruling party. In this lesson, you will learn some monumental historical happenings in China, and how to talk about them in Mandarin Chinese.

time, government, culture, history

I miss you! Newbie

Despite our unbelievably good music taste (Ken likes anything he can do the “big box-little box” dance to; Jenny’s more of a country music gal), it wasn’t until our “80’s Office Party” that we realized we could make a lesson out of a Milli Vanilli ballad. In this retro-fueled podcast, we teach you how to tell that special someone that you miss them, using Mandarin Chinese.


Do you have vegetables? Elementary

Any one of us here will tell you the golden rule of dining: Never, we mean never, ask what kind of meat it is. So, should you care to counter that “Mystery Meat” with something that came from the earth, of course it’s ChinesePod to the rescue. In this podcast, we help you to learn how to use Mandarin Chinese to ask for something green--before you turn that same color.

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Baby Talk: Eat up! Newbie

In another addition to our “Baby Talk” series, Ken and Jenny talk this time about encouraging your little bundle of joy to eat something…or not. In this podcast, learn how to tell your baby to eat up, using Mandarin Chinese. As far as explaining why “fish at the table” and “fish in the bowl” are different, you’re on your own.

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