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Discussing Work Pre Intermediate

You Freddie Mercury and David Bowie know about being under pressure? Did they ever have to compete with 1.4 billion other people? In this Intermediate lesson, Ken and Jenny take time out of their hectic lives to help you talk about yours. In this podcast, learn how to talk in Mandarin Chinese about pressure at work, salaries and job satisfaction.

jobs, business, work, salary

Christmas Intermediate

We know what went on at your company Christmas party which basically puts you far, far down on the list of who’s been naughty and nice. Fortunately, in this podcast, Father Ken and Saint Jenny understand that it was the Egg Nog talkin’ and have wrapped up a little somethin’ somethin’ in the form of a Christmas Lesson for you. In this lesson, learn how to express how you feel about Christmas, using Mandarin Chinese, as well as talk about the gifts you got this year. Happy holidays from all of us!

Christmas, party, relatives

Shopping Pre Intermediate

You dare to journey the Silk Road and not buy any silk? No one in their right mind comes to China and leaves with less than two extra carry-on bags. Cash or credit card? Expensive or not? In this lesson Ken and Jenny, a.k.a. shoppicus maximus, teach you about shopping in Mandarin Chinese.

shopping, credit cards

Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn Newbie

You proudly made it out of the airport, into a taxi and found your way to the hotel! While you’ve been busy taking an orange out of the basket, we’ve added another to our “Traveler’s Audio Phrase Book” podcasts by aiding you and your jet-lagged self (drink water) in checking into your hotel. In this lesson you will learn how use Mandarin Chinese to explain to a clerk that you have reserved a room. Sweet dreams!

accommodation, hotel, checking in

Future Plans Intermediate

If they can make penicillin out of moldy bread, surely college made something out of you, right? In this podcast, Jenny takes the reins (with Ken there to help) talking about studies, and post-graduation plans in Mandarin Chinese.

jobs, education,

Taxi Conversations: Arriving at your Destination Newbie

More “Traveler’s Audio Phrase Book” phrases in Mandarin Chinese for you. In this podcast, we tackle arrivals. When your loyal taxi man gets you where you want to go, safe and sound, what’s left to do? Think you can ignore this lesson and get by with a simple point and “okay”? Nǎo zi huài le! (See: 初级1 Mild Swearing)

money, questions, taxi

Lying in Chinese Newbie

Not that we’d ever take you for a impostor, but just in case you might need to talk your way out of something defend yourself or simply argue…all the time…like my ex…ahem. Anyway, it’s Ken and Jenny to the rescue in this lesson. In this podcast you will learn some important phrases like “you’re lying”, and “it wasn’t me!” Well, maybe you won’t need to use these phrases yourself, but they will help with understanding all those Chinese soap operas you’re likely to become addicted to.

location, questions, lying

Talking about Illness Pre Intermediate

Now, we all know when we get the flu, there’s nothing we like more than to do a little whining about it. In this podcast you will learn how to tell someone who cares about your sore throat and headache, using Mandarin Chinese. And when you do, there will be no shortage of friends sure to want to bring you some nice Chinese medicine. Open up!

health, medicine

Taxi Conversations: Suggesting a Route Newbie

Another useful lesson for your “Traveler’s Audio Phrase Book”, in this podcast we assist you in using Mandarin Chinese to suggest a route to take to your taxi driver. Unimportant, you might think? Try going from Beijing to Shanghai on the service road instead of the highway!

directions, questions,

Describing the Weather Newbie

With the northern tip touching Russia, and the southern hitting Thailand, it should come as no surprise that China, and her people, have much to talk about when it comes to climate…do you? In this podcast, you will learn to talk about the weather and temperatures in Mandarin Chinese. “Weather-Ken” and “Weather-Jen” predict a downpour of excellent Mandarin followed by light winds of Shanghai-sent self-confidence.

location, temperature, weather, daily life

China’s Supergirl Intermediate

Sure, Simon pierced many a hope with his sharp Cockney tongue, but no “Pop Idol”, nor its 1000 spin-off shows grabbed a country by its (silk) lapels and held as much attention as this year’s “Supergirl”. In this podcast, Ken (“Super Host”) and Jenny (“Super Hot”, according to your emails) chat about the phenomenon. In this lesson, you will learn how to talk about movie stars, TV shows, and famous singers in Mandarin Chinese…but who needs them when you have us?

supergirl, celebrity, stars, american_idol, Li Yuchun

Chinese Celebrity: Bruce Lee Elementary

With Bosnia erecting their own tribute to Hong Kong’s “Little Dragon”, we wanted to do the same. In this podcast, Ken and Jenny (mainland celebrities in their own minds) give you the scoop in Mandarin Chinese…good for you, but annoying for us, as this means Ken spends the rest of the day whacking interns with his nun chucks.

TV, stars, movies

Too Many Cooks Newbie

No doubt you’ve been thinking about throwing that fab “Chinese Dinner Party” so as to impress friends and family with your Mandarin skills. You can keep that egg in the wok and off of your face by listening to this lesson about explaining your culinary ability. In this podcast you will learn how to talk about your specialties, and learn about a well-loved Chinese dish. And if you’re no Iron Chef, you will learn how to ask someone to cook for you next time!


The Traffic Jam Elementary

We know you listen while you’re on the subway, but we’ll put our China commute up against yours any day. In this podcast, we’ll take advantage of your gridlock to teach you “gridlock”. You’ll also learn to talk about how you get to work every day, in Mandarin Chinese.

taxi, travel, traffic

Taxi Conversations: Small Talk Newbie

“Why are you here?” Not in a self-help sort of way, but more in explaining to your driver why you’re here exactly. In this, another podcast that could be considered our “Traveler’s Audio Phrase Book”, we’ll help you carry on that initial conversation in Mandarin Chinese with your ever-present built-in friend, the taxi driver.

questions, taxi, small talk, travel

Mild Swearing Elementary

Zen might be of Asian design, but it takes a back-seat when someone cuts in line. In this podcast, Ken and Jenny lower their professional integrity by teaching some mild ways of insulting someone in Mandarin Chinese and the importance of never, ever wearing a green hat…ever.


City Comparison Pre Intermediate

It’s been established you like your city, but why exactly? In this podcast, you will learn how to compare two things using Mandarin Chinese; in this case, cities. The more comparisons you can make, the smarter you sound. And the smarter you sound, the more you like us. And the more you like us, the better the Christmas gift we get from you. See how that works?


Taxi Conversations: Destination Newbie

You’ve used the last lesson on taxis to get into a cab (or put your headphones in the ears of an unsuspecting driver), but now what? Let him take you to where he thinks you need to go (read: every tourist spot known to man)? In this podcast, we’ll help you navigate as a Mandarin Chinese speaking back-seat driver. He won’t dare give you the run around.

transportation, taxi, directions, travel

What are your hobbies? (original) Newbie

We finally “bow to the Yao” and teach you how to talk about the sport or hobby you like. In this podcast you will learn how to talk about your hobbies with someone in Mandarin Chinese. And if you’d rather watch than play, this lesson will teach you how to say that as well. Give me a “C”! Give me a “hinesepod”! Hurrah!

sports, hobbies

How YOU doin? Newbie

We can only ignore so many requests for “chat-up lines” until we break…which we did today. In this soon-to-be most popular lesson for our loyal podcast listeners, you will learn some nice compliments in Chinese to endear you to someone you have your eye on; and we will also give you some saucy lines in Mandarin Chinese to use at the pub this weekend…and withdraw from any consequences thereof. (Also included will be “Go away, you arrogant jerk!” Ouch.)