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I want to play Elementary

Not that we ever had friends calling our name from outside asking us to join the “cool kids” and play, but with our “cool listeners only” rule firmly in effect, we thought we’d teach you. In this podcast, Jenny brings back fond childhood memories while at the same time, peeling back the scab of Ken’s. In this podcast, learn a conversation between a parent and child in Mandarin Chinese.

children, education

Bank Transactions Intermediate

You can change it to RMB, but not back unless you have a form and oh, by the way… where’s your red book, visa, and passport? Wrong line – it’s that one, but take another number and wait here. No, there, sorry, we don’t do it at this branch… Exhausting to read? Try hearing it in Mandarin. Fortunately, we’ve been through it so you don’t have to. Listen to this podcast to learn all about banking in Mandarin Chinese.

money, business

物流 Advanced


business, logistics, shipping, economy, 商务

The Olympics Newbie

We don’t know if you heard but, (if not—were you on Mars?) Beijing’s got the Olympics here in 2008. So we thought we’d make sure you can hold your own in a conversation with a Beijingerrrr (those “r’s” will make sense when you come)—or anyone, for that matter—about all the excitement. In this podcast we teach you Olympic terms in Mandarin Chinese…and if you’re lucky, Jenny will be honest about her “shot-put” background.

Olympics, entertainment, sports,

Don't do that! Elementary

A few subway tips you might not be aware of: 1. The process of letting those on the subway off before boarding has not yet caught on; 2. Mobile ring tones are downloaded so owner and train neighbors can hear – meaning you’ll be treated to 90 seconds of a Backstreet Boy weeping; and 3. The process of letting those on the subway off before boarding has (still) not yet caught on. Now – we know you’re patient, but for that friend of yours, here’s a “strong” way of telling someone to immediately refrain from their present shenanigans. In this podcast, learn such useful phrases as “you’re so annoying”, and “I can’t take it!” in Mandarin Chinese.


国美永乐并购案 Media

近几年来,经济领域中出现率最高的逃不出“合并”、“兼并”这类词。这种“大鱼吃小鱼,小鱼吃虾米”的现象让企业越滚越大,有的真正地提高了竞争力,有的却因此拖垮了企业。今年在中国闹得轰轰烈烈的一桩合并案,非家电业中的两大龙头品牌国美、永乐莫属了。这两家大型连锁企业的并购会带来怎样的效应呢?会对另一龙头苏宁电器构成威胁吗?会对消费者产生不利吗?……就让我们拭目以待吧! 来源链接:国美永乐合并落定 打造中国家电最大并购案 | 媒体MP3文件

新闻, 商务,

Exotic Animals Upper Intermediate

No trip to China would be complete without a look at the (sleeps for 23.7 hours a day) panda and the (will take your mobile phone) golden-haired monkey. In this podcast, we take a trip to the erm, “exotic zoo” (Google that if you’re bored), where you will learn about some interesting animals in Mandarin Chinese.

animals, geography, idioms

Hotel Essentials Newbie

Now you’ve used your Mandarin skills to find the hotel, check-in, order in some room service—but wait! There is something essential you forgot to learn how to say. In this podcast, we aid you in making a phone call to the front desk to ask for some essential items, in Mandarin Chinese.

accommodation, travel

环境保护 Advanced


society, pollution, environment, ecology, personal habits, 社会

Massage Therapy Elementary

"LaoWise” is a ChinesePod series aimed at aiding expats in China. She might be all of 5’2” and 50 – but those knuckles dig deep into the arch of your foot and you can either put on a brave face or tell her it feels like tiny hammers… In this podcast, we’ll teach you how to say “a little harder”, or the more likely to be used “a little lighter” in Mandarin Chinese.

LaoWise, health, massage, therapy

What Character? Newbie

You just thought the “what’s that, what’s this” went out at 7 years old…wrong. From the moment you realize that 山 means (and looks like a) “mountain,” you’ll be hooked. You’ll want to learn more. We want to help. The world wants you to listen.

language, studies,

中西方幽默 Advanced


joke, satire, sarcasm, humor

Airport Announcements Intermediate

Ken and co. can tell you all about their Shanghai (tarmac for 3 hours) to Beijing (except that they never actually touched down) back to Shanghai (tarmac for another 3 hours) experience when you come and see us, but to tide you over, this podcast gives you a Mandarin Chinese lesson on some things you might hear pre-transit.

travel, transportation

Having Food Delivered Elementary

With the, ahem, “affordability” of DVD’s here, you might find yourself three seasons into a show you’ve never even heard of (see: “The Pretender”) and not wanting to go all the way downstairs and 50 feet to the right. So, you either snack on those cold chicken feet your neighbor gave you, or you order in. In this podcast, learn how to order take-out in Mandarin Chinese.


银行卡骗钱出新招 Media

骗钱、骗色、骗吃、骗喝……在这个年代中骗子们想更稳地站住脚跟,就得不断地学习和开发新技巧了。眼泪汪汪式的旧招已经不能成功地骗取别人的信任了,瞧,这群好家伙们在ATM机上又动起了坏脑筋,取钱的人稍加不注意就很可能掉入他们的陷阱。欲知详情就赶快看看“骗子利用银行卡骗钱出新招,假热线套取密码”这一新奇事吧。 来源链接:骗子利用银行卡骗钱出新招,假热线套取密码 | 媒体MP3文件

新闻, 犯罪,

Mailing a Letter Newbie

Let’s face it, all excuses aside, you learn Chinese to be cool – the same reason we buy gifts abroad for people, the same reason we send postcards. What’s that? You don’t know how to send a letter? By all means, let us help. In this podcast, come with us to the post office and learn how to mail a letter in China, using Mandarin Chinese.

home and office, communications

Negotiating Rent Upper Intermediate

Well, to start, there’s the first 3 months plus deposit… and that’s the easy part. The “laowai” shuffle begins thereafter. If you think you can knock that price tag down all by your lonesome, then feel free – and come back to this lesson afterwards. In this podcast, take a tour of an apartment in Mandarin Chinese, then learn some effective bargaining tools to try out.

accommodation, shopping

洋山深水港 Advanced


Shanghai, news, Yangshan, harbor, shipping, trade, economy, 新闻, 上海

Pronunciation Correction Elementary

Oh, it will happen – right after the cab driver who you just told “I don’t speak Chinese” starts drawing Chinese characters on the window with his hand. It’s the “tone correction” sit-down. Get used to it now, with this podcast giving you a Mandarin Chinese lesson in a tone correction. Forget those “ma/ma/ma/ma” classes.


Lili and Zhang Liang 1: A Fated Meeting Intermediate

It’s the classic (21st century, Chinese) love tale: a couple meets online (QQ, most likely), start talking (BBS, no doubt) and then meet in person for the first time. If we could spell the word “serendipitous” we’d use it here. Witness it all in the form of a podcast depicting one of those (a little awkward) first meetings, in Mandarin Chinese.

relationships, internet