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Do you like China? Newbie

When you travel to China, the question on all Chinese people’s lips is “Do you like China?" So, in this podcast lesson, we help you to answer that all important question. You’ll learn how to give an emphatic “Yes! I like China!” in Mandarin Chinese. In this lesson you will also learn how to speak about your likes and dislikes – something of the utmost importance, unless you’re happy eating chicken’s feet for breakfast.

questions, China

Do you have a menu? Newbie

Restaurant culture is a huge part of life in China, and you won’t want to miss out on some of the world’s most interesting cuisine just because you can’t ask for a menu in Mandarin Chinese. In this podcast lesson you’ll learn the vital phrase “do you have” (just insert toilet, bar, receipt, headache pills, etc). You’ll also learn how to politely interrupt someone, and the verb ‘to want’. Soon you’ll be wanting to know how to ask for the bill too…

questions, food, etiquette, restaurant

I want to buy this one Newbie

China is a shoppers’ heaven, and in this podcast lesson you’ll learn some key phrases in Mandarin Chinese to help you navigate the markets and shopping streets and get what you want. You’ll learn how to identify the items you want, and ask how much they are. You’ll also learn the colloquial term for money, so you can fit right in--no matter what color your hair is.

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