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The Monkey King Upper Intermediate

In Wu Cheng’en’s novel “Journey to the West”, a hero was born…in the form of a monkey. In this podcast, Jenny and Aggie offer up Mandarin Chinese insight on the character gracing television sets, subway adverts and washing liquids…not to mention our Jenny triples her already massive fan base by singing “Only You”…gosh, we’re good.

art, entertainment, culture

What's his name? Newbie

With every 4th child born in the world being Chinese, there’s a good chance you’ll meet a few. In this podcast, we help you learn how to ask not only about names of new friends using Mandarin Chinese, but also about other information that might just get you an invite to that “famous restaurant” in town (word of warning: they all are famous).

family, introductions, questions

Do I look good in this? Elementary

We know all ChinesePod learners wanna look cool, so when we realized you might leave the house wearing something a little lacking that “je ne sais quoi”, we immediately put together a lesson to aid you with that conversation. You can’t have “ChinesePod” without “C-H-I-C”, so in this podcast learn all about what suits you, in Mandarin Chinese.

clothes, colors

1949 Upper Intermediate

1949 was a big year for the P.R.C., but we’d be cheating if we told you why. In this podcast, you’ll take a walk down off of The Wall for a bit and look into Chinese history as China liberates herself, and takes on a new ruling party. In this lesson, you will learn some monumental historical happenings in China, and how to talk about them in Mandarin Chinese.

time, government, culture, history

I miss you! Newbie

Despite our unbelievably good music taste (Ken likes anything he can do the “big box-little box” dance to; Jenny’s more of a country music gal), it wasn’t until our “80’s Office Party” that we realized we could make a lesson out of a Milli Vanilli ballad. In this retro-fueled podcast, we teach you how to tell that special someone that you miss them, using Mandarin Chinese.


Do you have vegetables? Elementary

Any one of us here will tell you the golden rule of dining: Never, we mean never, ask what kind of meat it is. So, should you care to counter that “Mystery Meat” with something that came from the earth, of course it’s ChinesePod to the rescue. In this podcast, we help you to learn how to use Mandarin Chinese to ask for something green--before you turn that same color.

food, shopping

Baby Talk: Eat up! Newbie

In another addition to our “Baby Talk” series, Ken and Jenny talk this time about encouraging your little bundle of joy to eat something…or not. In this podcast, learn how to tell your baby to eat up, using Mandarin Chinese. As far as explaining why “fish at the table” and “fish in the bowl” are different, you’re on your own.

children, health, food,

How's business? Intermediate

Yes, you want to come to China to see the beautiful sites and meet the gorgeous ChinesePod crew, but there’s a good chance that work will bring you here, so why don’t we start you off with a lesson on business? In this podcast, we’ll walk you through a Mandarin Chinese conversation about a prospering “biz”.


Where's my class? Elementary

Forget wedgies, spit-balls and unsuccessfully trying to hold number one until after nap-time; if you can’t find your class, it’s going to be a bad year. In this podcast, Jenny (head of the class) and Ken (sat at the back of class) give you a Mandarin Chinese lesson in helping you find your classroom.

location, directions, numbers

How are you? Newbie

Nervous about how to get past that initial “good morning”? Well, nothing better than to ask a question, naturally, “how are you?” Here’s a great basic lesson that will get you through all your “good morning” greets. In this podcast you will learn how to give and respond to greetings in Mandarin Chinese.


This is outrageous! Intermediate

There's nothing like a little bait and switch to get those customers coming. This tactic works the world over, and China is no exception. Make sure you don't get taken for a ride, and make sure you let them no you're no Mandarin Chinese.

feelings, airport

What do you do? Elementary

We’ve helped you get through that initial “hi”, “thanks” and “where is the toilet” (all you need, really), but you’d like to stop talking about “hi”, “thanks” and “where is the toilet” (your friends are bored). So why not ask them about their interests? In this podcast, Ken and Jenny take time from their hobbies (walking on the beach, talking about feelings) to help you learn how to ask others theirs, in Mandarin Chinese.


Baby Talk: Praise Newbie

Studies show our personalities are formed before the age of four. We at ChinesePod want you to raise a happy, confident little future Chinese speaker…so listen in to this lesson as Jenny teaches all about praising that little whippersnapper. In this podcast, learn how to tell your squishy cute baby just how cute they really are, using Mandarin Chinese.

children, family, people

A Ticket to Suzhou Elementary

“In the sky there’s heaven, on the earth there’s Suzhou”. Coming in as the 335th city the Chinese call “Venice of the East”, it would be a shame not to spend a few days here. In this podcast, Jenny and Ken maneuver you through the canals of a Mandarin Chinese lesson on buying a train ticket to Suzhou. Ciao!

travel, transportation,

Definitely! Newbie

While “nothing is absolute”, we shudder to imagine a world without tying someone down…erm, metaphorically speaking, of course. In this podcast, Ken and Jenny unquestionably and beyond doubt teach you an indisputably certain Mandarin Chinese lesson on verbal confirmation.

time, home and office

Stop Speeding! Intermediate

The Grand Prix held here in Shanghai showcased breakneck speeds, hairline turns and drivers with death wishes…and that was all in the taxi ride to the stadium. So either you’re really good at the unspoken-but-point-taken bracing yourself with one hand on the glove box and the other on the “Oh Crap” handle, you might love a lesson on telling someone they drive erratically. Listen to this podcast and learn how to express yourself in Mandarin Chinese.

actions, transportation, driving, speed, speeding, police, safety

It's broken Newbie

We were on our way to the studio when our “authentic” Tag Heuer stopping working making us stop abruptly in our “realistic” Nike’s to reach into our “genuine” Prada (man) bag to check the time on our phone…which turned out to be broken. In this podcast, Ken (all real, he claims) and Jenny (unreal, you declare) mend a Mandarin Chinese lesson on things breakin’.

accessories, questions,

Surfing Online Elementary

Think you don’t need to talk about the internet? You’re positive? Okay, tell you what, think very, very carefully about your life sans web…no email, no news, no CHINESEPOD, ye gods! In this podcast, Ken (An Irish Spicoli) and Jenny (Our Little Surfer Girl) teach you how to talk in Mandarin Chinese about surfing the internet. The Chinese love their electronics and you’ve got to fit in! Listen and this lesson will teach you how.

communications, internet, hobbies

You're late again! Elementary

You come here, you set up shop, even hire an assistant who’s nice enough to show up 45 minutes late everyday allowing you to ease in to your day. You think you’re scolding him by saying “You!”, “Here!”, “9:45!”, but he knows of your ChinesePod addiction and figures you’re simply practicing what you’ve learned. So either you continue this standard practice, or you listen to this lesson on being late and have a lil’ “face the music” meeting on Monday. In this podcast, learn how to say “you’re late” in Mandarin Chinese (with a little more angry tone of voice to get the message across).


Downloading Music Newbie

You can go to iTunes, subscribe to an RSS feed and arrange everything all by yourself? You’re all growed up, aren’t ya? Now, tell us that in Mandarin and move to the front of the class. In this podcast, Ken (on a time out) and Jenny (a gold star) forego nap time to teach you to talk about all things “downloadable” in Mandarin Chinese.

music, internet