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Pregnancy Elementary

You know all the terms, from “bun in the oven” to “pregos,” so why not add another phrase to that wicked repertoire, and learn it in Mandarin? In this podcast, learn how to ask someone how far along they are, and to congratulate them. (For premium subscribers, we’ll also teach you how to apologize profusely for asking someone who isn’t, when she’s due.)


出国工作 Advanced


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Where's the garbage? Newbie

Once again, we respect your individuality. Thus the choices: When you need to throw that “baozi” napkin away, you can either make a “throwing” gesture – which would lead to an in-depth discussion on the NBA – or simply ask where it belongs. It’s up to you. We’ll love you either way. If you choose to listen, this podcast will teach you how to ask the location of something, and to point someone in the right direction.

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Encouraging Words Elementary

Yes, we know you’re going to make your voice sound like the guy in the film when you say “you can do it!”--and that’s okay. What’s not okay is getting discouraged (and in a language of 4 tones & 50,000 characters, it can happen). So how ‘bout a podcast with a Mandarin Chinese lesson on helping that friend out with a few words of encouragement? Go for it!

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论坛VS博客 Advanced


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Lili and Zhang Liang 2: Growing Affections Intermediate

No matter where/who you are, the “laying it on thick” stage of the (almost) relationship is the same in any language. So how does boyfriend-to-be Zhang Liang fare in the “Mr. Lover-lover” department? We’ll leave that analysis up to you… hotcakes. In this podcast, follow along and learn how to sweet-talk in Mandarin Chinese.

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Ouch! Newbie

Fact: no matter how prepared you are for it; you will take that piece of chicken and bite down hard. Fact: most chicken here comes still on the bone, no matter the size Fact: the face you make upon losing a molar will look like you don’t enjoy the meal Fact: we want you to make friends, not offend them. Fact: learning how to say “ouch” will help. In this podcast, learn how to express pain in Mandarin Chinese, as well as deal with the toothache aftermath of the episode with the chicken bone.

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梁祝故事 Media

爱情是个永恒的话题,而追求爱情是需要勇气的。罗密欧与朱丽叶的爱情令你感动吗?在中国的古代也有男女勇敢地追求爱情,为了在一起不惜双双化为蝴蝶。听说过梁祝的故事吗?一起来听听这个千古流传的爱情传奇吧。 来源链接:千古爱情传奇—梁祝故事 | 媒体MP3文件

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Make-up Elementary

While you might underestimate a lesson on lipstick, eye shadow, etc, you’d be surprised how relaxing it is to put on after a long day at the office. In this podcast, Jenny (one of the lucky ones who doesn’t need it) teaches Ken (more of a “winter”) all about cosmetics, in Mandarin Chinese.

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Attitudes toward Religion Upper Intermediate

Between 1937-39, over 20,000 Jewish families migrated to Shanghai. Today, north of the city center, there is still a flourishing Jewish community. China is also seeing more and more Christian churches popping up. So how does the average Chinese feel about others who pray to a different higher being? We’ll learn all about it in Mandarin Chinese, in a podcast on the subject.

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中国的时装设计师 Advanced

时装设计师、模特、巴黎、米兰……这些走在时尚前沿的字眼使你心动吗?Tom Ford、Karl Lagerfeld,这些响当当的国际顶尖时装设计师让你感到紧张吗?是的,时装让人们更加自信。我们也不得不相信“人靠衣装”,时装使女士更迷人,让男士更具魅力。中国的时装史较之国际来说有点落后,但它却独具东方特色,也涌现出了一批优秀的时装设计师,他们频频在国内乃至国际亮相,是中国时尚的领头羊。走进中国的时装界,让我们体会不一样的时尚资讯。

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Borrowing and Returning Elementary

Despite many an inter-office email on “please don’t make the intros your own therapy” we simply cannot ignore today’s topic and the fact that Ken has yet to return our favorite Sharpie pen. Listen in to this podcast for a Mandarin Chinese lesson on borrowing and returning. We promise—no moralizing.

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I'm hungry! Newbie

Although we don’t foresee you—after being force-fed fruit an hour after a 14-dish meal (on those cool tables that spin around)—suffering from “hunger pains,” there might be a chance that your Chinese pal will say this to you…all the time. So, in this podcast, learn to talk about being hungry (or not), in Mandarin Chinese.

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中国的股票市场 Advanced


Tai Chi Intermediate

Admit it – you feel bad walking by the park every morning and seeing them twist and turn with the grace of a Beijing acrobat. So how about we teach you how to talk about the age old exercise of Tai Chi so that you can join in (seeing how that’s really the reason you moved here). In this podcast, learn to talk about the different aspects of Tai Chi in Mandarin Chinese.

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I can't find my glasses! Elementary

We know how much you hate losing things (mind, especially), and we do too. We also know that if you don’t have your glasses, you can’t read these Pulitzer Prize worthy intros, so should you find yourself in a situation where you can’t see, and the only people around you speak Mandarin, in about 15 minutes, you’ll be equipped. In this podcast, learn how to say you can’t find something, using Mandarin Chinese, and you’ll be set.


欣弗事件 Media

生病了去医院看病,吃药以后把病治好,这是很平常的事。在我们的认识里:去医院就是要把病魔赶走,药品就是治病的。但是,谁会想到因为一些药品生产厂商的疏忽或是贪婪,本该治病的药品却让人的病越吃越严重,甚至夺走了人的生命。想要了解事件的缘由,请看《欣弗事件初步认定,华源未按批准工艺进行生产》的详细内容。 来源链接:欣弗事件初步认定 华源未按批准工艺进行生产 | 媒体MP3文件

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Baby Talk: Friends Song Newbie

No, it’s not the Proclaimer’s one hit – nor is it Tinky Winky’s (too controversial, even for our Saturday Show) tune – but we do have an ole melody from yesteryear that tikes learn. We’re working on another…a little ChinesePod tune: We love you You love us

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Translation Issues Upper Intermediate

If Pepsi’s slogan “Come Alive” can mean “Brings Your Ancestors Back from the Dead” after translation into Chinese, then there’s a good chance that you’ll find yourself lost in translation. We don’t want that to happen, so we want to help with this podcast in the form of a Mandarin Chinese lesson on translating.

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查理·卓别林 Advanced


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