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Having Food Delivered Elementary

With the, ahem, “affordability” of DVD’s here, you might find yourself three seasons into a show you’ve never even heard of (see: “The Pretender”) and not wanting to go all the way downstairs and 50 feet to the right. So, you either snack on those cold chicken feet your neighbor gave you, or you order in. In this podcast, learn how to order take-out in Mandarin Chinese.


银行卡骗钱出新招 Media

骗钱、骗色、骗吃、骗喝……在这个年代中骗子们想更稳地站住脚跟,就得不断地学习和开发新技巧了。眼泪汪汪式的旧招已经不能成功地骗取别人的信任了,瞧,这群好家伙们在ATM机上又动起了坏脑筋,取钱的人稍加不注意就很可能掉入他们的陷阱。欲知详情就赶快看看“骗子利用银行卡骗钱出新招,假热线套取密码”这一新奇事吧。 来源链接:骗子利用银行卡骗钱出新招,假热线套取密码 | 媒体MP3文件

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Mailing a Letter Newbie

Let’s face it, all excuses aside, you learn Chinese to be cool – the same reason we buy gifts abroad for people, the same reason we send postcards. What’s that? You don’t know how to send a letter? By all means, let us help. In this podcast, come with us to the post office and learn how to mail a letter in China, using Mandarin Chinese.

home and office, communications

Negotiating Rent Upper Intermediate

Well, to start, there’s the first 3 months plus deposit… and that’s the easy part. The “laowai” shuffle begins thereafter. If you think you can knock that price tag down all by your lonesome, then feel free – and come back to this lesson afterwards. In this podcast, take a tour of an apartment in Mandarin Chinese, then learn some effective bargaining tools to try out.

accommodation, shopping

洋山深水港 Advanced


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Pronunciation Correction Elementary

Oh, it will happen – right after the cab driver who you just told “I don’t speak Chinese” starts drawing Chinese characters on the window with his hand. It’s the “tone correction” sit-down. Get used to it now, with this podcast giving you a Mandarin Chinese lesson in a tone correction. Forget those “ma/ma/ma/ma” classes.


Lili and Zhang Liang 1: A Fated Meeting Intermediate

It’s the classic (21st century, Chinese) love tale: a couple meets online (QQ, most likely), start talking (BBS, no doubt) and then meet in person for the first time. If we could spell the word “serendipitous” we’d use it here. Witness it all in the form of a podcast depicting one of those (a little awkward) first meetings, in Mandarin Chinese.

relationships, internet

国企私有化 Advanced


business, privatization, enterprise, company, government, economy, 商务

Stomach Trouble Newbie

In Indonesia it’s “Bali Belly,” Mexico “Montezuma’s Revenge,” and in China… commonplace. There’s a good chance that despite how tasty those hairy crabs look (or not), your tummy might disagree. In this podcast learn how to express your stomach woes in Mandarin Chinese (You’ll notice we didn’t make this an intermediate lesson as *detail* isn’t needed).


Morning Hygiene Elementary

A few cultural tips on “personal upkeep” here: 1. Most Chinese bathe at night. 2. Chairman Mao used tea to brush his teeth. 3. Toilet paper is thrown in a wastebasket. …more, you say? More it is – listen to this podcast and learn about washing your face, brushing your teeth and more, in Mandarin Chinese.


上海的“孟母堂” Media

我们每个人从小就开始在学校里学习。现在,很多小孩子从小就要学英语,学钢琴,学舞蹈……即使到了假期也要上各种补习班。有很多人都不满意我们现存的教育体制,说这样的教育体制存在很多的弊端,不利于孩子的发展。现在,社会上重新出现了私塾教学,给当今的教育体系带来了很大的冲击。 来源链接:上海"孟母堂":现代私塾挑战学校教育 | 媒体MP3文件

Lost Luggage Newbie

Ask anyone who’s flown into Pudong Int’l Airport and we promise that the words “laid-back” and “relaxing” will never cross their lips. So should that suitcase full of Imodium AD and ChinesePod backup CDs go a-missing, this podcast will prepare you well. In this lesson you will learn how to say that you can’t find your luggage.

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Anthropology Upper Intermediate

You sure are clever, and we sure are too. So let’s do what clever people do and talk about clever things… I don’t know, say…anthropology? And to be extra clever, let’s learn all about it in Mandarin Chinese in this podcast. So when your friends ask you “what’s up?” you can say “Oh, you know – just talking about anthropology. In Mandarin.” Someone’s getting a dinner party invite!

education, culture

中国的口音 Advanced


language, accents, speech, pronunciation

Nationalities Elementary

With your “I Climbered The Grate Well” t-shirt and dual-fisted approach to chopsticks, it should come as no shock that you’re not blending in as much as you’d like…so perhaps you could tell them which faraway land you come from that uses forks. In this podcast, learn how to tell someone in Mandarin Chinese which country you come from.


I love China! Newbie

Things that will get you the best seat in the “jia”: 1. Saying “I love Yao Ming!” 2. Saying “I love Chinese food!” 3. Saying “I love China” So, for those who don’t know of giant basketball players, or who haven’t yet ventured out into the “hairy crab” food section, in this podcast we’ll make sure you know how to confess your love for the P.R.C. in Mandarin Chinese.

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中国IT外包服务 Advanced


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Using a Dictionary Intermediate

With 80,000 total characters (and the majority of words needing at least 2), you might enlist some help along the way. Yes, ChinesePod will be with you (always), but for those times that we’re enjoying the Shanghai life and can’t be reached, a dictionary might come in handy. So handy, in fact, that we made a lesson on it. In this podcast, you will learn about the different parts of the Chinese character, and how to talk about them in Mandarin Chinese.


Little Friends Newbie

If your height, hair color, eyelashes, and big feet somehow don’t scare off the kiddo cowering behind his mother’s leg, you might find yourself with a new little friend. So either you confuse him even more by throwing in what you’ve learned up ‘til now (see: taxi lingo, mild insults) or ask him that age-old question that always gets you an answer in the form of fingers. In this podcast, you will learn how to use Mandarin Chinese to ask someone how old they are.

children, greetings, age

土飞机上天 Media

看着飞行员驾驶飞机,你羡慕吗?听到美国、俄罗斯、中国的航天员进入了太空,你向往吗?如果你够富有,你就可以进行一次奢侈的太空旅行。那么如果你够聪明,你会有自己造一架飞机的念头吗?你有勇气驾驶它飞一圈吗?别奇怪,有人这样做了。在中国的浙江有一部分人带着这样的 “飞天”梦想勇敢地“飞”起来了。 来源链接:浙江“土飞机上天”涉嫌非法飞行 | 媒体MP3文件

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