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1920-40s Jazzy Songs in Shanghai Intermediate

Chi delves into the mother of all Mandopop songs — the very jazzy-sounding 时代曲 (songs of the era) in 1920-40s Shanghai, which was the city in China for cultural amalgamation. During that time, 夜来香, 何日君再来, 夜上海, 卖杂货 and 明月千里寄相思 are all quite famous. After listening to a brief history lesson, we’ll take a deeper look at 如果没有你 sung by 白光 to learn some Chinese!

music, art, entertainment

Can I Drink Water Here? Newbie

There're always people breaking rules, such as eating in a library or taking pictures in a museum. Do you want to stop them but don't know how? In this lesson, we are going to learn how to ask people not to do something and ask whether can we do something. Let's get started!

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科普小知识:为什么看到酸的食物就会流口水? Advanced


science, body, health, food

Character Mind Map: 蛋 egg Elementary

In Chinese, you often encounter single characters that have multiple related meanings. This has the potential to confuse learners because sometimes it is hard to make connections between component characters and their meanings within multiple-character words. That's why we created this Character Mind Map series, where we focus on characters and the words they make up.Today, we're talking about 蛋 and all the interesting words using this character. Let's check them out!

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How to Use Past Experience Marker 过 (guò) Pre Intermediate

In this lesson, we are going to show you how to describe past experiences with 过. It's a useful word to tell people what you have or have not done before. And, you can also use this structure to play "Never Have I Ever". Let's check it out!

video, grammar, Chinese

诚实 vs. 老实 vs. 坦白 Upper Intermediate


synonyms, words

Coffee Break Series #4 - The Exhibition Intermediate

In the intermediate coffee break series, we will follow the footsteps of Nick through his adventure in China. Along the way, you will learn important terms and phrases used in business settings, as well as some tips and tricks on dealing with Chinese businessmen. In this episode, our main character Nick meets a customer in the exhibition and introduces his company's products. Will the customer pay? If you want to know what happens in today’s episode, watch the video and get down to business!

video, Coffee break, business, exhibition

Very Cool, Very Ok Newbie

In this episode, Chi introduces how the words "cool", "low", and "ok" are used in Western and Eastern contexts. Spoiler alert: They might not mean what you think they mean!

culture, language, China

最后一杯热拿铁 Part 2 Advanced


story, drama, love, romance

Continued Tone Change Series #5 - Ordering Dumplings Elementary

In our previous newbie tone change series, we have introduced the tone change rules for 不, 一, two third tones, and three third tones. Just like many other aspects in the Chinese language, tone changes are more nuanced than the rules you see in textbooks. That's why for the elementary tone change series, we decided that we would reinforce the rules with the help of dialogues that you hear in everyday conversations. Practice and familiarize yourselves with the sounds, and you'll be a tone master in no time! In this episode, we're going to learn and practice the tone change rules for consecutive third tones through a conversation in a restaurant. Let's check it out right now!

video, tone change series, tones, pronunciation

Shipping a package Pre Intermediate

Do you go to the post office often? In this lesson, we're going to show you how to mail a package in Asia and what you can expect from the clerks. Let's check it out!

mail, post office, postage, package

Prenatal Checkup, Part 2 Intermediate

In this episode, we will show you a dialogue between a doctor and the parent during the sonogram, and what are the things you can say during this wonderful experience. Let's check out the baby in the belly!

pregnancy, pregnant woman, hospital, health

Come Sit Some Time Newbie

In this lesson, we are going to look at a common dialogue between a guest and a host. We will show you how to invite someone to visit next time, and how you can take your leave as a guest.

video, house, friends

"Without you I'm so lonely" 没有你陪伴真的好孤单 Intermediate

“没有你陪伴真的好孤单” is a lengthy song title, but nothing’s too long for a stark cry about missing your lover. In this new episode of Journey into Mandopop, Chi explains this Chinese mega-hit about loneliness which, as it’s very straight-to-the-point, is great for learning Chinese!

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职场抱怨王 Part 2 Upper Intermediate


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Chengyu Series - Seven Up and Eight Down Elementary

Chengyu are Chinese idioms that consist of four characters. Although they originate from classical Chinese, Chengyu remain as an important aspect in both spoken and written language. They may seem erratic and confusing to you at first since they don’t follow the usual sentence order and their meanings depend heavily on context. But don’t worry, in this Chengyu series, we will introduce simple Chengyu made up with all the characters that you already knew, and you can infer the actual meaning by looking at the separate characters! In this lesson, let’s take a look at four Chengyu with numbers 七 (seven) and 八 (eight) in them!

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Priority seats: To sit or not to sit Pre Intermediate

To sit or not to sit, that is the question in the modern society. Giving up your seat to elders and those in need is considered to be a virtue in Asia, but in recent years, it has become a moral obligation. If you have ever sit in a priority seat and endured the mental pressure of someone asking you to stand up, this lesson is for you!

transportation, subway, seat

Prenatal Checkup, Part 1 Intermediate

You're pregnant! In today's podcast, let's learn how to talk about maternity and prenatal checkup in Mandarin. If there's a steamed bun in your oven, this is the lesson for you.

pregnancy, hospital, checkup

滥竽充数的故事 Advanced


Chengyu, story, history

Who's in the Bathroom? Newbie

In this lesson, Joe and Lyn will show you how to fight for the right to use your bathroom by annoying the person that’s using it. After watching this, I’m sure nobody will ever come between you and the toilet in the future!

bathroom, house, fight, video