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    Express Delivery Elementary

      If you're receiving some special mail in the post, you'll likely have to sign for it, so in this lesson, we'll teach you some keywords for accepting a package, paying the delivery fee, and some key telephone language. Lesson about using Verb 个 ge: Both Dirty and Small!.

    video, postage, post office, delivery, telephone

    Classroom Chinese Elementary

      When you're learning Mandarin, it's important to know some important nouns for the language you're learning, for example, how to say; grammar, new vocabulary, and everyone's favourite...the exam! Time Word Tips

    video, classroom, grammar

    Missing The Last Train Intermediate

      What do you do when you miss the last train home. Is it better to freeze to death waiting for the next one to come, or how about going to a hotel to spend the night? I know which one I would choose...

    transport, station, train, hotel, love hotel, video

    Picking Up Girls(上) Upper Intermediate

    In this rather steamy lesson, we learn some interesting ways to chat someone up using The Thirty-Six Stratagems which is an old Chinese essay used to illustrate a series of stratagems used in politics, war, and civil interaction. How to Really Exaggerate Your Chinese Qing Wen

    dating, chatting, flirting, essay

    管理老板 Advanced


    boss, manager, co-workers, personality

    A Concerned Colleague (下) Upper Intermediate

      This is part two of the conversation has last week between two co-workers and some old-wives tales for curing colds and mosquito bites. Find out what happens when the boss turns up to her house to check in on here. A Concerned Colleague(上).

    video, co-workers, colleague, sick, superstition

    Directional Verbs and Complements Qing Wen

      A few weeks back we taught a lesson (How To Say: Come Out / Come In) about the direction compliments for "to go in" and to "come out". User si1teng2 thought it would be better to make a video showing the differences, so that's what we've done for you today. First, we teach the directional verbs 來 lai and 去 qu. Then we teach some direction complements that you can use with the verbs 來 lai and 去 qu which include 下, 上, 出, 进, For some extra points, you can check the Chinese Grammar Wiki links below. Directional Verbs Directional Complements Thanks, Gwil

    directions, verb, complement, video, grammar

    If It Rains, Then What? Elementary

    This lesson is all about how to use the "if__then" conditional structure (如果__的话 rúguǒ__dehuà). For example, if it rains, what shall we do? In today's lesson, they are trying to make dinner plans, but don't want to eat seafood again so instead suggest a picnic. But what if it rains?

    eating, dining, making plans, weather, grammar

    “作死” Advanced


    breaking up, relationships

    Spending a Little Too Much Intermediate

    Two friends are in a fancy restaurant trying to decide what to eat. One of them has been spending a bit too much recently but decides to get extravagant this one last time, and orders the Surf N' Turf. Learn how to talk about going overboard with the spending, as well as words to do with saving your money.

    money, restaurant, saving, car, savings

    A Concerned Colleague(上) Upper Intermediate

      It seems lady luck is not on the side of today's interlocutor. Not only does she feel a bit ill, but mosquitoes have taken a liking to her. A concerned colleague try's to offer some suggestions to fix the cold, and stop the bites from itching.

    superstition, sick, work, co-workers, colleague, mosquito, video

    Preparing for Chinese Bridge [Interview] Intermediate

      In today's show, we have a chat with Competition winner Caleb, about his goals for Mandarin learning, as well as his dream of competing in the famous Chinese Bridge Language proficiency "gameshow" (汉语桥) which airs on CCTV each year, with students from all over the world. We discuss how he's prepping for the contest, and try to offer some advice. If you want to know more about 汉语桥, click here, and here is a YouTube link to last year's competition.

    competition, interview, video

    小学生 Advanced


    video, school, nostalgia, communism, China

    Thinking about the Movie, Arrival Upper Intermediate

    Having seen the movie Arrival, a wife suddenly starts thinking about the future, and about what she would do if she could see into the future. Would they get married, if they knew it would end in divorce many years later?

    relationships, divorce, marriage, future, sci-fi, movies

    Falling Asleep at the Movies Intermediate

    Today we heard of someone that claims they never fall asleep at the movies despite everyone speaking to the contrary. We hear an interesting phrase for "to doze off/nap" which literally translates as the sleepy bug!

    movies, cinema, sleep

    Beijing Accent Elementary

    Hearing a new accent can sometimes take a little time to get used to. When native speakers talk, they often link and join syllables, which is perfectly acceptable, just like in English. But for the untrained ear, it can be a little confusing at times. In today's lesson, you'll see an example of this possible confusion. Related Lessons: Swimming Pools and the Beijing Accent Dear Amber

    pronunciation, speaking, accent, Beijing

    Road Rage Chinese Qing Wen

      Today we teach what other's won't! How to conquer your road rage by using mild to strong language. Road rage is a common symptom for drivers, especially if you live in a place which has questionable driving standards. Have you ever wanted to speak your mind, but weren't able to? We teach some great ways to vent your anger and speak your mind. Be warned though! Some of these curse words could get you in a fight...

    pedestrian, road rage, swearing, cussing, angry, driving, video

    Travelling to Kyoto Upper Intermediate

    A friend is planning a trip to Kyoto, Japan, and gets some advice from their travel writer friend....

    Japan, tourism, travel

    Fussy Eater Intermediate

      This lesson is about a Chinese person planning on taking their westerner friend out for food. But they can't seem to think of anywhere suitable since the friend seems to be a bit of a fussy eater. 吃喝玩乐 YouTube Video

    food, restaurant, eating, video

    It's Not Too Far Elementary

    This elementary lesson is about asking for directions, and enquiring about how long a journey will take. Very useful for the travellers amongst you.

    public transport, directions, distance

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