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Discussing Craft Beer in Chinese - 精酿啤酒 Advanced

  Learn about Craft Beer in Mandarin Chinese 如果你喜欢喝口感丰富并且添加不同风味的啤酒,又或者你是啤酒爱好者,那你绝对不能错过今天的课程,快来学一些跟精酿啤酒有关的说法吧! If you like craft beer and want to chat about your passion with Chinese friends, this is the lesson for you. Fiona and Constance discuss the rising popularity of craft beers and teach you ways to describe their flavour and characteristics.

beer, craft beer, drinking, hipster, trends, drink, hobbies, flavour, video

I Don't Want to Be a Housewife Upper Intermediate

Two friends are meeting at a coffee shop to talk about their troubles. In today's case, the reason one of them is upset is that their fiance wants them to stay at home and become a housewife after they get married. This is quite a common occurrence, more so in some Asian countries, where the man likes to look after the wife and be the single source of income. How would you feel about becoming a kept-man or woman? Do you have money problems with your partner or your boss? Would you like the chance to not have to work? Perhaps you wouldn't like to be financially dependant on someone else? In this Mandarin Chinese lesson, learn how to discuss relationship problems, especially some arguments you might have with your partner about your future and shared responsibilities.

housework, relationships, marriage, argument, friends, chauvinisme

Blaming Your Partner in Chinese Intermediate

In this lesson we teach you some great words and phrases for blaming your partner in Mandarin Chinese. In this dialogue, a couple are arguing about why one of them booked such an odd time for a show and how they're worried they might not make the showing on time.

argument, cinema, show, theater

How to Say This and That in Chinese using 这 and 那 [ATWTI 11] Newbie

  In this beginner "All the Way to Intermediate" lesson (ATWTI), we teach you how to say "This" and "That". These two demonstratives are useful when describing things you don't know the name of, which will come in useful when you want to do some shopping but don't know the exact noun or name of things.

video, buying, shopping, how to say this, how to say that, ATWTI

朱日和基地 Advanced


military, speech, war, motivation

The Rise of Live Streaming Upper Intermediate

In this lesson, we discuss the rise in popularity of live-streaming over the internet, and what it takes to be a celebrity in the day and age.

internet, celebrity, internet celebrity, streaming, livestreaming, social media, slang

ATWTI 10: 是 To be, or not to be Newbie

  In this All The Way To Intermediate lesson (#ATWTI) we teach you how to use the verb "to be" as well as examples of how to say what country you or your parents come from. You will not learn to use the positive verb 是, but also the negative form (不是) as well as the question form, (是不是).

video, ATWTI, verb, nationalities, country, asking questions

Getting on Stage with a Seal Intermediate

In this lesson we're at the aquarium enjoying the seal performance. Two of the audience members are trying to get selected to go on stage to get a chance to interact with the leopard seal.

sea, aquarium, seal, audience, show, performance

ChinesePod Do KTV Qing Wen

  In this lesson, the ChinesePod production team take you along to KTV (Karaoke) for a sing-song. Hopefully, we can prepare you in case you get invited along so that you know what to expect, as well as some basic etiquette and recommended songs that you might like to learn before going. If you like this, you can check out our other shows called KTV Time.

KTV, karaoke, singing, nightlife, video

ATWTI 9: 非常 Adjective Newbie

  This lesson follows on from the previous one (AI008) where we teach you ways to describe people and things using an intensifier. In today's lesson we teach you how to say someone or something is extremely / very [adjective] using the word 非常 fēi cháng.

video, ATWTI

主席讲话 Part 2 Advanced


China, public speaking, speech, president

Buying Dinner To Say Thank You Intermediate

After being helped by a friend to book some plane tickets, they invite them out for dinner as a treat. Learn some great phrases when you want to say thank you for someone doing you a favour, as well as what to say when someone thanks you.

manners, polite, favor, thanking

ATWTI 8: 很 Adjective Newbie

  In this lesson we teach you the magic character 很 hěn, which is an adverb of degree that can mean "quite" or "very" depending on context. We teach you basic ways to describe people or things such as "he is handsome" or "the beer is expensive" using the structure: Noun 很 Adjective. Click the practice tab to listen to more lessons using this structure.

weather, beer, wine, video, ATWTI, intensifier

You Also Live in the Same Apartment? Intermediate

This lesson is all about coincidence and mistaken identity. While out on the street, a father bumps into his drunk daughter who then asks him his name and address, and gets more and more surprised when he says that he lives in the same place as her. It's not until the end of the dialogue that she finds out it's really her father. For a video about how to introduce yourself, check out: Introduce Your Name Like a Native

drinking, family, address, name, introductions

How to Use Chopsticks Qing Wen

  In this lesson, we teach you some tips on using chopsticks as well as etiquette for using them in public, and all the different things you can do with them such as to stir coffee, fry bacon, and even eat a chicken drumstick without getting your fingers greasy.

video, chopsticks, restaurant, manners, etiquette, dining, eating

Asking Too Many Questions Elementary

Listen as a nosy sister asks lots of questions to her younger brother over the telephone about what he's been up to lately and how his relationship is going with his girlfriend.

telephone, questions

主席讲话 Part 1 Advanced


public speaking, speech, China

Polite Sucking Up Upper Intermediate

客套话 are polite greetings, useful in many social situations. In this lesson, we teach you some great ways to suck up to your superiors as well as ways to speak to your juniors.

greetings, polite, manners, business

Stranger Things Special Episode Qing Wen

  In this lesson, we discuss our favourite show on Netflix, Stranger Things. On October 27th, the second season will be showing, so we thought it was a good time to teach you some key language to describe the show including it's homage to 80's pop culture and awesome retro music and themes. Join us as we enter the upside down....

video, stranger things, netflix, television, movies

ATWTI 7: Family Members Newbie

In this ATWTI (All the Way to Intermediate) lesson, we teach you the core family member names, including mother, father, older siblings and younger siblings. Make sure to watch the preceeding lessons to get the most out of the video, and then listen to the practice lessons to increase your knowledge futher.

video, family name, greetings, ATWTI