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    Out of Context Advanced


    travel, philosophy

    The Ideal Woman? Upper Intermediate

    Who is your perfect partner? Find out how to describe your ideal woman (or man) in this show about love and relationships. Check out last week's lesson on the same topic, this time focused on the "ideal" man.

    dating, love, relationships, marriage

    What's His Problem With Me? Intermediate

    Drama in the office! Two colleagues are discussing a possible conflict between a third person. Together they try and think what possibly could have caused the bad feelings.

    office politics, office, argument

    Rude Waitress Part 2/2 Elementary

      This is part two of a two-part video. In this lesson, we meet a friendly dumpling store owner. The hungry shopper would like one of each since they all looks delicious. In this part, we find out what's up with the rude waitress across the road.

    food, video, restaurant, ordering, dumplings

    冥想 Meditation Advanced


    meditation, Yoga, mindfulness

    Who Is Your Ideal Partner? Upper Intermediate

    Who is your ideal partner? Find out how to describe your ideal man or woman in this show about love and relationships.

    dating, romance, love

    Sushi Recommendation Intermediate

    What are you thoughts on sushi? Do you love it or hate it? In this lesson, we hear a friend say how they're falling in love with sushi, and their friend gives some restaurant recommendations. This is a great lesson for describing restaurants, and comparing your favourites.

    restaurant, Japanese, cuisine, review, sushi

    Rude Waitress Part 1/2 Elementary

      In this lesson, we meet a "nasty" waitress who isn't all that friendly towards her customers. The hungry shopper simply wants to know the house special, and she replies by saying, "the most expensive one." This is part one of a two-part video series.

    video, restaurant, food, ordering, manners

    饕客博主 Food Blogger Advanced


    food, blog, photography, internet, celebrity, video

    Quitting My Job and Starting Over Upper Intermediate

    Does this job sound good to you? "It pays peanuts, you have to do everything, it's really far away, the position is low, with no power but all the responsibility." Find out what this person did about having such an awful job, and how he is turning over a new leaf.

    jobs, salary, life

    Tangerine Fan: Fruit Market Intermediate

    It's time to boost your Chinese as well as your Vitamin C, with this lesson about tangerines. Are you intimidated to go to the fruit vendor in the market? Don't know your apples from your oranges? This lesson will guide you through some common market language.

    fruit, market, haggling

    Is This the Correct Stop? Elementary

    When travelling in an unfamiliar city, the transport network can be quite confusing. Learn how to ask passengers if you're heading in the right direction so that you don't miss your stop.

    subway, museum, directions, transport

    2017 Women's Day Special Qing Wen

      #BeBoldForChange The 8th of March is International Women’s Day. In this Upper-Intermediate Chinese lesson, we discuss some of the pressing issues regarding women’s rights so that you are able to discuss them in depth with friends and colleagues. We are joined by Patricia Smith who is Deputy Director, Economic and Policy Section at Australian Office, currently based in Taipei, Taiwan. Thank you to the Australian Office for this unaffiliated collaboration.

    video, women, rights, gender, equality

    Chinese Medicine Advanced


    Chinese medicine

    Can We Not Eat There? Intermediate

    Trying to decide what to eat can be tricky. In today's lesson, a friend suggests a nice hot pot restaurant since it's the perfect place to go during the cold winter months. However, the other fried really doesn't want to go there. Lets find out why not. Image from Avlxyz

    food, restaurant, face, excuses

    Where Are Your Classmates From? Elementary

    It's the first day of college, and a younger sister is asking lots of questions about the older brother's classmates. The three de's

    language, school

    出轨 Celebrity Affair Advanced


    relationships, marriage, cheating, affair

    Crosstalk Comedy Upper Intermediate

    This lesson revolves around the traditional art of Chinese comedy known as crosstalk. Crosstalk (相声/相聲/xiàngsheng) is typically in the form of a duo dialogue between two performers. The crosstalk language, rich in puns and allusions, is delivered in a rapid, bantering style.

    comedy, cross-talk, performance, singing, tradition, culture

    I Can Teach You Spanish Elementary

    Spanish can be difficult for many learners, especially because of the need to be able to roll your tongue to produce the trill sound seen in many words. Listen to a dialogue about someone saying they can't speak Spanish, and the friend offering to teach them.

    learning, language, language partner, spanish, spain

    How to Use 了: Emphasis Qing Wen

      In this final? video on the topic of 了le, we analyse the emphasis pattern. Phrases like 太好了! are common ways to use this 了 le. Tune in to find out more. Watch Part 1 Watch Part 2

    grammar, le, video

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