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    出轨 Celebrity Affair Advanced


    relationships, marriage, cheating, affair

    Crosstalk Comedy Upper Intermediate

    This lesson revolves around the traditional art of Chinese comedy known as crosstalk. Crosstalk (相声/相聲/xiàngsheng) is typically in the form of a duo dialogue between two performers. The crosstalk language, rich in puns and allusions, is delivered in a rapid, bantering style.

    comedy, cross-talk, performance, singing, tradition, culture

    I Can Teach You Spanish Elementary

    Spanish can be difficult for many learners, especially because of the need to be able to roll your tongue to produce the trill sound seen in many words. Listen to a dialogue about someone saying they can't speak Spanish, and the friend offering to teach them.

    learning, language, language partner, spanish, spain

    How to Use 了: Emphasis Qing Wen

      In this final? video on the topic of 了le, we analyse the emphasis pattern. Phrases like 太好了! are common ways to use this 了 le. Tune in to find out more. Watch Part 1 Watch Part 2

    grammar, le, video

    火冒三丈 Bloody Furious Advanced

    气得要命的时候,身边只有中国朋友,好想马上发泄一下又不知道该怎么说?快来听听今天的课吧!In this dialogue, a husband returns home from work in a terrible mood, having just had an argument with someone on the street. The wife tries to calm him by preparing some tea and putting on his favourite jazz.

    angry, anger, argument

    丁克: Dual Income, No Kids Upper Intermediate

    DINK is an acronym that stands for "Dual Income, No Kids". It describes a couple who do have double income and do not have children. Listen to how this choice is perceived in Chinese culture.

    marriage, culture, relationships, one-child policy, childbirth, children

    You Really Are Impressive Elementary

    In this lesson, we hear a student compliment another student about their various accomplishments both academic and sporting. We also take a closer look at 得 (de) sentences where we turn adjectives into adverbs. For a related lesson on de, check out this.

    sports, school, complement

    How to Use 了: Change of State Qing Wen

      In part 2 of our video mini-series looking at the character 了 le, we anaylse 了2 which is also known as the "change of state le"; when a situation is different to how it was before. For last week's video about the action complete le, click here. Tune in next week for the final episode.

    video, le, grammar

    The Oscars 2017 Upper Intermediate

    In this lesson, we take a look at the 89th Academy Awards, better known as the Oscars. Who will win? Will La La Land scoop all the top prizes, or could other dark horses like Manchester by the Sea or Moonlight take the win? Find out how people in Asia watch the awards ceremony, and how social media has changed how we consume news.

    oscars, awards, movies, films, film

    You Guys Really Look Similar Intermediate

    Today we hear a friend inquire about their other friend's little sister. It seems that he's taken a liking to her and wants to know more... Weird, or friendly? You decide.

    family, shopping, appearance

    How to Use 了: Action Complete Qing Wen

      Today we attempt to tackle the often asked question on how to use the seemingly simple character, 了(le). 了 (le) has many uses but in this first video we look at the "Action Complete 了”. Tune in next week for the next episode. Check out Chinese Grammar Wiki for even more examples.

    le, grammar, video

    金马奖 Film Festivals Advanced

    除了美国的奥斯卡奖,你还知道哪些电影奖呢?今天的课程要介绍的是华语电影界主要的一些奖项,也要聊聊过去一年优秀的华语电影作品,并且从金马奖的得奖记录里看看华语电影过去数十年间的演变与发展,喜欢电影的你,别错过咯! Today we learn about the Chinese film industry, and a famous awards ceremony.

    cinema, movies, festivals, awards, film, films

    Lantern Festival Upper Intermediate

    Lantern Festival which falls on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month marks the official end of the Chinese New Year holiday. During this festival, people write lucky phrases and riddles on the side of paper lanterns and release them into the sky to enjoy. Listen to some of the traditions and customs during this festival, including some Chinese riddles. For related lessons about lantern festival riddles, click here: Lantern Festival Riddles 猜灯谜 Photo by Salman Javed

    Chinese New Year, CNY, holiday, festivals, lantern

    Swapping Zodiac Signs Intermediate

    Happy Chinese New Year all and welcome to the Year of the (Fire) Rooster! Two friends discuss the various personality traits of the Chinese Zodiac symbols. Image from Pixabay

    zodiac, Chinese New Year, CNY, animals, astrology, personality

    What Do You Do When You Rest? Elementary

      In the second video starring guest host Dan, we discuss a dialogue between two co-workers. One of them is very inquisitive, asking lots of questions about what the other person likes to do in their free time. The responses are not the most polite or detailed of answers. Learn ways to ask "What do you like to do when you're working/relaxing/at the weekend.

    video, time off, weekend, co-workers

    脱单 Finding a Partner Advanced

    婚姻大事往往被过度严肃地看待,不过朋友之间这也可以是个拌嘴搞笑的老话题,这一课,我们要摆脱为了父母的期待而找对象这个沉重的大帽子,换个轻松的态度来聊聊“脱单”这个让人有点尴尬又带着点趣味的话题。 Listen to a conversation between two friends discussing marriage and being single. Learn some modern terms for relationships and being single.

    relationships, single, dating

    CCTV New Year's Gala Upper Intermediate

    The CCTV New Year's Gala, also known as the Spring Festival Gala, and commonly abbreviated in Chinese as Chunwan, is a Chinese New Year special produced by China Central Television. Listen to a dialogue about a family prepare to watch this event and how it has become a tradition in the household during Chinese New Year.

    CNY, Chinese New Year, talent show, competition, tradition

    Which Sports Do You Like? Elementary

      Which sports do YOU like? Do you like Soccer, or perhaps a spot of badminton. Do you dabble with ping pong or perhaps a bit of rugger on a Sunday morning. Dan, friend of the show, hosts a lesson all about likes and dislikes of sport.

    sports, video, baseball, football, soccer

    Direction Words: 向, 朝, and 往 Qing Wen

    Direction Words: 向 (xiàng), 朝 (cháo), 往 (wǎng).   In this lesson, User john658186522 asked for a more in-depth look at the difference between 向 and 往 and 朝 which can mean towards/facing etc in English. These "direction" words can be tricky in Chinese, as sometimes they can be interchanged, but not always, so it's best to understand which to use in which context. This is an updated video lesson of a previous audio lesson that can be found here, (QW0380).

    video, grammar, directions

    The Year of the Rooster Wishes Upper Intermediate

    It's coming up to Chinese New Year (2017) and this year it is the Year of the Rooster. Learn some phrases to wish someone well this coming CNY.

    Chinese New Year, greetings, CNY, festivals

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