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    The Three De's: 的/得/地 Qing Wen

      Today we look at some of the most common characters in the Chinese language: 的 (HSK1), 得 (HSK2), and, 地 (HSK3). These little particles show up in almost every sentence in Chinese, and act to modify them in some way. However, because they are all pronounced the same (de), it can be very confusing for students. In this video lesson, we attempt to explain the difference by using lots of example sentences and pretty little color-coded graphics. Take you time with this one, or watch chapter by chapter. Quiz

    video, particles, grammar

    互联网大会 Internet Conference Advanced

    互联网已经成为许多人生活的一部份了,关于互联网对人类社会的影响与冲击也成为热门话题。究竟互联网创造了哪些机会?又造成了什么问题?都是世界互联网大会关心的事情。今天的课程将提供你大量与互联网议题相关的词汇,保证让你收获满满。The development of the Internet is accelerating at an unprecedented rate, and we are now at a stage where we can't even predict what will come in the future, and how it could influence society, both for better or worse. Listen to a dialogue about the World Internet Conference in Wuzhen.

    internet, technology, conference, exhibition, internet of things, future

    Failing at New Year's Resolutions Upper Intermediate

    Each new year is the same. You make a list of New Year's Resolutions and end up not sticking to any of them. Listen as some friends meet up for their annual reflection on how the year went, and whether or not anyone achieved what they set out to do. Image from Pixabay

    reading, weight loss, gym, New Year

    Shanghai Disneyland Intermediate

    Shanghai's Disneyland officially opened in June of 2016. With 60,000 odd customers expected daily, the park has been quite the success, despite some growing pains. In today's lesson, two friends are debating whether or not to visit since it's right on their doorstep. John Pasden wrote a blog about his visit to Disneyland over on Sinosplice that you might like to read. Image from Pixabay

    theme park, hotel, disneyland, Disney, Shanghai

    Past Experience with 过 guò Elementary

    过/過/guò is a past experience marker in Chinese, but what does that mean, and how do we use it in conversation? Listen to this dialogue about a friend asking about a trip to Beijing, and whether of not they've had the experience of eating the famous Beijing Roast Duck. For a Qing Wen on the past experience marker 过, click here or click on the grammar tag in the "Lesson Info" menu on the left-hand side on the page for lessons containing this structure. For a video about being vegetarian, watch our YouTube, I'm a Vegetarian in Mandarin Chinese Image from Pixabay

    place, vegetarian, experience, Beijing, travel, city

    成长: Hope and Despair Advanced

    生活中遇到挫折时,就会觉得所有事都不顺,但是俗话说“越挫越勇”,生命的低潮往往带来成长,最要紧的是“想通”。这一课我们透过两个人的谈话,将要进一步认识中国人用来转念的一些常见谚语及其中包含的传统智慧。 Today's lesson is about feeling down. Nothing is going your way and you feel like you're in a rut. Listen as two friends discuss the positives and negatives about growing older. Image from Pixabay

    tradition, luck, fate, encouragement

    A Chinese Wedding Upper Intermediate

    Learn some useful phrases and customs when going to a Chinese wedding. Image from Pixabay

    tea, wedding, etiquette, celebrations, customs, toast

    Signing a Rental Agreement Intermediate

      This is part two of a set of lessons about finding an apartment and signing the rental agreement. To watch the first lesson, please click here: Checking out a New Flat In this video lesson, we are at the lease signing, and a conversation occurs between the landlord, tenant, and property agent, going over the finer details of the contract. If you want more lessons on apartments and housing, we have a whole playlist on the topic here. Image from Pixabay

    video, contract, renting, apartment, agent

    Your New Year's Resolutions Qing Wen

      Happy New Year Poddies! In this lesson, we teach you the how to say "New Year" in Chinese (it's different to Chinese New Year), as well as different ways you can ask about New Year's resolutions. We hope you've all had a good one and wish you all the best for the year to come. - The ChinesePod Crew

    New Year, celebrations, video

    Prank Telephone Call Upper Intermediate

    Today's lesson is about prank telephone calling someone. You learn some useful ways to answer the telephone, ask who's calling, as well as fun ways to prank your friends like it was still the 80's. Image from Pixabay

    telephone, joke, prank

    Ordering Pizza Over the Phone Intermediate

    Today you'll learn how to order a pizza over the telephone. This language is super useful when you're hungry and wanting some junk food. Image from Pixabay

    phone, food, ordering, pizza

    How Cold Is It in Winter? Elementary

    Learn different ways to modify adjectives with this lesson all about the seasons. By the end of the lesson, you'll know how to describe the winter in different Chinese cities with varying levels of coldness. Image from Pixabay

    weather, season

    身在杭州 Advanced

    杭州除了悠久的历史、秀美的景致以及说不尽的文人轶事之外,还是当代中国最发达的城市之一,身在杭州不但坐拥山川美景,还可以享受便利的生活。究竟是透过什么方式做到的呢?让今天的课程来告诉你。 Image from Pixabay

    taxi, mobile payments, wechat, online shopping, Hangzhou, technology

    蛇夫座 Ophiuchus (astrology) Upper Intermediate

    Today's dialogue is all about astrology and star signs. Ophiuchus (⛎) (/ɒfiˈjuːkəs/) is sometimes considered the thirteenth sign in addition to the twelve signs of the Zodiac. In the conversation, one of the friends is unhappy hearing that they are no longer considered Sagittarius. Image from Pixabay

    astrology, star sign

    Checking out a New Flat Intermediate

      In this video lesson, we teach some useful words when you are looking to rent an apartment. Finding an apartment can be hard, but if you know some of the specialist language, your life will get easier. Tune in next week for the follow-up lesson where we sign the lease. If you want more lessons on apartments and housing, we have a whole playlist on the topic here.

    house, property, renting, apartment, agent, video

    Will vs Can using 会 [會] huì Elementary

    The character 会/會/huì can either mean "can" (a learned ability to do something) or "will" ( a future action or event happening). Knowing which one to use is all about context and the position in a sentence, and with a little bit of listening practice, will become second nature. Check out today's lesson to master the 会 character. You can and will do it!. For an early Qing Wen about this topic, check out You Can and Will Use 会 (huì)!.

    future, bicycle, taxi, grammar

    网红经济 Internet Celebrity Advanced


    video, online, humor, celebrity, internet

    Organic Food Shopping Upper Intermediate

    Listen to a dialogue about shopping in an organic supermarket for vegetables. Are they more nutritious, or tastier?

    cooking, food, organic food

    When Do You Shower? Elementary

    When do you shower? In the morning or in the evening. In the East, it's common to shower once you get home for the day, and most people wouldn't dream of going to bed without first bathing. Learn useful ways to ask colloquial and relaxed questions about what someone has been doing with their weekend. Image from Pixabay

    shower, washing, weekend

    小品《上当受骗》 Advanced

    这次我们要一起来读一篇小品剧本,不仅是要介绍最基本的剧本形式,同时也剧本的内容也是很常见的一种具有“警世”意味的类型。就让我们来看看到底在车站发生了什么事,对于这样的事,你有什么想法? Image from Pixabay

    theft, theif, work, travel, drama

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