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Turndown Service Newbie

In this two-part hospitality series, we are going to talk about common dialogues in the hotel. Today in this episode, we are going to talk about the turndown service. Let's take a look!

video, hotel, Hospitality Series

Binge watching Upper Intermediate

Binge watching has been a cultural trend that has swept the world since the advent of Netflix, but do you know the repercussions and potential negative effect it has on our mind? Today, you are going to learn more about it in this episode of 清谈.

show, movies, video, drama

Mukbang and Binge Eating Upper Intermediate

Mukbang is a unique and popular trend that combines livestreaming with eating. Today, let's talk about this trend in Asia!

eating, food, video, livestreaming

Lifestyle of foreigners Upper Intermediate

In this lesson, we are going to talk about the difference between foreigners in Shanghai and Beijing!

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Fad Diet Upper Intermediate


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Beijing & Shanghai Difference Upper Intermediate

Two of the most popular cities in China have many similarities and differences, and today we are talking about them!

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清谈 Love & Cupid Upper Intermediate

The Chinese people's concept of love and relationship is a far cry from the ones in western society. In today's episode, we are going to introduce the unique Chinese values of relationships and even some tips for finding love!

video, love, relationships

Country Capitals & More Upper Intermediate

Today we are talking about the capitals of different countries, and the lack thereof!

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Visiting a Doctor in China Elementary

In the lesson today, we are looking at vocabulary related to hospitals and what to say when you are hurt!

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哪里不一样:发音差异, Part 6 Upper Intermediate


pronunciation, tones

Digital Currency in China Elementary

In this lesson Johnny and Nico discuss about the use of digital currencies in China along with the technology innovations behind it. Mobile payments instead of cash are becoming more popular in China.

video, money, payment

Talking business in China Upper Intermediate

Today's Upper Intermediate Lesson is all about 清谈: Doing Business in China.

jobs, business, office, video

Facebook and Brands: Explore The Metaverse Elementary

Have you heard about Meta? In this lesson Johnny and Jaymee talks about Facebook's rebranding and the importance of name branding in the Metaverse.

video, technology

Bike Rental Services in China: 4 Important Steps Elementary

In this lesson Jonathan & Jessica discuss the 4 important steps for renting a bike in China.

video, bike, rent

Awkward encounters Upper Intermediate

Today's Upper Intermediate Lesson talks about 清谈 Awkward Encounters.

culture, culture shock, appearance, video

Coffee Break Series: 4 Ways To Ask For Something Pre Intermediate

In today's lesson, we will learn about the 4 ways to ask for something.

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清谈 Salary Negotiation Upper Intermediate

Today's Upper Intermediate Lesson is all about 清谈 Salary Negotiations in China.

video, money, salary, business

Where are you from? Talking About Your Hometown Newbie

In this lesson, Joe and Lyn are teaching you an important topic that always comes up when you meet somebody for the first time - talking about your hometown. Let's check it out!

video, hometown, location

The Rude Waitress - Part 2 (Carly & Charlie) Elementary

In this lesson, Charlie & Carly talk continue with our part 2 lesson series of The Rude Waitress. Where we meet a friendly bun store owner and gives us the details of the "Not so Nice" waitress from across the street.

video, food, restaurant

Double Eleven Festival: Single's Dog Food Elementary

In today's Elementary lesson, we are going to talk about the "Single's Day" in China, also known as the "Double Eleven Festival."

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