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CyberSpeak Qing Wen

One of our viewers asked us to review "Hip Internet Terms." So here is a little Chinese CyberSpeak! Some are short phrases. Some consists of a new meaning for an old expression. But all of them are packed with meaning. Knowing these will help you read with clearer understanding. Using them will show that you are 'plugged in' to the latest language trends.

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All about Time Business on the Go

This Business on the Go lesson helps beginning students understand the concepts, characters, and pinyin used in Chinese to describe time. We are 'counting on you' to enjoy this lesson.

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虎妈教育方式的的利与弊-Tiger Mom(2/3) Advanced

Are you a Tiger Mom? Do you know anyone who is? Is being a Tiger Mom a good thing or a bad thing? Let us know what you think! This is Part 2 of a 3 Part series. The shorter dialog section contains helpful explanations. We hope you enjoy this lesson. 您同意虎妈式教育其实是中国传统教育方式的美国延续,是一种新型的教育方式,属于中西合璧的产物吗?虎妈式教育,坚持从小 严格管教,多加训练,孩子才能出人头地。目标不同,教育方式就截然不同。 我们再一次请了专栏作家肖遥,一起来聊聊虎妈式的教育的利与弊, 并且从他们的对话中能了解一些中国的教育理念。也请您在听完这个课程后,和我们分享您对虎妈式教育的观感。

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古人消暑方法 Ancient Ways to Stay Cool Upper Intermediate

This summer it’s another record breaking heatwave across many countries. For many of us the air conditioner is indispensable in such hot scorching weather. But the air conditioner was invented only in the early 20th century. So how did ancient people spend the hot summers? Let’s listen to the news and find out! 今年夏天的高温,在许多国家又一次创下新纪录。对于现代人来说,空调在如此炎热的天气中是不可或缺的,但空调在20世纪初才被发明,那么古代人们是如何度过炎热的夏天呢? 让我们听听新闻并找出答案! 今年夏天的高溫,在許多國家又一次創下新紀錄。對於現代人來說,空調在如此炎熱的天氣中是不可或缺的,但空調在20世紀初才被發明,那麼古代人們是如何度過炎熱的夏天呢? 讓我們聽聽新聞並找出答案! Check out the Practice section for extra content.

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巴西国博失火 Media

Brazil's Museum Fire: 200 Years of Work Lost For over 200 years, Brazil's National Museum—stood as the country's oldest and most important safeguard for its heritage. But on September 2, a massive fire broke out at the museum, torching almost 90 percent of the museum's 20 million artifacts and exhibits. Many agreed that what was lost are irreplaceable to science, as well as the country’s national memory. The idiom 付之一炬 describes to use fire to burn and cause destruction. 200多年来,巴西国家博物馆一直是该国历史最悠久,最重要的保护区。 但是在9月2日,博物馆爆发了一场大火,摧毁了博物馆2000万件文物和展品的近90%。 许多人一致认为,失去的东西对科学和国家的民族记忆都是不可替代的。付之一炬是指给它一把火烧光,指用火烧毁。 We also attached the article in the Practice section.

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Number 0 to 10,000 and beyond! Business on the Go

If you're doing business in China, you need to know your numbers! Learn how easy it is to count in Chinese from 0 to 10,000 and beyond!

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Chinese Idioms - Spiderwebs and Horse Tracks Newbie

Did you know a Chinese Idiom is always just 4 characters? Regardless of your level of Chinese study, it is always fun and interesting to learn new idioms. Do you know what it means when "The horses Arrive?" Find out!

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Chinese Idioms - Lower than a pig or dog Newbie

What is a 成语 or Chéngyǔ? It's an idiom. Here we learn 2 Chinese Idioms! The first is "Lower than a pig or a dog!" The second one is "Fowls and dogs are not at peace!"

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上海垃圾分类回收可 Advanced

We’ve heard so much about waste recycling and ways to protect the environment. Now in this lesson we listen to the news about a new recycling initiative in one of the most populated cities in the world - Shanghai. Residents in the city can now use mobile technology to request for door pickup recycling services. Let’s begin the lesson to find out how! 我们已经听说过废(經聽說過廢)物回收和保护环(護環)境的方法。现在,在本课中,我们将听(們將聽)取有关(關)世界上人口最多的城市之一 - 上海的新回收计划(計劃)的消息。该市的居民现在可以使用移动(動)技术来请(術來請)求门(門)取件回收服务(務)。让(讓)我们开(們開)始上课(課),了解具体(體)方法! Make sure to check the Practice section for the full article!

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无条件的爱Unconditional Love Upper Intermediate

In this upper-intermediate lesson, our topic is early childhood parenting. This is a great opportunity for you to practice your listening as you hear this mom's personal story.

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首个智慧面包坊在京亮相 Advanced

First Smart Bakery In this Advanced lesson we’re going to listen to news of a smart bakery, another example of how technology is transforming our lives as cities continue to embrace smart living. 在這個高級課程中,我們將聽取北京一家智慧麵包店的新聞, 是技術改變我們的生活的又一個新例子。隨著城市繼續擁抱智慧生活,我們的生活將變換無窮。 在这个高级课程中,我们将听取北京一家智慧面包店的新闻, 是技术改变我们的生活的又一个新例子。随着城市继续拥抱智慧生活,我们的生活将变换无穷。 Visit the Practice section for an excerpt of the article.

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Getting to Know You/ Business Introductions Business on the Go

Check out our new Business on the Go Series and learn how to introduce yourself in a Chinese business situation!

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虎妈教育方式的的利与弊-Tiger Mom(1/3) Advanced

Are you a Tiger Mom? Do you know anyone who is? Is being a Tiger Mom a good thing or a bad thing? Let us know what you think! The shorter dialog section contains helpful explanations. We hope you enjoy this lesson. 您同意虎妈式教育其实是中国传统教育方式的美国延续,是一种新型的教育方式,属于中西合璧的产物吗?虎妈式教育,坚持从小 严格管教,多加训练,孩子才能出人头地。目标不同,教育方式就截然不同。 我们这次请了专栏作家肖遥,一起来聊聊虎妈式的教育的利与弊, 并且从他们的对话中能了解一些中国的教育理念。

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4 Tones of Zhu Newbie

What has a pig got to do with bamboo? Learn the meaning of the word Zhu and practice your tones!

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Greater Bay Area 大湾区 Advanced

This lesson shares both insights and updates to one of China’s landmark initiatives - The China Greater Bay Area. Perhaps this name may not ring a bell. How about existing city clusters such as San Francisco Bay Area, Greater New York and Greater Tokyo Area? Are you starting to get an idea what is China's Greater Bay Area? Let’s learn more about this initiative and how it impacts China and the rest of the world. You'll find an excerpt from the article in the Practice section.

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Making Apologies Elementary

This is a very helpful lesson that teaches us various phrases for making apologies as well as various types of dumplings.

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Lost and Found 失而复得 Upper Intermediate

In this lesson we learn the Chinese phrase 失而复得,which literally means you lose someone/something at first but regain back in the end. The meaning is explained through the real life story of 12 boys and their football coach who went exploring in Thailand's Chiang Rai province on 23 June 2018 - but ended up trapped deep inside a cave underneath a mountain. For 2 weeks, news of their rescue efforts gripped the world. Finally on 10 July 2018, the boys and their coach were rescued and all of them were reunited with their families (失而复得).

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周末你有什么活动?/ What activities are you doing this weekend? Pre Intermediate

What are you doing this weekend? Have you made your plans yet? Check out this video and see if you get any ideas!

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人机合一(四)Android Part 4 Advanced

This is the last lesson in a series of 4 lessons. It is a fun, satirical look at customer-no-service, which is the same in any culture. Our author, Xiao Yao, introduces us to different types of people we meet when we approach a counter needing help. Her article illustrates modern uses of traditional phrases and ends with a punch line, making digging into the text well worth the effort. So some of the words have alternate meanings than you would find in a dictionary, and some are current millennial Internet slang. 这篇文章的第四段提到,表面上看来,皮埃德罗老头好像是在享受操纵机器,好像很快乐,因为熟练掌握了科技而感到很满意,其实,这位工人只是不得不如此,因为,他遇到的人类可能会对他更加苛刻、残酷、隔阂、冷落,更加非难于他,让他觉得与人类相比,不如和机器呆在一起 这里也提醒我们那些受理人员为什么对人不理不睬,为什么态度生硬,他们不是生来就长着一张冷漠的面孔,也许是因为他们所受到的冷遇太多了,尤其是前台的工作人员,总是要求他们职业性的微笑是不人道的,他们也是人,有很多人类有的情绪,如果去找他们办事的人把他们不当人,当机器人来要求,他们也会有很多的负面情绪,于是就冷漠以对。所以,我们在要求对方为我们服务的时候,是否先做到彼此尊重,首先要把对方当着一个人,其次他才是一名服务人员。

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Can you help me find...? Elementary

Have you ever been in search for a Starbucks? We have! Here's a dialogue to help you be able to ask and FOLLOW these important directions!

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