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Using Ordinal Numbers in Chinese [ATWTI 23] Newbie

  In this lesson, we will go over ordinal numbers. Follow along and learn how to describe the order of items and events or more! Make sure to see other ATWTI episodes and don't forget to visit Practice area for more links.

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Using Numbers in Chinese [ATWTI 22] Newbie

  In this lesson, we learn how to use numbers in Chinese. Be sure to watch our previous videos on how to ask questions. This video will help you understand the answers! Remember to check out the practice tab for more lessons.

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一带一路 Part 2 Advanced


Silk Road, politics, trade

Forming Questions with 吗 ma [ATWTI 21] Newbie

  In this lesson, we teach the second way to form Chinese questions, using the character 吗/嗎/ma. Be sure to watch the previous lesson about the other way to form questions using the "Verb Not Verb" structure.

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Hand Made Pottery Class Upper Intermediate

Join us in this lesson all about making clay pottery by hand.

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一带一路 Part 1 Advanced


politics, policy, trade, Silk Road, president, China

"I Want" Using 想 & 要 [ATWTI 20] Newbie

  Learn how to use two very important verbs (想 & 要) to get what you want. Both mean "to want", but have subtle differences and use cases. Remember to check out the practice tab for more lessons.

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It's Raining So Bad I Don't Want to go Out! Intermediate

In this lesson, you'll learn how to discuss a sudden change in the weather, how to say what your plans were, and how they will change, as well as ways of making excuses. Learning words with 然 rán:当然,虽然,竟然,果然,不然

rain, weather, storm, clothes

Likes and Dislikes - Hobbies [ATWTI 19] Newbie

  In this lesson, learn how to talk about your hobbies, and how to say that you like or dislike doing something.

interests, hobbies, video, ATWTI

Possessives with 的 [ATWTI 18] Newbie

  Today we teach you the most common Chinese character, which shows up in most sentneces. 的 is a possessive particle which means it gives ownership of something, turning pronouns into possevie pronouns, but can also be used more less obvious things. Watch to find out exactly how to use this 的 character.

ownership, possessives, video, ATWTI

Buying Fresh Fish in the Market Elementary

In this elementary lesson, we learn the different words for fresh and saltwater fish, as well as how to buy fish in a traditional wet market.

fish, market, shopping, haggling, vegetables

How to Say Your Name in Chinese [ATWTI 17] Newbie

  In this newbie lesson we teach you how to introduce your Chinese name, with the family name going at the start, followed by 1 or 2 characters for the given name.

introductions, family, family name, name, video, ATWTI

Forming Questions with 有没有 [ATWTI 16] Newbie

  In Chinese, there are two basic ways to ask a question. In this lesson we teach you one of them, using the "Verb Not Verb structure"

asking questions, video, ATWTI

Taking Too Long to Pick a Meal Intermediate

We all have those friends that don’t care where they eat, and then take ages to order food, only to complain that they would prefer to go to another place in the end. This lesson is all about that.

food, restaurant, ordering

Doing Things in Places [ATWTI 15] Newbie

  In this lesson we teach you some basis Chinese word order for doing actions in various locations. In chinese, the location always goes before the verb, so for example, "I in the park like to work out".

location, verb, working out, park, video, ATWTI

免税品 Advanced


duty-free, shopping, buying

"My Husband is Home! Hide!" Intermediate

This is a slapstick lesson about infidelity! A husband returns home to a cheating wife and her lover. The lover must quickly find somewhere to hide in her room, but can't find a suitable place to stow since all the spaces are filled up with clothes and shoes.

infidelity, cheating, relationships, love, lover, marriage

Spending Christmas in Asia Elementary

  In this festive episode, we discuss spending Chrismas in Asia with friends. Over in the East, Xmas is not so much a holiday to spend with family, but rather with friends (unless they're Christian obviously). Learn some words for various holidays, and how to say how you will spend them. Happy holidays from myself, (Gwilym), Fiona, and Constance and the rest of the ChinesePod team.

video, Christmas, festivals, holiday, party

空姐 Dating a Female Flight Attendant Advanced

什么样的恋情让人难以忘怀?坐飞机的时候要注意的种种事项用中文该怎么表达?赶快来听听今天的课程吧! In this lesson, a friend is sitting on an airplane reminiscing about an ex-girlfriend who was a flight attendant, and how they met.

airplane, flying, girlfriend, relationships

High Blood Pressure Upper Intermediate

In this lesson, a friend is discussing their most recent health report where it turns out he has elevated blood pressure. With a history of high blood pressure in the family, and knowing the health consequences of continued high blood pressure, they are understandably a little concerned. They discuss the various ways in which it could have happened, as well as possible ways to lower blood pressure.

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