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人机合一(一)Android Part 1 Advanced

This lesson is a fun, satirical look at customer-no-service, which is the same in any culture. Our author, Xiao Yao, introduces us to different types of people we meet when we approach a counter needing help. Her article illustrates modern uses of traditional phrases and ends with a punch line, making digging into the text well worth the effort. So some of the words have alternate meanings than you would find in a dictionary, and some are current millennial Internet slang. 在这里跟大家分享一篇肖遥的专栏文章《人机合一》,这是发表在2017年的《三联生活周刊》上的一篇随笔,文字轻松明快,内容幽默有趣,下面,我们解析一下这篇1000字左右的文章。这篇文章,我们会分为四个部分进行解读,今天我们进行第一个部分的解读: 第一段主要讲了三种类型的办事员或公务员,老Q、小咪、小F,这三种人各自都有自己的特点:老Q是索要贿赂型,小咪是长相好,但态度不好的类型,小F惜墨如金型,他们代表了三种不负责任的公务人员,他们消极怠工,不热爱自己的工作,不愿耐心回答问询,对待顾客冷漠,还不如机器人。 第一段很容易理解,大意就是对一些官僚机构的办事效率慢,消极懈怠的工作态度,进行了生动的描述,希望我们都不要遇到这样的状况,也不要这样对待他人,希望大家都会被生活所善待,也学希望借着这篇文章我们也学会了怎么来应用这些词句。

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Go to the Emergency Room 去看急诊 Intermediate

This very useful lesson gives us some practical information about going to an emergency department in China today. As this is an intermediate lesson, a more detailed translation is provided in the written dialog section. We have also included terms for the various medical departments in a hospital.

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Intro/Grace Wong How to Use ChinesePod

Who is this Grace Wong? I'm the Community Manager! Have a question? Ask me!

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Counting to 10 Newbie

Join Grace on the farm as she counts all the animals! Learn your numbers from 1 to 10 and the names of farm animals and dragonflies. In this lesson, Grace uses measure words for the different animals. Chinese has many measure words. As we build our lessons, we will identify the various measure words and when they are used.

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I Don't Feel Well 我不舒服 Pre Intermediate

This lesson introduces dialog that expresses how to communicate when someone doesn't look well and when someone one has an upset stomach. The vocabulary includes the descriptions of how one feels as well as examples of popular Chinese midnight snack. This is pre-intermediate, so we are using more Chinese to explain the lesson. The Expansion and Grammar sections have a lot of material to work on, as well. Enjoy! And let's hope you don't ever have to use this material!

sick, midnight snack, doctor, market, appetizer, making appointment, video

The Tones of Ma Newbie

The Chinese language has 4 tones. Follow along with Grace as she brings the 4 tones of Ma alive! The newbie lesson pairs nicely with "The Characters of Ma!"

tones, horse, mother, rope, scold, scolding, hemp, video

The Characters of Ma Newbie

This is a breakdown of the characters or hanzi behind "Ma!" This lesson pairs nicely with the newbie lesson "Tones of Ma!"

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We Can Talk About Anything, But Don't Lecture Me Advanced

不管您现在是在哪个国家,我想都有被媒体的泛滥和资讯的发达结果所影响, 是不是觉得虽然知识增加了不少,但是人与人之间的距离越来越远了呢?这篇-谈啥都行,别讲道理 ,来自专栏作家-肖遥的文章,用很客观的角度来和我们分享她对微信公众号上推文的看法。 从这篇文章,我们了解了什么是公号。我们也学习了很多不熟悉的词汇,以及文章里词语的用法。我们在这里也学到了一个陕西省的方言-“能不够“和诗人李白的一首很美的诗。 但愿大家阅读完后, 我们都能来分享一下个人不同的感触。而我,就想去找一个咖啡店,约朋友出来面对面好好地聊一聊。

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Jump On the Forum How to Use ChinesePod

Have you used the Forum yet? Have a question? Want to engage with other ChiensePodsters? That's what the Forum is for!

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Buying pants 买裤子 Pre Intermediate

In this lesson, we discuss our favorite pastime: shopping! We review various places one can go shopping. We learn about different kinds of pants and how to describe the kind of pants you want to buy. These descriptions include size and length, and style. While discussion pants we find two pictophonetic Chinese characters.

clothes, clothing, mall, shop, jeans, video

Making the Ordinary Life Seem Romantic Part 2 Advanced

We are very blessed to be able to present this second lesson with the columnist, Xiao Yao, from China. 肖遥-美学硕士,专栏作家,研究方向:西方美学,巴赫金狂欢理论、福柯后现代主义美学、海德格尔存在哲学、梅洛.庞蒂身体美学; 曾在南方都市报、新华网、南方周末、羊城晚报、华商报、深圳商报、济南时报、郑州晚报、安庆晚报、合肥晚报、华商报、西安晚报、温州商报、温州都市报等全国20多家媒体做专栏,给《中国新闻周刊》、《三联生活周刊》、《读者》等杂志供稿。内容包括职场、亲子、情感等各个方面。 曾发表多篇小说。代表作:中篇小说《灯夜》, 中篇童话《小鸡毛三》,学术论文《林格伦童话的狂欢美学》。 In Part 1, she encouraged us to break from our routines and be wary of seductive Internet advertising. In this second part, she gives us an example of traditional marketing as it was done within China's upper class. Sit in with us on this lesson as we observe a master artist/marketer work with his customer.

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Characters - The New Co-Worker Pre Intermediate

Writing Chinese Characters shouldn't be overwhelming! In this video, we break down the key characters found in the intermediate lesson The New Co-Worker.

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The 5 "W" Questions Newbie

Asking Questions you need to know these five pronouns: who, what, when, where, and why.

questions, who, what, when, where, why